Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


25. The combat

Julien's POV:

A week later, every one went to the bow and arrow tournament that was near the woods. It was now Ethan against him, Ethan shot his arrow straight at the hay sack's head, the people clapped and he said to Ethan "It was a nice shot but... the goal was to hit the targets heart" Ethan then said confused "Was it?". Julien nodded and Ethan just took an other arrow and shot it straight at the targets heart. This time the people didn't clap they just whispered and Ethan said looking at him "Did i take too many shots?" he just nodded and said to Ethan "Yes" he then said arrogantly "Shall i take another shot too" he then stared into Olivia's blue/green eyes for just a split second and then looked away.


Olivia's POV:

As she, Valerie and Elisabeth were sat on chairs at the bottom of the arena Valerie said "Does Ethan look a bit different for the past few days? Maybe a little more bold" Elisabeth then said in a whisper so only Valerie and Olivia could hear "Certainly more engaged to Olivia". Olivia then said "Not all the way engaged well not yet anyways..." Elisabeth then said "How do you feel about Ethan?" Olivia then shook her head and said "It doesn't matter about how i feel, i have to marry for what is right for Saija".  The envoy from Saija then appeared next to her and said "We have important things to discuss" Olivia then followed him and when they were sure that nobody was hearing them he told her then news and she said "Almost agreed?! You and king Phillip have been talking for days! What have you been talking about the weather?" he then said "My queen, these are tricky matters of state, your marriage treaty with Marine does not stop our alliance with Iskira but it only changes it"  Olivia sighed and he said "For king Phillip's approval there are going to be conditions..." she then said stubbornly "I am not like other queens... i will not beg!".


The envoy then said sternly "You will beg because Saija needs this treaty, Ethan's ships are the only thing that's keeping Naburcia off of our borders... king Phillip can't offer the same protection but he's still a king and kings can't be seen letting allies walk out of treaties freely" she then looked at him and said finishing his sentence "but queens can be seen begging in front of every one!" the envoy then said to her "You'll be queen of nothing if you don't make Saija safe from Naburcia and  you can't do that without Marine's strength which you can't have without Phillip's approval to marry Ethan!".


Isabella's POV:

The men of the tribe had just raided a small village as they were on their way to the boats. They had decided to stay there for the night, they killed all the men in the village and they kept all the women in a small cage made of wood. Isabella had started showing and she was wearing a top was yellow and it stopped at the top of her belly,her skirt was blue and went to her ankles with a slit on the side.As she, Dan, Doreah and the guard were walking through the village she said  "What did they do?" the guard then said in Viresian "Lamb men make good slaves, Bash will make a gift of them to the slavers and the slavers will give us gold" she then said in english to Dan "I thought Viresian people didn't believe in money".


Dan then said "Gold to buy some ships princess" as he said that she saw a man from the tribe take a woman out  of the cage and throw her on the ground, Isabella then realized that the man was going to rape her and then she said "Dan make them stop!" he then said "Isabella?" she then said "You heard me, now go do it" he then said in shame pointing to the man "They have shed blood for their king now let them claim their reward" the guard then added in Viresian "She is just a lamb girl, the riders do her honor... if her crying offends the queen i will bring you her tongue". Isabella was now struggling with not letting tears fall from her eyes and Dan said softly to her "Princess, you have a soft and gentle heart... but this is how it's always been" she then said looking at him "I do not have a gentle heart" she then said in Viresian to the guard "Do as i say or the king will know the reason why". The guard then pushed away the man and Dan helped the woman up and brought her to Isabella. 


The white haired queen then said "Bring the rest of the woman to me as well" Dan looked at her disbelieving and said "You can't claim them all princess" she stood up straight and said "I can and i will". As they walked to Bash's new "throne" they heard some one talking madly in Viresian (this hole conversation will be in Viresian)  and when Bash saw her he said in Viresian "He says you have taken his woman, the daughter of a lamb man who was his to mount... tell me the truth" she then said "He speaks the truth, i have claimed many daughters they can't be mounted" he then said to her "This is the way of war these women are slaves now, to do with as we please" she then said "and it pleases me too keep them safe" Bash was now listening intensely and she said "If your riders will mount them, let them marry them" the rider then said "Does a horse mate with a lamb?" she then said sternly at him "Dragons feed on horses and lamb alike" the rider then said to her "You do not command me, you're a foreigner" she then said "I am a queen and i do command you" Bash laughed and said "See how fierce she becomes? That is my son inside of her, the king of kings that will unite the world, filling her with his fire" he stared at her and then he said "I will hear no more of this" he stared at the rider and said "Find your reward somewhere else".


The rider then spat on the ground, and he said drawing his curved blade sword pointing it towards Bash "A king takes no orders from a foreign whore" Bash then said with a smile "I will not burn you or make you leave the herd... oh no i will not give you that satisfaction" he got up from his "throne" and said getting mad "The bugs will feed on you!" the rider took a swing  and Bash avoided it getting slightly cut on his arm. He didn't draw his sword he just yelled at the man "Rain will fall on your rotten body, dogs will feed on you until nothing is left but bones!" the rider took more swings and Bash missed them all, and he then cached the riders sword pulling him and the other man face to face and the other man just said "You'll have to kill me first..."  Bash then said with a slight smirk "I already have..." Bash then maneuvered the man's sword and slit the other man's throat with his own sword, after that the man fell to the ground and Bash went to sit on his "throne".   



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