Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


9. The feast

Zoe's POV:

As she was taking a bath, she closed her eyes and felt someone put their hands on her neck softly massaging it and the boy said "Warm enough?" she opened her eyes and said "Alex! i don't believe it! What are you doing here?you can't.."she got cut off by him kissing her passionately and he then said " I've been thinking of you every night while i was on that boat, and i borrowed enough money to get here and i want to marry you" and the Zoe said " I want you to stay but, we'll be found out, we need  permission" he nodded.


A few hours later, Zoe and Alex went to Diane as she was the queen. After they told her the story of their love and how they wanted to get married  Diane smiled and said "What a grand romantic gesture, and you say your queen Olivia knows about this?" Zoe said "She hasn't met him, but she knows his people" Diane thought and said to Alex "Was your father was a cousin of Olivia's father James?" and he said calmly "My father served him until king James died, the king was generous he gave my father money but my father shared  no relations with the king". Diane then said her purple eyes staring into his brown ones "You come from servants, what a rise your people have made, i do like a romance story stay here and tell me all about it"  Zoe and Alex smiled thinking they might success but then Diane said to her "Zoe you must go find Olivia and keep her on schedule" Zoe smiled and left. Diane said to her ladies "You are dismissed" every one left until there was only herself and Alex in the room.     


Olivia's POV:

When she got into her room and she saw a shadow, she followed it and the shadow hid behind a curtain and she heard the shadow say "Don't drink the wine". Olivia looked behind the curtain but there was no one there, she looked and saw a secret door behind the curtain. Later that night, the feast had begone fireworks where shot into the night's sky. Zoe looked for Alex and saw him with two cups of wine she saw him going to Olivia and saying "Your grace is it not a beautiful evening?" Elisabeth then went to see Zoe and she said to her friend "Why aren't you with Alex?"  and Zoe said "He's with Olivia" the two girls looked at Alex and he kissed Olivia's hand. Elisabeth then said "Why is he with Olivia?" Zoe took a deep breath and said "Because she's the queen, he's just paying his respects".


Alex then handed the cup to Olivia and said "Let's have a toast for the future queen of Iskira" he raised his glass and she was about to drink her wine but she remembered what the shadow had said "Don't drink the wine" she putted the cup on a table and when she looked at Zoe she saw that she looked jealous. She went to Valerie and said "I want to dance" and then Valerie said "But you can't dance alone" and Olivia then said "I won't be alone" she then went to the other two girls with Valerie and said "Zoe come dance with us" they all laughed and danced on the dance floor in circles. As she twirled in the middle Fredrick stared at her and she stopped twirling and  stared back at him smiling, Julien was also staring at her and then he looked at his brother. Feathers started falling from the ceiling, Olivia looked at the ceiling as the feathers fell she had a flash back of when her and Julien were younger, they were jumping on the bed feathers were every where. She looked at Julien and he looked at her and at that moment she knew he had also seen the flash back, she slowly started walking over to him and he did the same but then they stopped walking as Fredrick started talking to Julien and they had to go away.


A few minutes later, when she saw that they were done talking she went  to see Julien he said " I've been wanting to talk to you..." and she said at the same time "I have something to tell you..." he then said "When we were in your old room i shouldn't have said what i did, there were other ways of handling it..." and she said "Handling what? me, you do realize that we'll be married someday" and he said "I do know that.." and she said cutting in "I know you had a life before i got here.." and he said getting irritated "It's not about that.." and she said getting irritated as well "Don't you think we ow it to each other, to our families to our countries to give us a chance?!"  and then he said calmly "It's not that simple, Olivia" and she screamed "Not that simple! What's not simple? We've been engaged since we were six, it's all arranged... how awful  you must find me" and he said "It's not you! You're beautiful, clever and unpredictable but... it doesn't matter, what matters is what is right for my country... " he then whispered "Iskira is not as strong as you might think or care... maybe you don't care but i do, i'm going to be king someday, responsible for my people and right now an alliance with your country could ruin Iskira..." she backed away and said "You don't want to marry me... you don't want this at all" he looked at the ground and said "Things could change" and she said holding back tears "Well it isn't your decision, it's your father's" and then he looked at her and said arrogantly "Do you see him pushing our wedding forward?! What marriages really do is hold alliances together, my father thinks we might need  Saija and i don't, i know it's not what you want to hear but..."   she then said "But you won't love me" and he said getting angry "Love is irrelevant for people like us! all i'm asking of you is to wait and see how things go"  she cutted in and said getting mad "Wait and see how things go for Iskira i guess it's that simple, but you aren't the only one here with a country to think of" she then walked back to her room while trying not to cry.


As she was sleeping in her bed, she felt someone get  on top of her the person yanked off the covers and when she opened her eyes she saw that it was Alex. When she looked at him she saw that he looked surprised, she screamed loudly and two guards came into the room they took him and as he was being dragged out he screamed "Forgive  me your grace! Please forgive me!" Olivia sat in her bed scarred.

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