Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


34. The tunnels

Valerie's POV

She had stayed up all night in fear of missing what could be her only chance to go. As it would soon be dawn, she changed into a sturdy dress and putted on a red cape. She looked out of the window and saw men starting packing up things in a wooden wagon close to the main gates so she left to the main gates. When she got there she hid in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to go hide. She then heard a man say while putting some enclosed chickens, hares and hens on the chariot "These animals will go to the 'king' in Daninthya" she then saw her opportunity and as it was still dark she ran to the wagon as it appeared to be the only place where she could go and not be seen by the soldiers during their trip to the nearest camp, so she jumped in it and hid by covering herself from head to feet with a blanket that was laying around on the chariot and also putted some of the vegetables and animal cages on herself to hide and then the chariot started moving.


Olivia's POV

That morning, as she was getting dressed by Elisabeth and Zoe she asked "Where is Val?" the girls looked at each other and Elisabeth said "She's probably still sleeping" as Valerie was known for sleeping too late it was a plausible excuse. Around noon the girls went in Valerie's room and then Elisabeth said to her "She's gone! There's no trace of Valerie anywhere!", the girls then went in Zoe's room. Zoe then said "Guess what i found this morning"  the two girls looked at her and Zoe continued while mentioning to them her mirror. Olivia just said "Zoe, it's just a mirror" the girl looked at her in disbelief and said "No, it's not just a mirror. Behind it is a secret door see?" she then opened the mirror just like a door, Elisabeth got up and said while braiding her blonde hair "What do you think is in there?" Olivia then got up and said "Julien says that the tunnels are all stone with nothing in them, i would not advise that you go in there because you never know".


Valerie's POV

A few hours later, as they crossed a gate, she realized that the camp was situated in a city. During the way here they had made a few stops in other tiny villages and she had no memory of it as she had been sleeping most of the way here. As the chariot made it's way through the small city, the people started trying to get the food from the wooden wagon but the soldiers pushed them off if they tried. The people screamed and cursed as the wagon made it's way "They must be hungry" she thought, they then crossed another gate that separated them from the crazy and hungry people of the city. A few minutes later, the wooden wagon stopped moving and then a man that was getting all of the things off of the wagon pulled off the blanket that was covering her, Valerie jumped off of the wagon and started running towards the gate.


The man with light brown hair signaled the soldiers at the gate and they stopped her from crossing with their spears and then she tried to force her way through but it didn't work. The two soldiers then brought her to the man that had signaled then to stop her, a plump looking man with black hair came over to the light brown haired man and said "Hey Hayden, she's rather good looking for a camp strumpet...". The man named Hayden grinned and said while circling her slowly "Is that what you want girl? To be the play thing of soldiers?" he then removed a piece of straw that was in her dark brown hair and said while staring into her eyes with his light blue ones "If so you've came to the right place".  The other soldiers that where now watching and listening laughed and she said "I offer no trouble and i wish none in return, might i just please continue with the animals to Daninthya " the man said in a confused tone "But these animals are going no where but to the butchers inside lord Melbourne's castle".


She sighed and said "By your armor i can tell that you are a rich man, i ask you to understand that i must continue to Daninthya to see the prince because he needs me". Hayden looked at her with a surprised expression and said "Needs you?" she looked at him and said as if it was obvious "I have a mission i must complete and it gets clearer by the minute" Hayden nodded and said trying to understand "A mission?" she then said again in the same tone then before "A mission to help the prince of Daninthya to claim his crown and to fight along side the army of Iskira to defeat Naburcia"  the plump looking man laughed but Hayden shushed him. She looked at him and he said looking straight back at her "Then i must take you to lord Melbourne and you shall explain your mission to him" she smiled and he said "Follow me" and then she followed him inside a small castle. When they got outside a large door inside the small castle Hayden turned too her and said "Wait here while i go explain to lord Melbourne what you're doing here, alright?" she nodded and said "Alright" he then got in the room and closed the door behind him. Valerie looked around the hall and then she saw a mirror, when she saw her reflection she thought about what the plump looking man had said earlier about her being good looking. She looked looked at herself in the mirror and said "I'm not good looking" she then heard foot steps coming closer to the door and went back to where Hayden had wanted her to wait.  


He came out of the door and said to her "Lord Melbourne is ready to see you" she went in the room with the light brown haired man. The room had a lit fire place on the left side, the walls where covered with rugs and then there was a man with salt and pepper hair sat at a desk with some ink and paper, "Surely that must be lord Melbourne" she thought. She and Hayden just stood there in front of the desk, Valerie looked at Hayden unsure of what to do, lord Melbourne cleared his throat and said to her "Hayden has told me that you're on your way to Daninthya to crown the king and to fight with the army of Iskira to defeat Naburcia..." she now had a smile on her face and nodded her head but her smile soon dropped when lord Melbourne laughed loudly. The dark brown haired girl then said defensively "But lord Melbourne someone must help the prince claim his crown" he looked at her blankly and said "What makes you think that a simple girl like you could succeed when the king's advisers have all failed?!" she looked at him and said while trying to stay calm "because i must, just as you must send me there...lord Melbourne, the prince holds the future for my homeland that is Daninthya ".


