Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


17. The soldiers

Aylee's POV:

As she and Diane were talking she had a vision. Diane looked at her friend and said "Aylee what have you seen?" Aylee just said "War"  Diane then said urgently "Where?!" she then said "where ever it is, it will reach inside the castle".


Olivia's POV:

As her and her three other ladies were talking she asked Elisabeth "Alright Bess it's your turn, not your first but your best kisser" Elisabeth shook her head and said "My first kiss, is in the very near future, i'm not like you. My family is not titled i can't afford even little mistakes but, i think i found the man he's tall, dark, and noble, Ethan the son of the king of Marine, he's here negotiating some kind  of treaty but he's taking his time and i think it's to stay with me" Valerie then said to her "Bess it's dangerous to get involved with a prince, you know they marry for alliances your family are commoners"  Elisabeth looked at her and said "Ethan is the king's bastard just like Fredrick. I am not a fool, i know that a true royal would never look at me except to ruin me, i can take care of myself" a servant then appeared and said "Your majesty, the Saijan envoy wishes to see you at once".


She went inside to her room, were the envoy was. When he saw her and  he bowed and gave her a letter saying "Your mother sends her affection, read it later you may be assured that her love is in there and so is the news of a crisis in Saija" Olivia then guessed "Naburcia?" he then said "They're messing on the border, and those are not the normal soldiers, there out and numbers looking for weaknesses and if they find it..." she then said "We must respond with strength, surely my mother has sent soldiers". The envoy then said "Of course, but not enough we need more men" she then said "King Phillip will help us" and then he said "He has been asked and he has been slow to answer" they both sat on the couch and he said "You were sent here to secure the alliance by marrying the prince, now they are dragging there feet... what happened?"  she then answered quickly by saying "Nothing happened! They're begin politicians, Julien and the king aren't eager to commit to Saija, they would rather keep me in a drawer like a pair of gloves for cold weather and then when the weather gets cold for Iskira they'll take me out and i'll be married" the envoy smiled and said "They are afraid of what a permanent bond with Saija might do, but right now we have other problems. Saija needs more troops, as queen you must do something".


After they finished talking, Olivia stormed into the throne room where the king, Julien and his advisers were and the king said "Ah Olivia we were just taking about the crisis in Saija" she looked at the advisers and they all left leaving her, the king and Julien in the throne room. The king and Julien got closer to her and then Phillip said "You have my sympathy" Julien the said to his father "I think her majesty's here for more than sympathy" the king smiled and said to her "Of course, we'll send wagons, gun powder, supplies for your-" she interrupted him and said "Supplies that are useless without men, surely you can spare a few men, you have so many more soldiers then we do"  the king then said going to sit on his throne "But you forget we have many more borders than you, you only have to worry about Naburcia and i have Naburcia, Etros, marine-" she then said raising her voice "You are supposed to be our allie, if our position were to change Saija would help!" Phillip took a deep breath and said "Olivia, i'm sorry" she calmed down and said "Eight troops"  as he was not responding she said "Six!" he just dismissed her plead and said "I hope to see you tonight at the feast" she looked straight into the kings light blue eyes and said "I hope you do know the position you're putting us in, lives will be lost" she then left.


Julien's POV:

When she left he said to his father "She only asked for six troops" his father then said "And what if we lose those troops? ! We will look weak in Naburcia's eyes so we send more and lose them all,when do we stop, before or after Naburcia sees us as prey!" Julien looked down at his feet and Phillip said gently "A pretty girl does not change that even if she happens to be your fiance".


Julien left and when he found Olivia he said "Olivia my father he just... the political situation is complicated" she then said "Complicated?! people will be dying soon isn't that complicated enough?" she turned around to face him and he said "Olivia i agree with you" she looked straight into his dark brown eyes and said "You do?" he said "I think Iskira should help Saija, if Naburcia invades your country it'll be a much stronger enemy to Iskira". Olivia looked at him and said softly "Then we're on the same side" he just said "For all the good it does, one day if things go well we'll rule Iskira and we'll be together. Now we have no real power, we have to wait" she then said stubbornly "No, i'm tired of waiting and if we have no power then we must find a way to get some!"       

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