Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


21. Thinking

Olivia's POV:
As she was getting ready for the ball with Valerie, her curly haired friend said "What does your uncle think of Ethan proposing?" Olivia faced her and said "I haven't told him yet" Valerie then finished her sentence "Because, you're worried he'd press you to accept Ethan's proposal and your not ready to let Julien go. It's alright to admit it Olivia". Olivia looked at her and said "I'd be exchanging a man i... admire for a man i barely know" Valerie helped Olivia put on her black and gold dress and said "Ethan seems nice, feelings may come in time" Olivia then said urgently "and what off Elisabeth's feelings? she had her eyes on him" Valerie sighed and said truthfully "A crowned prince would never marry her, she's not even a possibility" Olivia then said "Well, it's entirely possible but i asked him to be discrete while i consider the proposal".


Diane's POV:
As they were at the feast, the music was playing loudly and every one was laughing or dancing or eating at the tables that were on the sides. In the corner she was talking to Aylee and said while looking at Julien greet Olivia "Your vision, do you know yet? How the war you saw will reach inside the castle?".  Aylee then said "No" Diane then said looking in Olivia's and Julien's direction "Maybe you saw the fighting in Saija" she then said discuss visible in her voice " If she weds Julien and it causes his death as you predicted, this castle will see violence within it's walls like none before" she then looked at Aylee and said "Have you received any news of Isabella?" Aylee smiled and said "Yes i have" she then told her the joyful news.   


Olivia's POV:
As she and Julien were talking she saw that Ethan was staring straight at her she shook it off and Julien said to her while ruffling his dark brown hair "You look beautiful" she ignored his comment and stared at Phillip who was sitting on his throne feeding from an innocent girls blood. She then said "Is the king still refusing to send the men to Saija?" she looked at him and he said his voice full of regret "I've pushed as far as i could" she then said flatly "Well i'm glad you did your best" she then left him and went to sit with Valerie, Zoe and Elisabeth. A few minutes later, Diane went to sit next to Phillip  he held her hand and he said for the whole court to hear "News has come from Viresas that my daughter queen Isabella is now with child, we will soon have our new army! Naburcia will be ours soon!" the whole court cheered.


Julien got up and handed his hand to Olivia, she took it and as they started dancing he whispered in her ear "Olivia believe me I've argued with my father, I've explained to him as why it's a good idea politically. I did all i could reasonably do" she then said to his defiantly "Well maybe you should be unreasonable". As she said that Ethan took her hands and went in position to do a dance from his country, Julien backed away and went to the door were Fredrick was. Ethan then said to her quickly "I commanded the musicians to play a song from my country, i hope you know the steps" she took a few steps away from him, she looked around and saw that there was only her and Ethan on the dance floor and that every one was watching them. As they danced she realized that it was a quite romantic dance and when they finished dancing Fredrick said to Julien "Why don't you dance like that?" Julien then said "Shut up". Diane clapped and said to the musicians "I love this music keep playing" Elisabeth got out of the room and Olivia said quickly to Ethan "This is not what i meant by begin discreet" she then followed Elisabeth and said at the same time "Don't be upset it was just a dance!" Elisabeth stopped and said facing her "I am not upset because of a dance, I'm not upset at all i'm just tired" Olivia then said "Bess let's talk" she then said "There is no need to talk, you're my queen. You're rich and you're beautiful and you're engaged to the prince of Iskira. I just figured that you would've left Ethan for me" Olivia looked at the ground and Elisabeth said "It's not as if you could marry him any way".


Olivia stared at her friend guilt flowing in her whole body and Elisabeth said "You knew what Ethan meant to me but it just wasn't important to you!" seeing as Olivia didn't have anything to say she went to her room, a few seconds later she heard Julien say as he he was waking to her "You sure do have a way of leaving chaos every where you go" she whipped a few tears away from her eyes and turned to face him, he then asked "What was that about?" she then said angrily "Ethan has asked me to marry him!" Julien looked at her not believing what he had just heard and she then continued "He has been declared legitimate he says that his father wants him on the throne" Julien looked down and then she said "It's not what i want but my options are limited" he looked at her and said "You went behind our back, you're making an alliance with Marine" she then said defensively "It was his idea, not mine! and he's actually willing to get married which is more than your family is offering". Julien then said angrily "You can't just brake an alliance!" and she then responded with the same tone "And i don't want to!" Julien took a deep breath trying to calm himself down and she said calmly "You said your self that we had no power, that there was nothing we could do" she took a deep breath and said "I don't like it but i found a way to get power" she sighed and said "If Iskira won't help me then i will have no choice but to accept Marine's offer" Julien sighed and said "His name is Ethan, you'd be marrying the man and not the country"  Olivia looked down and said "It's what my mother would want and what my country needs" she then left to her room. 

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