Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


29. The banquet

Isabella's POV

That next day, as the herd was traveling Bash fell of off his horse, Isabella was now 3 months pregnant and was already getting huge. She commanded the herd to stop, got off her horse  and sat next to her husband followed by Dan who just stayed a few meter away from her to give them privacy. (This whole conversation will be in Viresian) She putted her hand on his cheek and he said in Viresian while putting his hand on hers "My love, what happened?" she smiled softly and said back "You fell" he then tried to sit up but failed and he then said "My horse...i must ride" she then said imploringly "Bash you must rest.." the king just laid there on the ground barley conscious and Dan said "Is he alright princess?" even though she was now a queen Dan still called her 'princess' as that was the nickname he had given her and she didn't mind the nickname as that was evidence that someone was now looking out for her as a friend and not a servant. She looked at him and said "He's tired that's all, we've ridden enough today" she then said loudly for everyone to hear "we'll camp here until the king feels better".


The herd then set up camp and Bash was brought to his tent and was lying on his bed. One of the lamb girls ended up being a priestess, she examined Bash and told Isabella the terrible news: Bash had been poisoned and that he had been supposed to die a few days ago but he somehow managed to stay alive, the girl was then dismissed leaving the young queen with her husband. Bash was now unconscious and she was staring at him tears streaming down her face when Dan came in, she whipped away the tears from her face and said to him in english "He's been fighting the poison for days now... no one understands how strong he is".  Dan sat next to her and then pulled the blanket off of Bash, when he did that he saw purple veins heading slowly to his heart, he looked at Isabella and said sadly "He will die tonight princess" she ignored her friend's comment and said vulnerably "He can't...and i won't let him" Dan sighed and said "Even a queen doesn't have power over death" he then got up and said "I've heard that there's a port a few hours away..." she then said getting frustrated "I won't leave him" Dan then said "He's already gone Isabella".


The girl with white hair then said "Even if he dies why would i run?! I am the queen of Viresas and my son will be it's  king..." Dan shook his head in disapproval and said "This isn't like the rest of the world where men favor blood relations, here they only favor strength... after Bash dies they'll be fighting  and whoever wins that fight becomes king" she then putted her hand over her belly instinctively and he said "The new king won't want any rivals... even if your child is a new born, it will be taken away from you when you deliver it and will be given to the dogs. Now i hope that you see why we have to leave before it's too late,princess" she then said protectively "I won't let that happen and i won't leave him!" Dan nodded and said "Isabella, i only want you and the baby to be safe" he then left to his tent.


Fredrick's POV

As he had gotten out of the hospital the day before, he practiced his sword fighting. He then heard a familiar voice say "I've been looking for you everywhere" he looked at the person and saw that it was Zoe, she was wearing a long white dress with a gold head band, he then realized that she was dressed as the goddess Aphrodite. He laughed slightly remembering that today was a costume themed banquet  and he said "I remember you, i met you in a dream i had when you read to me about Greek Mythology... but in person it's better" she smiled and said "Are you sure you should be fighting? It might re-open your wound" he then saw Julien and said "Ah-ha and your dressed as a knight".


The prince then came to them and said "I am" Fredrick then said to  his younger brother "Better be a real sword if you plan on killing the enemy" Julien just looked at him and said "You had to mention Ethan". Zoe then said "I don't understand why he changed so suddenly... before Olivia said yes he seemed a whole different person" Julien looked at her and said "He was desperate" seeing as the other who were confused he clarified by saying "He's been looking for a queen all over the world but he was at the time still a bastard...unless he still is! He could be putting on an act that he is being legitimized and it got him what he wanted...a queen". Fredrick looked at him and said "Well he got lucky didn't he, if i hadn't been ambushed while i was bringing the troops to Saija, Olivia wouldn't be marrying that monster" Julien then said in realization "If our troops hadn't been ambushed then Olivia wouldn't need his troops or his marriage proposal" the three of them then hurried back to the main hall where the banquet was.


Olivia's POV

As she got in the banquet hall, she went straight to see the Naburcian envoy that was sat on a high platform for every one to see. When she got there he said to her "Have you heard? I'm the entertainment head will be when it will come off me in a few hours" she looked down and he said sarcastically  "Try not to look so upset" she looked at him and when she saw that he was wearing his crest she said questioningly "Tell me, why is your crest so similar to the Naburcian royal seal?" he then said "My family has been related to them by marriage, we style our lion white and the royals sign their's gold... why do you ask?" she then said playing dumb "I thought that i might find it interesting".


She then heard Ethan say with a tone of authority "Olivia, come here please" she nodded and went to him, it was a short walk as he was only a few feet away. When she got there she  putted her mask on  and said with false joy "Good evening my lord" after she said that, he took her by the waist and pulled her close to him reducing the space between them. She putted her hands to his chest trying to free herself from him but she failed as he was much stronger than her, she then said "Your grip is a little too tight my lord" and he said "No tighter then your former fiances, i'm sure" she then said in disgust "I'm not sure i know what you mean" he then pulling her as close as possible and said threateningly "Must i send for your whipping boy?!".


Almost as a miracle Julien pushed Ethan off of Olivia. Ethan then took Olivia's hand and said to Julien "Have you forgotten our conversation?! Olivia is my fiancee now" Julien then said while staring into his eyes "You came here almost a crowned prince but not quite, you needed a queen to seal your deal with the pope and when Olivia needed troops to defend her country, you were suddenly there too help because my troops were ambushed". Ethan held her hand tightly and said to Julien angrily "If you are accusing Marine, i hope that you have evidence!" Julien then said "We will have evidence soon enough in the meanwhile let go of Olivia!" Ethan squeezed her hand harder and then left in a furry.


After he left Julien when next to her and said "Are you alright?!" she then said breathlessly "Yes but when you said evidence did you mean his servant Anthony? He hates Ethan, i think he'll help us if we protect him" the prince nodded and said "We will, i have already sent guards to find him". Olivia thought and said "If Simon is innocent, then the woman who i signed my name too lied, she might be a pawn in his game...she might help us and if Simon dies for Ethan's crime then both of our countries will be at war with Naburcia" Julien nodded and she left to find the girl while Julien went to look for Anthony with Fredrick and Zoe.  

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