Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


13. The picnic

Isabella's POV:

As she was getting her hair braided  her lady taut her some words in Viresian "How do we say beauty?" the girl then said "auhrd" Isabella tried to mimic it "eauurd" the girl then said again "auhrd" Isabella tried again "auhurd... no wait it's auhrd" the girl then said "Very good".  The girl then pressed gently her hand on Isabella's breast, Isabella back away saying "What are you doing?!" the girl then said "When was last time you bleed? you changed" Isabella then putted her hand on her stomach and the girl puted her hand over Isabella's saying in Viresian "It's a blessing from the great sun" and then she continued braiding Isabella's hair.


As Dan and a man from the herd were talking the girl came out and said to them in Viresian "The queen wants to eat something different tonight, go kill some ducks" the man then replied still talking in Viresian "There is no ducks" she then said "Then find her some rabbit, she likes rabbits" the man nodded and said looking around  "Have you seen any rabbits woman?No ducks, no rabbits. Do you have eyes on your head?" she then replied angrily "Dog then! I have seen a lot of dogs!". Dan then said in english "I don't think she wants to eat dog" the other man laughed and then the girl said "The queen have baby inside her" when she saw that the two men looked at her she said "It is true, she does not bleed for three moons, her belly is getting swollen" the man then said in Viresian "A blessing from the great sun, what about horse? will she eat horse?" the girl then said "No horse!". Dan then said "i'll go kill a goat" the girl left and the Dan said "i'll be back i just have to do something",  he wrote a letter to Aylee and then he sent it for Iskira. 


Isabella's POV:

As they were ridding she asked Dan "If my father was to command an army of Viresians, could he over throw Naburcia?" Dan then said "The Viresian have never crossed the sea and they fear water their horses can't drink".


Olivia's POV:

That morning, the king and queen came in her room as she was with all of her ladies and the queen said "It appears as if we have beheaded the wrong body and Alex is still alive" Zoe got up and said "Really?!" the king nodded and said "But he escaped". Zoe then sat down and the queen said to her "We have guards looking for him every where, don't worry he will be found". Diane then said "There's a picnic this after noon, for Madeleine and Charles".


That after noon, the girls went to the picnic. Zoe, Elisabeth and Valerie were talking and then Zoe said "Look at all the guards, as if Alex would come here". Olivia was standing and Julien stood next to her, his hand on her side while she held his hand. She was wearing a white dress on with a red flower crown and Julien was wearing black pants and boots with a red jacket. They were watching a game in which Charles was in the middle blindfolded and girls stood in a circle around him, they said his name in order for him to find his true love. Olivia saw that and she said "How is he suppose to find his true love , she's to quiet" and the Julien said " and she's getting irritated with him" and then Olivia said "He's not listening" and then Julien said "She's impatient like someone i know..." she looked at him and he said "You always were, never finished a game never sat through a story" he looked at her with concern and said "What's wrong?" and she said looking back at the game "I wish i could be patient my situation isn't easy" he realized and said "I know you must feel mislead" she then said to him "the boy who attacked me Alex, he told Zoe he was forced by someone in the castle" he looked at her and said with concern "Someone from Iskira?" she looked around and said "Someone highly placed with the power to threaten him and order an execution...".


Julien looked at her in disbelieve and said "These orders came from the king and queen" Olivia then said "When i spoke to your father this morning he looked suspicious" he stared and her and said "And my step-mother?" he then got closer and whispered in her ear "Are you accusing her of something?" she then said quickly "No, well i don't know i just want to be sure that Alex is returned to the castle alive, your parents said he would be" Julien then said "And he will be" she then said uncertain "Are you sure about that?" he looked at the game and said calmly "You have the word of the king and queen of Iskira!"  and then she looked at him and said "I had their word that we would be married, i'm not sure words mean anything here" Julien then left.


Olivia then went to see Fredrick, he said to her "I'm not sure who you fear most the people of Naburcia or the court?" she then said "The people of Naburcia have threatened me for years but Alex is the only one who knows who at court is trying to hurt me" he then said "Do you think the word of an accused traitor will help?" she then said "If the right people believe him, and i think they might, then yes" Fredrick then said "Alright i'll go, the best way out of the dungeons is by the south end, the guards will have a head start but they're not hunters and they fear the woods" she looked at him and said "Why?" and he then said "There are many things to fear, these are dark and dangerous times your grace" she looked down and he said "but, your presence brings light".


Olivia's POV: 

As she was walking she saw Charles talk into a small building and she said to him "Charles?" he looked at her and she said "Charles, Madeleine feels like you're ignoring her, who are you talking too?" Charles then said walking away "No one" she followed him and said "Is that so?" he turned to face her and he said "Alright, i was talking to my friend but she wants me to play with her too, she gets jealous, she says that when i'm older i wont even remember her..." Olivia looked at the small building behind her and he said urgently "Don't go in there!" she looked at him and he said "She decides when you see  her".


Olivia then said "Well that doesn't sound very friendly..." he then cutted in and said "but she knows things, because she goes were she wants and she sees every thing and she knows a lot of peoples secrets" Olivia thought and said "Your friend, who likes to hide i think she talked to me once" Charles then said "Then you're lucky, she doesn't like people, most of the time she doesn't speak. But i play guessing games with her to learn things" she looked at him and said "This friend, what's her name?"  Charles looked at Olivia and said "Emma, but don't say i told you or she'll get mad". Olivia turned to the small building and started to go in it and Charles said "Please don't go in there!" she went in it and called out "Emma?" she bent down and saw a blue marble she took it and went to her room.  When she got there she saw a servant try on a dress, Olivia saw and said "I'm sorry, do i know you?" the servant girl looked down and Olivia said "Is that my dress?" the girl looked at Olivia and said "I'm sorry your grace... it was just so beautiful...." the girl collapsed on the ground and Olivia said getting closer worry in her voice "Is something wrong?!" the girl then said "Stay back! It's poisoned!" the girl started screaming and Olivia then screamed running the hall way "Guards! Somebody help! Guards!".


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