Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


4. The King

Isabella's POV:

When they arrived to Viresas, a man stood there waiting for them. The man brought them to a small hill and Isabella asked "When will i meet the king?" the man just said "The Viresas are not know for their punctuality your grace" she then asked him "What is your name?" he just said "Dan" they then saw three men on horses come to them.


When Dan saw them he said to Isabella and Aylee "Stay here until  i saw you can come closer" he then walked closer to the three men and started saying something in a different language. Isabella looked at the three men on horses,the three men were shirt less and they all wore brown pants with leather shoes. One in particular caught her eye he was in the middle, he had light brown hair and green eyes he was talking to Dan he was Bash. Dan turned around to face Isabella and he said "Come forward" he then walked over to Aylee and Isabella walked slowly towards the three men, when she got there she looked straight into his green eyes and he stared at her light blue eyes, he grinned and then rode away with the two other men.


Later that day, Isabella and Aylee were talking with  Dan and Aylee said " When will they be married?" he answered by saying "Soon, the Viresas never stay at one place for too long" Isabella then said "I don't want to be his queen, i want to go home" Aylee then said to Dan "May we talk alone" he nodded and left. Aylee then said "You do know that if you don't marry him your father, the king will kill you as soon as you arrive back to Iskira" Aylee then kissed Isabella's forehead and they joined Dan again.   

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