Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


6. The ride

Isabella's POV:

The next day, Aylee was about to leave and then she said to Dan "I want you to send me news of what happens i also want you to guard her with your life" Dan smiled and said "I will". Isabella walked up to Aylee and they hugged tightly and Isabella said "Don't leave me, please" Aylee then said "It'll be fine and i have made sure that Dan will protect you with his own life"  Aylee then kissed her on the forehead and Isabella said "You won't forget me will you?" Aylee got on board and said "Me, forget, never!".


Bash  helped Isabella get on her horse, the whole herd of Viresians had been ridding for over three hours on horses and Isabella had stopped on the side on her horse to take a break and she was dressed in a simple pink dress. Dan stopped next to her on his horse and said "You need to drink and eat child" he handed her a piece of dry meat and she took it and looked at it with a disgusted face and said "Do we have anything else to eat than horse meat ?" Dan smiled and said "There are two thing the Viresians have in abundance: Horses and grass, and people can't live on eating grass so.." Isabella took a bite of the meat and then she rode away.


A few hours later, they stopped and built the village for the night. The children ran and played while the women cooked and the men built the tents, Isabella almost fell out of her horse but Dan caught her and helped her to the ground when she was down her three ladies helped her get to her tent. When they got there they putted ointment on the scratches on Isabella's hands and they putted her feet in a bucket in which they poured milk in. While they were doing this Isabella asked "Have you ever seen a dragon?" one of the ladies said "Dragon gone" to which Isabella said looking at the eggs "Everywhere?"  the same girl said "No dragon, brave men kill them, it is known" and other lady pouring milk in the bucket said "It is known".


The last lady said to Isabella "A man once told me that dragons come from the moon" Isabella said surprised "The moon?!" the same girl said "He told me the moon was an egg, and that once there where two moons in the sky but one got to close to the sun and it cracked from the heat and out of it poured a thousand dragons and they drank the sun's fire"  the other lady laughed and said "Moon is no egg, moon is goddess wife of sun, it is known" the other one said "It is known". Isabella then said to the two ladies "Leave me with her" when they left she asked "Where did you hear these stories?"  the girl just said "Men like to talk when they're happy, before i came here it was my job to make men happy" Isabella was surprised and said "How old were you?" the girl just said "I was nine when my mother sold me to the pleasure house... i didn't touch a man for three years because  first you must learn" Isabella thought and said to the girl "Can you teach me how to make the king happy" the girl nodded her head yes and Isabella said "Will it take three years?" the girl looked at her and said "No".

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