Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


23. The troops

Olivia's POV:

That morning, she went to see Elisabeth with some chocolate and she said sitting in her friends bed and Elisabeth said to her "I'm sorry, the truth is that there really wasn't anything between Ethan and i, some flirting all very proper and that was it... i wanted to believe that there was more and you know why, i imagined the whole thing!" Olivia then said "I know you will find the right man Bess, i know you will... should i tell you a secret?" Elisabeth smiled softly and Olivia continued "Maybe it's because i've been engaged since i was six but, I've never been kissed either" Elisabeth smiled and said "Well actually, things have changed for me in that aspect". Olivia then said surprised "What?! No, who was it?! Tell me everything!" the two other girl came in the room and Valerie said "I suppose i should go get breakfast" Elisabeth got up and said "No! By all means i'll go". As she was in the kitchen she told her list to  the chef "We want sweet butter and not the other kind, and try putting some cream in the pastries but for heavens sake not goats milk cream" the chef then said "I'll take care of it" after he was gone Cedric said while making some dough "Good morning my lady" she got closer to him staring in his blue eyes and then she went back to her room, Cedric smiled to himself. 


Isabella's POV:

Meanwhile, as she massaged Bash's back he said to her in Viresian "A king does not need a golden chair" and she said back "According to the prophecy... the great king will ride to the end of the earth" he then said looking at her with his green eyes and said "The earth ends at the salt sea, no horse can cross the salt sea" and she said "The earth does not end at the sea, there are many dirts beyond the sea... the dirt were i was born" he looked at her and said stroking the ends of her hair "Not dirts, lands" she then said correcting herself "Lands, yes... there are thousands of ships in the cities... ships are wooden horses that fly across the sea"  he touched her belly gently "Let's talk no more of  golden chairs and wooden horses" she then said "It's not a chair it's a...." as she found no word to say throne in Viresian she said "throne" in english. 


Bash then said repeating after her with an accent "Throne" she smiled and said in Viresian "A chair for a king to sit upon or a queen" he then putted his forehead to hers and he said "A king does not need a chair to sit on, he only needs a horse" he then kissed her on the lips and went out to hunt. A few minutes later, Dan, Isabella, her two other ladies and a guard were walking through the town and she said to Dan in english so that her ladies could not understand "Could you make him understand?" he then said "Patience Isabella, you will go home i promise you that". As they were walking they heard a merchant yell in Viresian "Sweet reds, i have sweet reds from Iskira, Marine and Lys! I have them! I have them!".


When he saw Isabella he said "A taste for the queen?" he got closer to them and he said "I have sweet reds from Iskira, one taste and you'll name your first child after me" he then got out a cup of wine and she then said in english "My son already has his name but i will try your wine just a taste". He then said back in english "My lady, you are from the main lands"  Doreah then said to him "You have the honor of talking to Isabella of Iskira" he bowed and said "Princess" she then said "I'd still like to taste that wine" he trough away the wine from the cup and she said "Why have you done that?" and he said "This wine was not worthy of you, i have a sweet red from Naburcia  it is made from the gods themselves" he then putted the new wine in the cup and Dan then said "I have a thirst" the merchant then said "It's for the queen and not for you" Isabella then said "Give it to my friend, i can have a taste later" the merchant handed it to Dan and when he got it he smelled it and then merchant said "Sweet isn't it? Can you smell the fruit sir?" Dan stopped smelling the wine and he just held the full cup in his hand. The merchant said urgently "Taste it my lord!" as he said that Isabella looked at Dan and he looked at her, the merchant then said in the same tone "Tell me that this is the finest wine that you ever drank!" Dan was about to drink it but then he said handing the cup to the merchant "You first" the man said "Me? I'm afraid that i am not worthy of it, besides it's a poor decision for a wine merchant to drink his own wine" Isabella stared straight at him defiantly then said firmly to him "You will drink it" the merchant nodded, took the cup of wine and as he was going to drink it he pushed Isabella to the ground and started running away, her ladies helped her up and brought her back to were their camp was. The guard and Dan ran after him, the guard was fast but Dan was faster, he leaped at the merchant and tackled him to the ground, him and the guard carried him to the tents.


Julien's POV:

As he and Olivia were planning to where the troops would go they heard yelling down stairs, Julien rushed to look outside the window to see what was all the commotion  about. And then he saw a man with black hair fall from his horse half conscious and Olivia said "who's that?" she might not recognize him but he could he said in horror "It's Fredrick!".


