Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


28. Threats

Julien's POV:

The next day, as Aylee was examining Fredrick she said to Julien "Good news, you'll live" Julien then said to himself "Thank god" Fredrick tried to get himself out of the bed but Aylee layed him back on the bed and said "You're only going to live if you don't tear it open, if you keep resting and if you take proper care of yourself..." Fredrick interrupted her and said getting slightly irritated "If i have to spend one more day in this bed i swear i'll...." she shushed him and said "I'll go make some medicine and then you can leave" she then got up and left the room. 


When Aylee was gone Julien sat on the chair next to the bed and he gave Fredrick the cup he was holding. Fredrick was about to drink it but then he said to his younger brother "You said you'd sneak me some wine, you liar" Julien laughed softly and Fredrick said "You look worst than i do, it's Ethan isn't it?" Julien looked at him and said surprised "How do you know about that?" the black haired  boy sighed and said "Zoe told me" the younger boy then said "Everything in me says that he's a monster and i'm not the only one who thinks that, there are rumors at court that he murdered his first wife". Fredrick then said curiously "but if they didn't find proof about the incident in Marine how will you find it here?" Julien shook his head and said "I don't know yet, i have to try and i can't let Olivia marry him..." the two boys were suddenly interrupted by another man's voice "you will and you must" the two boys then looked at the door and saw that it was Ethan. Julien got up and faced him, Ethan stood at the door frame and said "You've been asking questions about me" Fredrick they tried to get up slowly "Did you really think that i wouldn't notice?" Julien then said "I hopped that you would" Ethan then said getting closer to him "and why is that?" Julien then said sternly "Because your future wife is a friend of Iskira and her well being concerns this country and always will" by this point Fredrick was sat on the side of the bed and Ethan said angrily "Is that a threat prince Julien?!" as Julien did not answer he got closer to him and said with the same tone "If anything happens to Olivia, what will you do?" Fredrick then got up and stood next to his brother and Julien said provocatively "Well i hope we won't have to find out".


Ethan then said "She's my property now and not yours! No matter how many touches or kisses you steal, you'll never be more then the powerless boy who couldn't even send troops to defend her country". Julien had enough, he was about to punch Ethan right on the face but Fredrick held his little brother's wrist and he said  "Julien don't" Julien looked at his brother and Fredrick whispered to him while judging Ethan "Don't get on his level, only an idiot would" Ethan just looked at them triumphantly and left to go to his room. When they were sure that he had left Fredrick and Julien sat on the bed and Julien said "I was not thinking with my head" Fredrick then said while clutching his injury "You were right he is a monster no matter if he's a prince and if you won't kill him i will".

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