Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


1. The masquarade

It was a beautiful summer day, in the castle the servants were looking for the princess as it was her 16th birthday today and she was no where to be found.  


Isabella's POV:

Her mother's lady with blond hair: Aylee, had became her nurse when Catherine had been taken away.  Aylee looked in the princess's room and said "Isabella?!" Isabella heard, got out of the bath she putted a bath robe on and said with a smile "Madam i am here, what is it you want?"  Aylee looked at Isabella who was now 5ft 9 and said "You must get dressed, the masquerade will start in an hour!" the girl looked at her and said sitting down "Already?". A few other ladies came in and dressed Isabella in a light blue dress and they then combed her white hair and then the ladies went away leaving Aylee and the princess alone. Aylee then looked at Isabella and said "You are by far the prettiest babe i ever nursed" Isabella laughed and then they heard a knock on the door, Aylee opened and when she saw that it was Julien she letted him in, Julien was 15 years old but he was a handsome young man, he had dark brown hair paired with dark brown eyes and he was 5ft 10. When he saw his sister he said handing her his arm "Shall we?" she smiled and said "We shall, little brother" As they were walking and talking Fredrick came out and said "Sister, little brother". Fredrick was now 17 years old and he was 6ft tall, he still had his black hair and his eyes were light blue, it only turned red when he was hungry or mad.


Julien  looked at his half-brother and said "Fredrick do you want to walk with us to the celebration?" Fredrick shook his head no and said "It would be a huge disgrace for the court to see me, the king's bastard walking with the royal children". Isabella just looked at Fredrick and said "Nonsense, today is my birthday and you will walk with us dear brother". The three children got in the court room and it was already filled with nobles  from all over the land  and even from far away lands. 


When Phillip saw his daughter he said loudly "Princess Isabella come here" she did as she was told and sat next to her father, he then whispered in her ear "There are lots of suitors here that would like your hand in marriage..." she looked at her father and said "Might i be excused, father?" he nodded and said "I suppose as it's your birthday today but, i will have a word with you tomorrow, Isabella" . All night young men kept talking to her and dancing with her, her father was right there where a lot of suitors.


The celebration ended at midnight and Isabella went straight to her room, Aylee had helped her undress and before she left Isabella said "When my mother died, did she leave something for me and Julien... i mean i have read the pile of papers she wrote but i would like to have something that belonged to her.." Aylee turned around to face the princess and said "She left a map but when i was cleaning your mother's old room in the castle i found her gold ring that had an emerald on it, do you want me to bring it to you?"  Isabella nodded and said "Yes please" a few minutes later Aylee came back with the ring and gave it to Isabella, she kissed Isabella on the forehead and before she left Isabella said "Thank you" Aylee nodded and left, leaving Isabella in the dark with only a candle on her bed side table. Isabella had seen Aylee as a mother figure for her since her mother had been taken away when she was three years old, Aylee had raised her as if she was her own daughter.

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