Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


33. The circus

Olivia's POV

Later that day when the sky was becoming dark, Julien walked her back to her friends and then left. When she got there the four girls sat down and played a question game, Olivia was first and asked Elisabeth "Are you currently being courted someone?" Elisabeth smiled and said "Nooo... now my turn, Zoe what did you do before you worked as a lady in waiting?". Zoe looked around nervously she then looked at her nails and said stuttering "I...i don't want to play this game anymore" Valerie looked at her and said "It can't be that bad" Zoe took a deep breath and as she was about to say her answer a servant boy knocked on the door. Olivia looked at him and he said "The evening meal is ready and will be served in the throne room today your majesty" the blonde haired queen got up and said "Very well" the girls than proceeded by going to the throne room to go eat.


Zoe's POV

When they finished eating, servants took the tables that where in the middle of the throne room away and then asked politely to the court to stand in front of the walls that surrounded them. When they did this, king Phillip got up from his throne and said to the court "My dear subjects, you may be wondering what is happening. Do not fear, i only wanted a different source of entertainment for tonight instead of dancing and talking and so i present to you this...".  Phillip signaled the guards and when they opened the door, jugglers, acrobats, tarot card readers and many more came into the room.


Elisabeth's POV

As she and the rest of the court were mesmerized while watching the amazing spectacle that was going on before them, the female performers where dressed in colorful pants that went from the waist too the knees, underneath the pants they had also colorful tights, they wore a blouse with a corset on top of it. They also wore flat shoes and had their hair tied in a ponytail with a red ribbon and the male performers just wore colorful pants, sturdy shoes and a colorful blouse. As she and the girls where watching the show, a female juggler started to come closer to them while juggling and a few seconds later Zoe and Valerie went to a tarot card reader and then they asked the old tarot card reading lady working at the table to determine their futures. 


Valerie's POV

The old lady mentioned for them to sit in the chairs facing her. The old woman spread some cards facing face down on the table in front of them and said "Pick two cards, one for future the other for love" she picked two and so did Zoe, Valerie handed her cards to the woman and when the tarot card reader saw it she said "You've got the fool and the knight of wands". Valerie looked at her and said curiously "What do they mean?" The old lady smiled and said "Since you've handed me the fool first it will predict your future. The fool represents new beginnings and great adventures and there are important decisions coming your way " Valerie smiled and said "What about the other card?".


The lady said in a calm voice "The knight of wands, a man will have a big impact on you. An energetic warrior, he has a hasty personality and is very quick to love or hate" the tarot reading lady then looked at Zoe and said "Have we met before? You look familiar" Zoe handed her the cards and said "We haven't met before" the lady looked at the cards and then the ringmaster came in the middle of the room and said loudly "For this next act we will need a volunteer from the audience".  The old lady was about to read the cards but just then a juggling redheaded girl looked in their direction and started walking to them, when she got there her gaze went in Zoe's directing and she said in a surprised tone "Zoe bug? Is that you?" she gave her a hug and then the Valerie turned toward her and said in confusion "Zoe bug???" the redheaded girl looked at her and said "Zoe you must perform!" the redheaded girl turned towards to ringmaster and yelled for everyone to hear "This girl will perform!".


Zoe was about too leave but it was too late. The people of the court pushed her in the middle of the room with all of the circus performers, Valerie payed the old woman and went to see Olivia and Elisabeth.


Zoe's POV

As she was now in the middle the ringmaster saw her and said "It's our little Zoe! No need for simple acts, surely she must remember... Kat give her some juggling balls" the redheaded girl named Kat gave her three balls and then the circus music started playing. Just then she gave into the music and started juggling and nodded and Kat who threw in a fourth ball. Zoe  nodded again to Kat who threw a fifth ball at her. Zoe caught it and was now juggling with five balls while she was juggling she remembered the joyful days when she was a child working as a circus performer but all of that ended one day when her parents had found out that their daughter had  ran away to the circus. As she juggled she heard the ringmaster whisper to her "Now time for the big finale Zoe bug" and a big finale it was, she did the splits as she was still juggling and then when she stopped and caught them.


She stood up, everyone looked at her. The circus performers clapped and cheered and so did the audience, when she looked at her three friends she could see that they where all shocked. Later that night, a messenger whispered something in the king's ear and by the looks of it the king was angry. The king signaled for the musicians to stop playing and yelled "Naburcia has attacked our borders! gasps of surprise were heard across the room and he then continued in a furry "And i will not have it! Tomorrow morning at dawn, our soldiers will leave to one of our camps to battle off one of the Naburcian troops until every single Naburcian troop stops attacking Iskira!" the court was then dismissed and as she was leaving the ringmaster and  Kat ran to her and when they caught up to her.

Kat gave her a circus poster with all their tour dates and said "If you ever need a place to go to, this will tell you where to find us" the ringmaster than said to her in a whisper "If this doesn't work out for you then you'll have a second option and remember the circus is your family".  When she got to her room, she was surprised to see that in front of her door there was a small folded paper on the ground. When she got in her room, she read the small folded paper it said

"Dear Zoe, your performance was absolutely spectacular. I know that i am not the only one at court who is surprised by how talented you are. Also i don't think that i am supposed to tell you this but my father has been building a stadium just like the Romans did. It will be used for combats, ballet performers, circus performances and also for acts and plays, i strongly think that if there are any openings for performers you should go there and do what you like as i have seen the joyful expression on your face while you where performing. Your friend Fredrick".

Zoe smiled to herself, she putted the letter down, changed into her sleeping gown and went straight to bed.


Valerie's POV

As she was about to got to sleep, she heard the voice. The voice had not bothered her for a day and yet it decided to come back, she tried to ignore it but it kept saying the same thing over and over. In frustration she asked the voice "What do you want me too do?" to people passing in the hallway she might have sounded crazy as no one answered her but she didn't care what they thought she only wanted the voices inside her head to stop. The voice told her in a soft angelic voice "Will you help the army of Iskira, Valerie? and will you help crown the prince of Daninthya?"   as the voice told her this she responded by saying something that surprised her "Yes, yes i will". 



Isabella's POV

That night, the remaining people had made a huge box of wood supported by wooden table legs and under it they had put hay and wood. They had put Bash's body on the box and as they where going to light it on fire, Isabella putted the three dragon eggs next to Bash's body and then went next to Dan. Dan then said to her "You know that one dragon egg could get you back too Iskira" she looked at him and said "I know, Dan" as it burned she putted her hands on her four month old growing stomach. Dan noticed and said "What will you name it?" Isabella didn't even look at him and said "Aerys" the man looked at her and said "but what if it's a girl, princess?" Isabella looked at him and said "Catherine" he looked at her with a confused expression and said "Why Catherine?" Isabella thought and said a tears rolling down her face "Catherine was my mother's name" "What happened to her?" asked Dan. 


Isabella whipped the tears away and said "My father's guards took her away from the castle when i was only three and my little brother was only a week old. Nobody ever told us why,  Aylee was the one who took care of me, she used to read to me, play with me and she taught me all that she knew...Aylee was and still is a mother figure to me". The light haired man looked at his feet and said "Would you like too write too her?" just then Isabella's face lit up and she said "Yes i would".

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