Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


27. Sneaking around and rules

Olivia's POV:

After the court was dismissed she went to her room and started packing all of her belongings. A few minutes later her ladies came in the room and Elisabeth said to her surprised "The engagement has been official for less than an hour and you're already packing" Olivia looked at her and said "I have no choice... i'm leaving for Marine in two days" Valerie was shocked and said "You're leaving? and what about us?Don't you want us to come with you?"  the young queen then said quickly "Of course i want you girls to come with me but... you do have a choice. I can't ask you girls to come with me when none of you expected to live in Marine... you all moved from Saija to be here in Iskira" Zoe sighed and said to her softly with a smile "Olivia we left Saija to be with you". 


Olivia then said hopefully "Then you'll come with me?" the three ladies then said in unison "Of course we will" Olivia smiled, sat down on the sofa and said to them "I don't deserve any of you" Zoe sat down next to her and said "You deserve to marry someone you love" Olivia looked at her feet and said sadly "Kings and queens don't have that privilege".


Julien's POV:

It was a quiet afternoon, the prince went to the gardens and to his surprise he was the only one there, he then saw the same target and started shooting it with his bow and arrow. As he was shooting arrows at the target he heard some foot steps coming towards him but he didn't care he just continued shooting. As he was preparing to shoot he herd a familiar angelic voice say "I wonder who's face you're imagining on that target" he didn't even have too turn around to know that it was Olivia and she said as she got behind him "Marine's prince perhaps..." he laughed and said softly "Perhaps next time... this time it's that Naburcian envoy" he then released the arrow and it shot straight into the target's heart. She then said admiring the accuracy of the shot "He's lucky that you're not the executioner or he'd be dead already" he then putted his bow and arrows down and said at the same time "I'm not sure who's lucky anymore" he turned to face the blonde haired girl that stood before him.


He took a deep breath and said "I used to think that we were" he walked closer to her and said as he was walking "The years that we had as children, the days we've had since you came back to court..." he stopped walking and said staring into her eyes "These memories now feel like a thousand knifes stabbing me straight in the heart over and over again" she looked down and said her voice full of guilt "Let's not speak of this..." he cupped her face with his hands and she got closer to him putting her hands on his chest saying softly "I just wish..." and he said "Olivia..." he took a small pause and said softly "We can't, the castle... they'll see" she then said her voice full of hope "Maybe we could find some other place" he nodded and said "What about the lake ?" she nodded and said "That sounds good meet me there in an hour" after she said that she was on her way and he went back to the castle. Both of them had been unaware that a servant boy had seen them, the boy quickly ran to Ethan's room and told him every thing he had seen.


When he got back in the castle he went straight to where his brother was, when he got there he saw a woman holding his now sleeping brother's hand. He cleared his throat and the girl got up, when he saw her face he said "Aren't you the girl that was at court earlier?" indeed she was and she said "I'm Taylor m'lord" he nodded and said "Of course,  might i ask what you're doing here Taylor" she then said "I was only visiting my son" he nodded and said "Might i be alone with my brother?" she smiled gently and said "Of course, my prince" she bowed and then she took one last glance at her sleeping son and then left. As he was staring at his brother Diane went next to him and he said "I'm trying to explain how this could happen, but i can't " she then said sympathetically "You should stop blaming yourself..." he then said quickly "I'm not blaming my self, i blame Simon the Naburcian instincts were right and Marine proved it" Diane sighed and he said looking back at his brother "As soon as Naburcia saw that Saija had someone to defend them, they stooped their attacks and if it weren't for that ambush..." Diane said in disgust while finishing his sentence "Olivia would still be yours".

Julien looked at his half-mother in disbelief and said "This isn't about my broken heart" and she said "No you're right this is about your good heart" he was about to say something and she said quickly "I'm not mocking you Julien, your heart is's good enough to try and love your future bride" Diane walked to the window and he said "If only it could stop, what if Olivia is moving from one waiting game to another..." she turned around to face him and said  "Let her go Julien, you're worrying over nothing" the prince then said  suspiciously "You would say that, you can't stand her... my instincts tell me not to trust Ethan... maybe it's time that i stop doubting them" he then left to the lake to meet Olivia.     