The castle guards carried him to the infirmary, they then putted him on the bed and Aylee who is the court physician took off Fredrick's shirt revealing his torso that was now flowing with blood, Diane, Julien and Olivia stayed in the room. Aylee saw something a few centimeters away from his heart she then took it out and saw that it was a wooden stake, she putted it next to her and Diane then said softly "War inside the castle..." she looked at Aylee and she nodded her head. The king then came in the room in a rush and said his voice full of concern "How is he?!" the king got closer and Aylee said "He's gravelly injured, i can tend to his wounds but i can't promise that he'll live" Phillip then looked at the bloody stake next to her and then he heard Fredrick say softly "Father" Julien knelled next to his brother and then Fredrick said "Naburcia, rode from...base to face us.." Aylee then said "He should be sleeping... clear the room, it's the best thing for him now" before he left Julien said "Fred, i'm so sorry" Fredrick turned his head towards his little brother and said softly with a smile "Tis but a scratch" then every one went outside of the room, leaving Aylee and Fredrick alone. 


Phillip then said to Olivia his eyes becoming red "Go to your room". When she was gone, the king said to him "Kings don't apologize, i didn't know this would happen but i knew it was a risk and so did you... Live are always at risk, for a prince this was a cheap lesson" Julien then said tears threatening to fall from his eyes "Cheap? Your son is dying! I know you love him!" Phillip gulped and said "You were influenced by love, now you see what love does and if this happens when you're king then you could lose ten thousand men or..." Julien looked down and then Phillip said "You could lose Iskira all because of love" Julien looked straight into his father's teary eyes and went away to the gardens.


Diane's POV:

She got closer to her husband and said "Naburcia was ready for us,someone told them!"Phillip hen said sadly "Yes, while Fredrick was ridding to the six different troops someone loyal to Naburcia rode to them and told them" she then said "Well aren't you going to tell Julien?" he then said "No not today, it would ruin the lesson after this he will learn to never trust his heart again...and that is the only way to rule".


Isabella's POV:

The sky was now getting dark and as she and Dan were walking around in the main tent they looked at the pole were they had attached the merchant and she asked her friend in english "What will they do to him?" they then stopped walking to look at him and Dan said "He will be attached to a horse and walk as long as he can while the tribe will be ridding to an other location" she looked at Dan and said "What happens if he falls?" Dan cringed and said "I saw a man walk nine miles once". they stayed silent until the Viresian guard came in with Bash, when he saw his wife he went to her and cupped her face with his hands and said in Viresian clearly concerned "Are you hurt?" she putted one of her hand on his and she shook her head no, he kissed her forehead. He looked at Dan and said "I heard what you did, chose any horse that you wish and it shall be yours" he putted his hand on Dan's shoulder and whispered to him in Viresian "I make this gift to you".


Bash went back to his wife, he putted his hands on her belly and he said "And to my son, the king who will mount the word, i will also make a gift" he looked at Isabella and said "I will give him the golden chair..." he got up and said walking in the tent "That his mother's father will have with our army, i will give him all the lands of the earth. I, Bash will do this" the whole herd was now listening and he said louder "I will take the heard to were the world ends... and ride wooden horses across the salt sea"  cheers came from all around the tent, Bash then went to the merchant and yelled "I will kill the men in iron suits and tear down their stone houses!" he then came closer to the fire and said "We will rape their women... take their children as slaves and bring their broken back to our Sun god" cheers erupted again but this time louder and he yelled again "This i vow to my son and to his mother" she looked at him proudly.


Olivia's POV:

As she was walking in the gardens she saw Julien and she said "Julien" he didn't turn around so she got closer to him and she said "Julien" this time he turned around but he didn't say anything, she got closer and said "You did the right thing" he stared at her sadly and she stared at him and she said "Talk to me" he then went to her cupped her face and kissed her and when he pulled back he said "You should marry Ethan, my father's right i haven't been thinking clearly" she then said shaking her head "That's not true you were trying to help" he then said "I can't help, Iskira can't help..." he took her hands in his and said "Do what's right for your country" she then said "Julien..." he then yelled "Can you say that i'm wrong?!" she then stared at him and he said softly "I'm sorry..." and he then left to go back to the castle. When she got back in she went to Ethan's door and when she knocked he answered and she said "Well... i suppose you're going to have to teach me how to speak your language" Ethan smiled and she smiled back and then she went back to her room. The next morning she and Ethan stood at the bay and he said to her "I'll make you happy" and then she said flatly "You already have" she then looked back at the sea and he said "There are already eight troops that are on there way to Saija" he then held her hand.  

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