Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


15. The investigation

Olivia's POV:

A few minutes later, the guards, herself and Julien came into her room and then she saw that the servant girl had vanished and she said pointing to the spot were the girl had been "I swear she was here!She was on the floor dying where could she have gone?!" Julien then said "Whoever did this took away the evidence and failed on their attempt on you" . He looked at the guards and said "Go! an assassin with a dying girl could not have gone far!" the guards ran away to look around the castle, Olivia then said softly "She was right there, who could anyone escape with her...the passage way!" she went to the secret door she had found a few days earlier and Julien followed. 


As she was walking to the secret door she said to him "I don't know how far it goes or where..." she opened the door and she said looking inside "Could they have gone in here?" Julien listened and said "No, if they had we'd hear them, this passage is all stone with nothing in them... but i didn't know there was one connected to your room". Julien closed the door and he said to her "I'll have the guards check them anyway, in the meantime that Naburcian envoy needs to be questioned and detained".    


Julien's POV:

Later during the day, Julien was talking and walking with his father and he said "The Naburcians can't do this" Phillip then said "You can't prove they did it until the body is found".  Julien looked at his father and said "Detain the Naburcian envoy, torture him if you need...i want Olivia to feel safe here"  Phillip turned to his son and said "I talked to my adviser and he's well aware of the consequences if we can prove the Naburcian envoy is behind this" Julien looked at his father in disbelief and said "You're not going to do any thing are you?" Phillip then said "I didn't say that..." only to be cut off by Julien saying "You're just gonna keep Olivia here like some kind of a weapon you might never use".  

Phillip smiled and said "Alliances are weapons" Julien then said "Her life is at risk because of the alliance, end it and  let her go!"  Phillip took a deep breath and said "Her life is always at risk, she first came to us when she was six because Naburcia wanted to kill her." Julien sighed and said "She's no safer here then any where else" Phillip smirked and said "Exactly where do you think she's gonna go, do you think she gonna go back to Saija? Her mother doesn't want her back with out a king for a husband, she's here doing her job. And her job is to wait for me to decide when you should marry her" Julien was about to say something but Phillip said quickly "She's not going any where"  Julien got mad and said trying to calm down "She's not just an alliance, she's a girl under your protection! but you don't care about that do you?" Phillip smiled and said "I'm intrigued about how much she matters to you, all this worry for a girl you supposedly don't want to marry" he then left and Julien was alone.     


Fredrick's POV:

In the meanwhile, Fredrick was walking in the woods with his horse by his side. He looked on the ground and saw a path of small droplets of blood, he decided to follow it. When the path stopped he bent to the ground and saw more drops of blood falling from above, he looked up and a drop fell to his cheek he whipped it off and saw Alex's body suspended by his feet to a tall tree branch.


Olivia's POV:

It was getting dark out and Julien said to once they were inside "The Naburcian envoy has been questioned and he had an alibi for every thing" she then said "No surprise" he looked at her blue/green eyes and said "I hope you know that i take your position very seriously and that i want to help" he looked out of the window and said "As i suspect my brother is already doing, i saw you talking to him, he's gone off to find Alex isn't he?".


She looked at him and said "Yes" Julien sighed and she said "Are you angry?" and he said "No, you need more then a promise but, it's getting dark out and he should be back by now... he must have given you a lead?" she thought and said "He was following  the south end, that's all i know" as Julien was going to find his brother she grabbed his hand, he looked at her and she said with a smile "Thank you" he smiled back and went out to find his brother. When he left her three ladies came to her and Elisabeth said "We've  talked to the servants and the guards" Valerie then said "No one posted outside of our doors or in that corridor, so someone leaving your room with a dead body or a dying girl.." Zoe then said "They could have" Olivia then said to her self "They must have used the passage way". She left her ladies and went to her room, she opened the door and said "Emma?" she went in the tunnel and said "We can play if you want, but i need your help" Olivia sat on the ground and got out three marbles. 


She then asked "If you can hear me come and find me" she got up and went to the door, when she got there the marbles came back to her. She then said taking them "Does this mean you'll talk to me?!" she went back in and sat down again and she said "I have a guessing game for you, i'm going to guess something and if i guess right you roll the marble back to me and if i'm wrong your keep it", it's yours" she took the marble and said "I think you know who's trying to hurt me" she rolled the marble to the corner and Emma rolled it back to her. Olivia then said rolling one marble "Who is it? Is it the Naburcian envoy?" she rolled an other one and said "Is it queen Diane?" the two marbles came back to her and she said "Is it Naburcia?!" she then heard someone running away and she said "No, Emma wait!" she then bent down and saw a crushed marble and a key, she took the key.


Isabella's POV:

That night, she had told Bash that she was expecting and as the two of them cuddled in their bed she said to Bash in Viresian "It's a boy" he looked at her and said "How do you know?" and she said "I just know it" he smiled and kissed he softly.


Fredrick's POV:
He brought the body to the ground when suddenly he saw Julien and said "How did you find me?" Julien got closer and said "You're the one who thought me how to find things" they both looked at the body and Julien said "Is that Alex?" Fredrick nodded and said "Yes" Julien then asked "Is he dead?" Fredrick bent next to the body and said "He had his neck slit, he was bled out" they then heard some foot steps coming closer to them and Julien said "What is that? are those guards?" Fredrick got up and said "Shh! We've pissed off the forest folks" Julien looked at him and said "What" Fredrick then turned to his brother and said "We must appease them".


Julien took his sword ready to fight them and he said to his brother "Draw your sword" Fredrick then took a knife and said to his little brother "It's okay, i got this" Julien said unsure "What are you doing?!" Fredrick slit his palm and he then dripped some of his blood on the ground saying at the same time "Douh ara pas lareus galim sa" Julien looked at his brother and said in his head "WHAT?!" a few seconds later they heard the footsteps going away and Fredrick said "They're going away, let's get out of here" Julien then said "How can you be so sure?What did you do?!" Fredrick  said "Julien we have to leave now!" the two boys then rode back to the castle with Alex's body on Fredrick's horse. 

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