Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


2. The news

Isabella's POV:

The next morning when Isabella woke up, she got up she putted her dress on with the help of Aylee she then combed her white hair and putted a small crown on. And then Fredrick came in to talk with Isabella and Aylee, they were having a good time until a servant then came in the room and said "Your grace your father the king wants to talk to you" Isabella turned around to face the servant and said "Where is my lord father?" the servant then replied "In the gardens waiting for you" she then looked at her half-brother and said "We mustn't keep father waiting" she got up and walked to the gardens with Aylee and Fredrick.


When she got to the gardens her father said "This artist will paint you, now go stand over there" she went over to the side of the pond and the painter than said "Stop do not move your highness! This is the perfect place" while she posed Frederick and Julien were doing funny faces behind the painter, and she had a small smile  on her face, a few hours had passed at the painter finally finished the painting and then the king said "You can go back to your room now Isabella" she nodded and left with Aylee while Fredrick and Julien kicked a ball around, they called it 'Football'.


Later that night as Isabella was combing her hair, a knock came at the door and one of the ladies answered and the king said "I wish to talk in private with the princess" all the ladies left until there was only him and Isabella in the room "You wanted to have a word with me father?" she got up from her chair and Phillip said "Tell me Isabella, what do you think of marriage?"  Isabella looked at her father and said " It's something that i don't think of " Phillip then looked at his daughter and said "Well think of it now, ladies younger than you in Iskira are made happy wives and mothers" Isabella looked at her father and said "Why are you talking about this with me father?" Phillip looked straight in his daughter's eyes and said "I have made the decision for you to marry king Bash of Viresas, and you will leave for Viresas when you will have a woman's body...". Isabella looked at her father in disbelieve and said "But father Viresas is on the other side of the sea" he looked at her and said "In exchange for your hand in marriage they will send us more men to fight against Narburcia so we can have the throne" "Father i don't want to marry this man, i don't even know him!" she complained "Isabella..." she became mad and said "No i will not go! And no one can make me!" Phillip frowned and said his eyes where now red as he was mad "You are my daughter and you will do as you are told!" Isabella shook her head no and said softly "I will not go" Phillip took a deep breath and said "If you will not obey your father, you will obey the king... i order you princess Isabella of Iskira to go marry the king of Viresas and if you do not you will be put under penalty of death!". Isabella clutched her mother's ring and said calmly "If your grace commands" Phillip smiled and said "It wasn't that hard now was it?" and he then left her room leaving her alone.

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