The salt and pepper haired man just looked at her his eyes narrowing and asked curiously "Why do you call him prince? Crowned or not, Thomas is our king by right of blood...and if he wants to be king we should all start by calling him a king don't you think?!" just then the voice had came back and she said under her breath "Not now, of all time" she then said to him with frustration "I think that he has to earn the crown to be the king!" Melbourne just looked at Hayden who was already staring at Valerie and then he said "Hayden?!" the man with light brown hair looked over to lord Melbourne and then the salt and pepper haired man said "Bring her back to her father for a beating, that should teach you insolent girl". Hayden got a straight face and as he struggled to get her out of the room, in a final attempt she said in protest  "Lord Melbourne please listen!!!" but he did not reply. When they arrived at the gate separating the soldiers from the peasants Hayden said to her in a concerned tone "You better get home soon, there's a storm is coming" she looked around and saw that the sky was already dark, she then looked at him and said her voice breaking "but..but..." he cut her off saying "I wish i could help". The guards then opened the gates and she went on the other side of the gate and they then closed the gate and she left to go find somewhere to spend the night in the fortified city.


Zoe's POV

After Olivia and Elisabeth had left. She had just found a secret door in her room, the girls didn't want her to explore the tunnels but she went against her own judgment and taught that it was a good idea to go explore it. She had brought with her a lit candle and started exploring the tunnels not knowing where they would lead her. She wandered around the tunnels for what seemed like hours before she realized that she was lost, but she didn't want to accept that she was lost. She then said to herself "I'll  find a way out, it can't be that hard after all". As she was not paying attention to where she was going, she failed to notice the huge staircase well that is until her foot didn't touch anything and then she fell to the ground.


As she sat up on the floor she realized that her candle had blew out, she just sat there in complete darkness. She then started to freak out and said "There was no way out, i should have never gone into the tunnels", at that point she had no desire to get up and no desire to keep going in the dark tunnels. Zoe broke down crying as she thought that there was no one here that could hear her and  she was wrong, there was someone who had heard her cry.  When she had done crying, she looked up ready to try to get out again. She saw that she was in a dark tunnel with a curve in front of her, she then realized that she could see more clearly than before. The brown haired girl then thought to herself "How is that possible? Did falling down stairs help my eyes adjust to the darkness?" she then looked around and saw that it was fire flickering from a lantern. 


She slowly got up and saw that the first thing that came out of the corner was the light of  torch and then someone came out of the corner. She saw that it was a male figure and then relief spread through her. Zoe didn't know who he was but she did not care, she just ran to him and hugged him and the man froze in place. For a moment she forgot about everything but when she opened her eyes she realized that she was in an underground tunnel hugging a man who she didn't even know just because she was happy that someone had found her. She stopped hugging him and stepped away her cheeks blushing of embarrassment, she looked at the ground and said "I'm sorry" the man frowned and said "There is no reason to be sorry". When she heard his voice she realized that it was a voice more beautiful  that she had ever heard it almost sounded angelic. When she raised her head and looked at the man who had found her she got butterflies in her stomach and she did not understand why.


She looked at him and said to herself "Who is he?" in the dim light of the torch  she could tell that he was quite handsome and that he had a built body, he was wearing a black suit with a white shirt that barley peeked through, paired with a long black cape that swirled around his body. His fingers where stained with ink and he seemed to be 5 ft 10, his hair was black and then she looked at his face. His eyes were dark so she assumed that they were probably dark brown and she could see that he was also studying her. Her eyes stopped studying him when she saw a white mask covering the right half of his face. She then remembered and said "Do you know ways out of here?" he nodded and said "Of course" silently he held out his hand to her and she slid her hand into his and they walked in silence until they reached a small  hall close to a door.


She turned to face him and he said "This is as far as i can go, you only have to go straight and then you'll be in the main hall" she then said "Thank you for helping me, if you would not have been there, i would still be lost in those tunnels and not to mention but i would have been scared out of my mind" he nodded and said "It was nothing" before she left he held her wrist softly and asked her when she faced him " I almost forgot to ask your name, who are you?" she smiled softly and said "I'm Zoe, and who might you be?" the man simply said "Erik" she bowed and said "Well it was a pleasure to meet you Erik" he nodded and got something out of his cap. He handed it to her, she took it and too her surprise she saw that it was a red rose with a black ribbon tied in a bow on it. She looked at him and said curiously "Why did you give me a rose?" he looked at her and said simply "I saw your performance and wanted to give it to you as a sign of admiration" she smiled softly and said "You were there? I didn't see you" he looked at his feet and said in a soft voice "I was there but not in the crowd, i was hiding in the wall".


She looked at Erik and said curiously "In the wall ..why ? "  "People are afraid of me, i'm a monster so i hide in the walls and tunnels" Erik simply responded Zoe was shocked and said "Well,in my opinion you don't look like a monster" he smiled and said "Appearances can be deceiving" she then heard Olivia's distant voice say to a servant "Have you seen lady Zoe?" the servant answered no and then Zoe said to him "May we see each other again?" the man seemed surprised by these words and answered "Perhaps, until next time". They then both went in their separate way, Zoe went back into the main hall and the mysterious man called Erik disappeared into the darkness, neither of them never knowing if they would see each other again.

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