Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


5. The wedding

Isabella's POV:

The next day, Isabella got married to the king of Viresas at the break of dawn  and they were now at their wedding feast. The feast was in a prairie, the newly wed couple were sat next to each other on a carpet on  two separate chairs, a lot of people brought gifts to them but one brought snakes in a silver box. As Isabella couldn't talk Viresian she couldn't talk to her new husband, a man then approached her with a big treasure chest and when he opened it there were three oval shaped objects that looked like eggs in it. One of the eggs was brown, the other one light red and the last one was green she looked at them and asked "What are they?" the man looked at her and said "Dragon eggs, from volcano island. Time has turned them to stone but they will always be beautiful" she then said "Thank you, sir". 


King Bash then got up and a few seconds later so did she, he went over to a white horse with her and he held the horse by the rein and she then petted the horse she looked at Bash and wanted to say something but then said to Dan "How do i say thank you in Viresas?" he looked at her and said "There is no words for thank you in Viresas". She then looked at her new husband, he was 5ft 11, he walked to her and lifted her up to put her on the saddle of her new horse and he said "Barh tsruda douh kouva aar?" she looked at Dan and she said "What did he say?" he then said quoting the king " It means :What will you name it?" she thought and said "How do we say Silver in Viresas?" Dan then said "Qiavaa" she then petted the horse and said softly "Qiavaa". Bash then got on his black horse and he started going away and she followed him on her horse.


He had brought her to a hill far away from the celebration, by now the sun was setting and he tied the horses to a tree. Isabella was staring at the setting sun and then she knew what was going to happen. He was shirtless as always and he went behind her, he started untying her dress and she shed a few tears and he whipped them away with his fingers and he then took off her dress, she was completely naked before him. 



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