Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


22. The boating party

Olivia's POV:

As it got dark outside, all the people went outside to the docks for the party. Music was playing, candles were lit, and as Ethan and Olivia where walking he said "I never thought you know" she looked at him confused "Thought what?" at the same time Julien was staring  at her and Ethan, he became jealous and then when he saw his father go on one of the boats with a girl he got an idea and he got on the same one. Ethan continued his sentence and said "My first marriage i married for love, and i loved her terribly she died of the plague" Olivia then said "I'm so sorry". A few minutes later he said "When a learned that i was going to be a king i thought my next marriage is soon to be arranged, my life nothing but politics" he looked down and then said staring back at her "But then i saw you in a tree". 


Elisabeth's POV:

As she was talking with Zoe a servant came to her and gave her the picnic basket, she took it and stared at Ethan and Olivia as they got on the other boat, she excused herself and went back to the kitchen with the basket. 


Olivia's POV:
As they were on the small boat she said to him "It's not a bad thing but my family will have to confirm what you said" he looked at her and said "I understand that you don't trust me but you don't need to wait for confirmation bout that, i have ships on the bay with several troops of men they can leave for Saija tomorrow morning" she looked at him in disbelief and she said "That fast!" he leaned closer to her and said in a whisper "I know that you're the one i want an i'll do anything it takes to keep from losing you" she smiled shyly and looked at her feet. 


Elizabeth's POV:

As she was sitting at the table in the kitchen she heard someone come in and then the boy said "What are you doing here?" he walked over to the table and putted a candle on it, she looked at him and she said getting up "I'm returning the basket" he then said taking the basket and looking in it "Sooo how did it go? Did your important friend like it?" she then started crying and he looked at her thinking "Oh god what do i do?".


Julien's POV:

As he was sitting in the small boat he went to his father and then when he looked at the lady she excused herself and Julien sat where she was sat and he said to his father "If the alliance with Saija is worth saving we need to send troops" Phillip then said exhausted "We've had this talk before" Julien turned to his father and said "Not quite, i see the way you look at the lady Zoe she might not see it but i do, you're attracted to her" Phillip then said urgently "What's this?!" Julien then said "I'm not sure your wife will react to this when i'll tell her that you'll move on to another girl, i think we both know that Diane has a way of making life very difficult when she wishes" Phillip looked at his son and said "Very well king in waiting, there are six troops of men between us and the river, you'll send our fastest rider to give them the orders, oh and by the way nice touch with the rumor you've threatened me with".


After the boat ride was over, Julien found Fredrick who was a little bit drunk and said to him in the stables "Send a message to all six leaders and tell them that they will be moved in the morning to Saija" Fredrick nodded and Julien said "Are you sure you're okay to ride?" Fredrick putted his hand on Julien's shoulder and said "So what you're saying is that i get to play the hero and we get to keep Olivia?" Julien then said "Yes... wait we?!" Fredrick then got on his horse and said while ridding away "I'll be back in a few hours" as he saw his brother go away Julien said to him self "we?!".


Elisabeth's POV:
As she and the kitchen boy were sat at the table eating food from the basket he told her a story from his childhood when he was chasing a goat. He then said "I chased that goat around all day and then i said no more goat work for me, but mind you that goat still lived with us during the winter" she laughed and said "I can say that i've never lived with a goat before" and she then said with a small smile "What's your name? You've never told me it" he smiled and said "I'm Cedric" she looked at him and said "I'll share some wisdom with you Cedric, the only way to rise in this world is to have lands and titles and for people like us to get these things is to marry someone who has them" Cedric looked at her with his blue eyes and said "So love has a place in your life?" she then said "I hope it will but, i have two younger sisters that can't get married until i do" he stared at her intensely and she said "You should have been there when they brought me to Iskira, they looked at me the way my father looks at investments, wondering if i'd fail or pay off" she looked at the table he then said "I'm sorry you have to live this way" Cedric then stared at her and then she stared at him and then their eyes met. They tilted closer together as if something was pulling them together, Cedric leaned and Elisabeth leaned, the space between them growing smaller and smaller and then their lips touched. Elisabeth jumped back and said "I never...i shouldn't have and neither  should have you" he wanted to explain but she said "You're a servant nothing can ever happen between us!" he then said grinning "But it did" she then went back to her room.


Olivia's POV:

As she was on the balcony Julien stood next to her and said "Olivia, it's done. The six troops are on their way to Saija" she then hugged him tightly and said when they stopped hugging "But how? you said the king wouldn't change his mind,that you've done all you could"he smiled and said looking in her blue/green eyes "I suppose i was inspired" she smiled and said "I can't believe it" he then said "I still can't offer to marry you right away like Ethan'd have a secure alliance there, here we can only hope that someday it'll be right for our countries" she then said softly "I'd rather have hope with you  than certainty any where else".    

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