Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


16. The truth

Olivia's POV:

Mean while, Olivia had went to Diane's room trying to unlock the door but it didn't it stayed lock. She then said "It's the Naburcian envoy" she went to his door and unlocked it, when she got inside she saw a girl in the bed and Simon was still in his shirt and pants and she said to him "It's you" Olivia looked at the girl in the bed and said remembering her "and you were poisoned" Simon looked at the girl in the bed and said "Go" the girl took the blanket and left. 


Once the girl left Olivia said to him "You staged her poisoning to frightened me, why would you do such a thing? to show me what you're capable of? You showed me that at the convent,Naburcia shows me that every time when you attack our borders" Simon then said "What you need to fear is here, the court. Because your presence here angers us very much" she got closer and said  "You threaten me but it is Naburcia that is afraid, there are rumors that your precious king is ill without an heir, that his cousin Mary is next in line for the throne but many say that she is illegitimate, bastard born" Simon then said "And say that the next right full heir to the Naburcian throne is you, as your grand- mother Jane served queen Margaret and that queen Margaret before escaping from the riot had named her, her successor as she was her half cousin who was also bastard born" . Olivia looked at him and said "But what if i don't want it? What if all i want is for Naburcia to leave Saija alone" Simon shuddered and said "Then you are not a threat, that you are not here to wed the next king of Iskira for his armies".


Olivia became angry and said to him "Armies i need against you! because Naburcia won't stop!" Simon then said "We need to crush Saija so we're sure that it won't turn against us" she looked at him and said realizing "You'll never leave me alone" Simon then said "Someone needs to make the first move, someone has to instill trust. Leave Iskira, abandon the alliance" she looked at him and said disgusted "And trust you" Simon then said "You think you can trust the people of Iskira? You have powerful enemies and you know it, or else you would be screaming out for the guards..." Olivia said to herself "She said both" she then said "You have Diane's support in this, don't you?" Simon then said "Wouldn't that make life for me so much easier".


Julien's POV:

As they were walking in the stables he said to Fredrick "I know that you don't want to talk about it, but that language that you spoke..." Fredrick then said quickly "I told you it's nothing" Julien then said "It's wizardry, call it what you want but it's a crime... it sounded almost like a prayer, what were you saying?" as Fredrick didn't answer he said "I remember some of the words, would you rather that i ask a tutor or Diane?"  Fredrick then said "Deep the roots, dark the night, red the blood thy will pay it's just none sense but the forest folks believed". Julien then said "Was Alex's dead apart of a ritual?" Fredrick then faced his little brother and said "I found him hanged by his feet, they used him as a sacrifice... now you know why the woods are dangerous" Julien looked down and said "You went into those woods for Olivia" Fredrick looked at his little brother and said "She's your fiance, i felt as if i needed to help her" Julien then said "We're brothers we can always trust each other regardless of our stations, let that be the last lie you tell me" he then left  to go see Olivia.   


Olivia's POV:
Julien told her the news and she said "If Alex is dead then it's over, i have no prof against my enemy. I came here to marry you, a marriage that would protect both me and my country, and it scares Naburcia, they fear your countries power" Julien looked at her and said "They'll fear it when i'm king, i promise you " she looked straight into his dark brown eyes and said "And i would wait for our marriage, for the chance of your country's support, if i had some faith that i could survive your half-mother" he looked at her and said "No" and she said "I can't prove it, i have no one that will speak openly, no evidence that you can hold in your hand, i have nothing! but conformation from an enemy and someone else, a girl, who i believe more than anyone" Julien stared at her and said "My half-mother wouldn't harm you, she has no cause too she knows that i won't wed you util it's right for Iskira" she then responded by saying "I know i can't make sense of it either but she did it, she was behind it all i'm sure of it. She terrorized me and it worked" Julien looked at his feet and then back at her and she said "If your conscience, your politics won't allow you to marry me then Naburcia has will have a clean shot at me, with the queen of Iskira as their weapon, and i can't stay here even my mother will understand, because i can't bring home any armies and i can't wed any kings if i'm dead".


Julien's POV:

He was waiting in the throne room, waiting for Diane. When she arrived he said "I hope to be a good king someday, which is why i will not put anything not even love before my country" he turned around to face her and he said to her "Why do you doubt that?" Diane looked at him and said "What makes you think that i do?"  he then said "You putted a boy to death, two boys: one with an error the other murdered in the woods" she came closer to him and said "Mistakes were made, we tried to bring Alex back even if he was a traitor"


Julien was getting angry and said "If he was a traitor then what are you? Who are you loyal too!" she then said sternly "Too my family, Iskira, you as they are the one and the same" she was about to hug him but he backed away and said "You put all your hopes of your survival on the next king, me! but you must understand that my marriage to Olivia or too any one won't change my loyalty to you" she then said "Are your affections towards Olivia that strong?"he then said "Yes! yes it is, but it doesn't matter. Olivia came here in good faith and now..." Diane stared at him and said "And now what? Is she leaving?!" Julien stared at her and said "It was you" she got back and said "No it wasn't" he pointed to her and said "You need to stop this, if anything happens to her... i will suspect you and i won't need prof, and you will lose me" he then left the throne room.


Aylee's POV:

As she was cleaning her room she said "I see you doing things, well aren't you clever, tricking the guards onto killing the wrong boy while you release another" she then said "Are you trying to help Olivia like some guarding angel?" Aylee turned around to face Emma who was hiding in the shadows of her room and said "But you are no angel".


Olivia's POV:

The next morning, she was by the side of the lake and Julien joined her. When he came next to her he said "I believe you" she turned to face him and he said "I'm also sorry for what you've been through, i believe that you're safe here at least from my half-mother" she then asked "How?" he just smiled and said "You'll just have to trust me and i'll have to trust her love for me".


She stared at him and said "You told her?" he then said "I raised my suspicions not yours" she then said unbelieving "Even if putting your half-mother on notice was enough, i have more enemies then you can count" he looked around and said "Isn't that why you came here, for an allie?" she stared at him and said "And you made it very clear that you don't want one from me" he said "I was wrong" and she then said "But your duty is to Iskira" he then said "Obviously but i am not talking  of our nations, i'm saying that i will be by your side against foes seen and unseen as a friend" she smiled and said "Friends, is that what we are now?" he smiled back and said "Well it's a good start if there is to be any real chance between us" and she said containing her excitement "Yes it is a good place to start" and he said encouragingly "Don't give up, don't run and stay here with me" he handed her his hand and she took it. 

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