Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


11. The plot

Olivia's POV: 

She was looking at the lake from the castle wall and then Julien went next to her and he said "You defended a boy they found in your bed, what was he doing there?" she didn't answer and he said "You can tell me but i think i know already" she looked at him and said "You think i was with him to get back at you?" and he then said "I think you're impulsive.." and she cutted in and said "He's dead, let it go i beg of you" she turned around to face the lake but he turned her around to face him and he said "You can't behave like this not at court, can't you see what's at stake here?!" she looked at him and said "Because were engaged? but you have no intention on marrying me, what if i told them that? then this would be over" he then said to her defiantly  "You wouldn't do that because it's not true, i might marry you..." Olivia then cutted in and said "Someday,maybe,if" Julien then said "You said that you had a country to think about, where you thinking of your country when you said that..." she then said "I was thinking about myself, my friends, my safety" he sighed and said "You could have ruined your reputation so that i couldn't marry you, even if the thing go the way we want them too" she looked at him and smiled a bit, he looked at her and she said quoting him "The way we want them too..." she looked at him and said "and how would we want the things to go?".


She got closer to him and said "If you weren't the future king of Iskira and i was just a girl, would you want this?" he looked at her lips and he slowly leaned in to kiss her but a few seconds before they were going to kiss he stopped leaning in and said softly to her "I can't do this... and i won't" he then backed away and went back inside the castle leaving Olivia alone outside. 


Diane's POV:

Meanwhile, Diane went to see Aylee and said "You said the potion would make her sleep as if she was dead, one glass of wine and she would wake up with her virtue gone and the engagement to Julien over"  Aylee then said "There was nothing wrong with my potion" Diane then said to herself "That stupid Saija boy" and Aylee then said "That boy is dead, he wanted to protect his family from you" Diane then looked at the girl and said "Have your visions changed?" Aylee then said "No, Olivia will cause Julien's death"

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