Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


7. The queen

Olivia's POV:

Olivia Queen of Saija had been hidden away at a convent for her safety since she was nine. Engaged to Julien since they were six she awaits her return to the court of Iskira, and she was now 14  which meant that Julien was 15 as Julien was born a few months before her. She was 5ft 5 she had long blond hair with blue/green colored eyes .


As every one was eating she had to wait, she then realized that one of the nuns was staring at her Olivia didn't understand why she then looked back in horror at the nun who was now bleeding from her ears, nose and had started foaming from mouth and then the nun drooped on the floor, she was dead. Another nun took Olivia and brought her to her room saying to her "You must leave immediately, this was an assassination attempt you were nearly poisoned" Olivia asked "By who?" the nun then said "By Naburcia i have no doubt of it". Olivia then said with teary eyes "Poor sister Helen i didn't know..." the nun then said "That she was your taster, every meal you've had since you left your mother's breast has been tasted for poison, Olivia you are the queen of Saija since you were only three days old".


After she finished packing her luggage and then she got dressed in a light blue dress and putted a white headband on her dark brown hair. When she got to the carriage she said to the nun "I don't think i'm ready"  to which the nun said "To leave us or go marry the future king of Iskira?" Olivia answered  "Both" the nun hugged her and said "Your old friends will be there and you are nearly a woman and Julien is nearly a man... it's time" when they stopped hugging the nun said "You will marry Julien and be his queen soon for your people". As she was about to leave a little girl said "Olivia, be careful there are ghosts there" Olivia smiled and said "I was at court before and i didn't see any ghosts" the little girl then said "But what if they saw you" Olivia then left for court.


Julien's POV:

He went to see his father in the court room and said "Father, you wanted to see me?" when he saw his father kissing his new queen Diane, he said "or should i just come back on my wedding day?" he looked down and said "You've chosen my wife, have you set the date too?" Phillip then said braking the kiss "Here's the date...when i say so, she's on her way" Julien looked at his father and said "Olivia Tyrell, you mean i heard" Phillip looked at his son and said "You don't sound very enthusiastic, you were playmates once" he just looked at his father and said "She had skinny legs, a missing front tooth and strong opinions" Phillip laughed and said "I'm sure the other tooth has come in and you can ignore the opinions... at least your future bride has a country and army if we need it" the king then went away to the front of the castle and then Diane went to Julien and said "You' ll be married when you decide, i'm on your side always"  Diane wasn't his real mother but she cared for him and Fredrick as if they were her children. Diane then left to wait for Olivia's return as Julien was going he saw Fredrick and said "Come brother or i shall be bored otherwise" so he and Fredrick went.


Olivia's POV:

as she climbed out of the carriage and she saw her three ladies, There was Valerie who was 5ft 3 she had long dark curly hair that contrasts with her pale skin, she had light blue eyes and her lips are full and she had a slim figure. There was also Elisabeth who had dark brown eyes and blonde hair she had wide lips and she was 5ft 4, and then there was Zoe she was also 5ft 4 and she had long brown hair and she has blue eyes. They went to her and they bowed and they then formed  a group hug. She said to them all "Valerie, Elisabeth and Zoe i'm so glad we are together again".


They heard the trumpet and then someone saying loud enough for every one to heard "His royal highness king Phillip" the king started walking towards them with a girl and he stopped at the middle with her and Olivia said "If that's king Phillip who's the girl beside him?"  Elisabeth then said "That's Diane, the king's new queen" Olivia got closer and then Zoe said to the two other ladies "Just like her you'll  have no trouble finding husbands" Elisabeth then said "Wait don't tell me it's about that Alexander guy isn't it?" Zoe then said "Alex told me he'd wait for me" Valerie then said "Till when? We might never be back on Saijan soil, not if it all works out for Olivia's reign here" Elisabeth than said "What do you mean if ?" Valerie then responded by saying "Make no mistake, we're here now to get our young queen in the game" the two girls looked at her and she said "What? alliances can shift before they do Olivia needs to win the princes heart".


Fredrick then started walking to his father, Elisabeth  then  went up to Olivia and said "Is that Julien? He's gorgeous!" the two other ladies went beside Olivia who was looking at Fredrick and "No that's not Julien i know it isn't"  Elisabeth then said "Then that's Fredrick the king's bastard son". The girls then saw a boy with dark brown hair coming towards them, Olivia knew it was Julien, he had become a handsome young man, as Julien walked he stared at Olivia and saw how much she had changed. He bowed, smiled and came closer to Olivia she smiled and he said "Your grace" and she said "No call me Olivia,please" and he said "Julien" and she said looking at the castle "The castle seems bigger, is that possible? and you too of course" he then awkwardly laughed and said "Is that such a surprise?" she smiled and said "No, especially since your legs where always longer than mine you know i hated that when we were younger i was always chasing you but suits you"  he nodded and they then started  walking through the path the crowd of people had made. Diane looked at Aylee and she said "You've had a vision Aylee? what have you seen?" Aylee looked at Diane and said "Olivia will cause Julien's death". 

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