Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


18. The celebration

Dan's POV:

Isabella sat in then middle of a tent eating with disgust a horse heart. As it was a Viresian custom to make the pregnant queen eat a whole horse heart as an old woman would predict the baby's future in Viresian, the whole tribe went inside the tent to see their queen do the ritual.  As Isabella was eating the heart the old woman said in Viresian "The prince is ridding, I've heard the thunder of his hoofs, he is as swift as the wind. His enemies will cower before him, their wives will weep tears of blood..." he then said to himself "She's going to have a boy". As she ate the last piece of horse heart she tried not to throw up and she swallowed it, the old woman then said "He will be the king of kings, he shall unite the people into a single herd" Isabella got up and said loudly in Viresian for every one to hear "A prince grows inside me!" she looked straight into Bash's eyes and said "And he shall be called Aerys!" Bash nodded and when he went to her he picked her up and carried her around the tent, Dan looked at her as Bash carried her. Every time he saw Isabella he felt a tingly feeling in his stomach but when he saw her with Bash he always got a bit jealous, he shook it off he looked at her proudly and said to him self "She is truly a queen today".


Olivia's POV:

As she was walking in the gardens Charles came up to her and said "Come play with me?" and so they kicked the ball around while walking, he looked at her and said "You're not  like a girl" she then said surprised "What did you think girls are like?" he just said "They sit round afraid they're gonna mess up their dresses, you like to have fun". Olivia kicked the ball so hard that it got stuck in a tree she then said "Oh...".


As Elisabeth was walking with Ethan in the gardens they heard Olivia say "It's stuck,maybe you should go get a ladder?" they followed her voice and then she said "Wait! I got it!" the ball then fell right in front of Ethan, they both looked up and saw Olivia on a tree branch and Elisabeth said "Your majesty, might i present Ethan of Marine, Ethan this is Olivia queen of Saija" he bowed and said "Do you often stroll in trees your majesty?" Olivia then said "Um, i climbed up here to get prince Charles's ball, but i guess that he got tired of waiting" Ethan looked around and said "Are you sure  because from down here it looks like Saija attacked Marine without provocation" Olivia giggled and said to him "Turn around so i can come down" he then said "We have a diplomatic incident here your majesty" she then said to her friend "Elisabeth can you tell your friend to turn around so i can come down, i can't climb down if he's staring up my skirts".


Elisabeth and Ethan turned around and started walking away slowly, as Olivia tried to climb down but she fell on Ethan knocking him and herself to the ground. They both got up and Elisabeth said to him "Your arm" he shook it off and said " I'll be fine" he turned to Olivia and said "Are you alright?" she then said "Yes, and i'm so sorry" he sighed and said "Just promise me one thing, no more attacks from the sky, your majesty " he turned to Elisabeth and said "Elisabeth, i look forward to seeing you tonight" he kissed her hand and left.

When the two girls were sure he had left, Elisabeth turned to Olivia and Olivia said to her "I might not have made a first good impression but i see why you like him" Elisabeth then said with a big smile "Isn't he perfect? I have it all planed! The boating party is coming up, i'll pack a picnic basket, we'll be on the lake under the moon light" Olivia then said "And nature will take it's course, your first kiss" Elisabeth then said "And the beginning i hope" Olivia then said "Well good luck, he's worth the wait" Olivia then went back to the castle.


Fredrick's POV:

In the throne room he and his father were practicing fighting with wooden swords , just when he thought he was going to beat his father, Phillip kicked him in the stomach and the Fredrick fell to the floor. Phillip laughed and helped him up saying "Your minds else where, is it slender lady Charlotte or lady Isabelle with the breasts like two pigeons?" Fredrick then said to his father "If i told you, you'll be mad".


Julien's POV:

As he saw his father with his brother he came in the room and said to his father "We must help Saija, not for Olivia but for Iskira" Phillip sighed and said "By all means explain". Julien then said "Naburcia hasn't sent it's entire army, they're pocking to see what reaction they'll get. We could strike fast, hit back hard and win and if we do nothing we risk losing the entire alliance, years of planning wasted" . The king then said "So it's a balance of risks anyway very good, i could send men there but guess what i'm king" Phillip looked at Fredrick and said  "Another round?"  as Fredrick was walking with his sword Julien took it from him and said pointing it to his father "You never fought with me" the king then said "Is it a good idea for a king to fight with his successor?" they both laughed and Julien said "If you win, i will shut up about this whole subject and if i win, you will send these six troops to Saija" Phillip nodded and said "Alright". During the fight Phillip was about to win but Julien was faster then him, he tripped his father to the ground and pointed the sword to his neck and then Phillip said "Very good". Julien helped him up and said to his father "When can they leave?" Phillip then said "Oh no ones going to Saija" Julien then said "But you promised" the king then said "That's what kings do,we make promises to every body, what works   with the realm we keep. The others never happen, lesson for today". The king left and Fredrick said getting closer to his little brother "That's not the way-" Julien interrupted him and said "I don't need any more lessons right now" he gave him back the sword and left the throne room.   




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