Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


20. The proposition

Elisabeth's POV:

That same day, she went to the kitchen and then told her list to the boy at the counter while she looked around for things in the kitchen "Bread and i don't want every day bread, chestnut bread, blueberry tarts" the boy looked at her and said "Blueberries this late, i can make you apple tarts" she looked at him and said "Everyone has apple, i want something different" he then said "Talk to god, he putted the blueberries away" she then said flatly "Fine,but i want the apple tarts to have honey on top  backed so they're golden brown and not soggy". She then said "To taste fresh and crisp, for two hours on the lake" she then went to look at ingredients and he said "You want an awful lot, this must be for someone special" she then said looking at him "Not that it's any of your concern but, yes it's for someone very special, i expect your very best" he then said taking the list from her "Why don't you just leave the list here" she looked at him and said "But who would read it to you?" he was about to say something else but then Olivia came in and said "Elisabeth I've been looking for you everywhere" then the two girls left the kitchen.


Olivia's POV:
As they were walking inside the castle she said to Elisabeth "You said that Ethan was visiting from Marine for a trade deal, what kind of deal?" Elisabeth thought and said "I don't know, something about buying timber from Iskira". Olivia sighed and said "That would make sense, they' re expanding their ships for war and for ships to the new world of course they would need timber" Elisabeth laughed softly and said "Why are we talking about wood?" Olivia then stated "Because, it intrigues me. If a queen can't command what she needs maybe she can buy it".


A few hours later, as she and Ethan where walking on a bridge he said "Might i know were you're taking me your majesty?" and she said "I didn't want to be overheard"  he then said "Hmm intriguing, is it romantic? Conspiratorial?" she smiled and he said "Might i have a hint?" she stopped walking and said "It's about timber" and she continued by saying "Saija has timber too you know, what ever deal you made with king Phillip i'll do better, if you close the deal now and send us men instead of money" he looked at her and said "Your country is in need but surely king Phillip will help you, i mean the alliance" she looked down and he said slowly "I see, well my father the king empowers me to make what deal i think best and i'd be a fool to turn this down but, Phillip considers our deal almost made and it's not a small thing to anger a king in his own house." she nodded and he said "Meet me this after noon, i'll confirm our transaction then".


That after noon, Ethan and Olivia rode to an abandoned building that was a few hours away from the castle. When they arrived they got off their horses and she said "What is this place?"  and he responded saying "It's an old church built by the first settlers that was meant to last forever but nothing does" they walked  to the man who was waiting for them and Olivia said "Why have you brought me here?" he then said "I wanted your advice, i sent for this from my ships on the bay, the new world has brought us wealth beyond our wildest imagination" the man opened a boy and in it there was gold necklaces, diamonds and rings. Olivia looked at the things and Ethan said "Do you think this might make a certain woman think kindly of me?" Olivia smiled and said "I think you might have a chance" she then said in her head "I knew it he loves Elisabeth as well, they are meant to be together!" .  Ethan smiled took a ring from the box and said getting on one knee "I thought so" he then held the ring to her and she said getting uncomfortable "I don't understand.." Ethan looked up at her and she said "I thought you and Elisabeth were..." he then said "What does Elisabeth have to do with this?" he got up and said "She's a lovely girl but i've seen you and i can't look away, there's a wildness in you as you play, ride and as you climb trees". Olivia looked down and he continued saying "I see your spirit and i believe it's like mine, just thoughts i would have kept to myself but i see your struggle here in Iskira, you are left to solve you're problems alone i'd never do that to you never,wed me and i won't make you wait, say yes and you'll have your men, say yes". 


Olivia took a deep breath and said "Ethan, you're kind, handsome, you're very charming..." he then said "I sense a refusal" she looked at him and said "I am a queen as flattered as i am with your attentions i must marry a nation and not a man" he then got a paper out of his jacket and said " My father's been writing to the pope, arranging to have me declared legitimate, my father is dying and i'm his only living son, his grandson is next in line but he's only three years old. To save Marine he wants me on the throne, the announcement will be made any day now, i would kill for you Olivia and we could save Saija if you will  marry me" Olivia looked at her feet and then back to him and he said handing her the ring "Will you?".

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