Olivia's POV:

As she was waiting for Julien, she putted a picnic blanket on the ground next to the lake. She had picked the perfect location: the ground was full of colorful flowers, trees blocked the view from the castle but it allowed rays of sunshine to go through the branches and the lake looked beautiful as it glistened under the sun and she could also hear birds singing. She was now looking at the lake when suddenly she felt strong arms hug her gently from behind, the person backed off and when she turned around and saw that it was Julien a smile appeared on her face and she said "I almost thought that you weren't coming" and he then said "I've been busy" as he was going to explain she said "You've been asking questions about Ethan and if I've heard that means that Ethan will hear as well" he then said "Let him hear and  think that i'm jealous for all i care, as long as he knows that he's responsible on how he treats you".


The dark haired boy held her hands and said "I hear that he's cruel to his servants" she putted her hands on his chest and said gratefully "Julien thank you and you don't need to worry... but come and sit with me" Julien smiled and sat down next to her on the blanket. As they sat down she said "I've asked my country's envoy to make sure that i am safe in Marine and he says that every thing will be fine" Julien then said softly to her "You need more than the envoy's word... Olivia if anything happens to you i will feel responsible, when i couldn't make Saija safe i told you to marry him" she then said "i'm not going into this blindly" he then said getting worried "There are rumors about his cruelty and..." she looked straight into his dark brown eyes and said  "There are rumors about   all royals, you know what they say about you? Half of the kingdom thinks that you're sick and weak" he smiled and said "It's the painter's fault...he didn't realize that i was sitting and that my sister was standing up" they both laughed and she said "and they say that Fredrick's got all the good looks and passion and that all you've got is bad luck and..." she then got cut off by Julien putting his lips to hers, he layed her down on the blanket and kissed her passionately. They stopped to breath and then he kissed her again but this time softly, his mouth left hers and went to her neck. Olivia closed her eye and then he brought his lips to hers and kissed her passionately his hands wandering on her body. 


When the picnic was over both she and Julien went back to the castle, and when they got there they both went back to their own room. As she was going to her room she saw Valerie and they both walked and talked until they were in her room, when they got there they saw Ethan and his servant. Olivia then said surprised "Ethan?What are you doing here?" Olivia  walked closer to him and he said admiring a glass cup that was on the table "Forgive me Olivia i needed to see you.. i would like to make some rules and your lady is welcomed to listen as well" Olivia stared at him and said shocked "Rules?!" he then said facing her "Rules you will have to follow in Marine, you seem to believe that until you marry me you're free and if so you are mistaken" she then said provocatively "My lord, i'm not sure that i like your tone" he then said "My queen do you have whipping boys in Saija?" she then said confused "Whipping boy? Some use them but..." he then cutted her off and said "Good, Anthony  is now your whipping boy" he then turned around and slapped the servant really hard on the cheek.  Ethan then turned back to her and said  "That was for the offence of questioning me!" she then said feeling scared "Ethan please..." he then turned around again and hit Anthony harder on the cheek, Ethan then said getting frustrated "That was for interrupting me!" she didn't say anything and he said "Much better, if you are not impressed by the treaty singed by me, Saija's envoy and king Phillip then maybe you will be by my ships, they are the only thing that makes you're country safe but," he then took the glass cup in his hand and said facing her "I can remove them as easily as this..." he then dropped the cup on the floor which caused it to burst into tiny pieces. She now looked at him with hatred and he said "Whatever freedoms of actions or thoughts Julien gave you, forget them!When i am king i will rule like most kings, what belongs to my queen belongs to me... so for Anthony's sake i hope we're clear" he then gently stroked the side of her face and then held her chin with his fingers and said threateningly "Are we?!" she then said to him while maintaining eye contact "Yes my lord, quite clear" he nodded and left with Anthony. When the two girls were certain that he had gone Valerie rushed over to her friend  and said "You can't marry him!" Olivia turned to face her dark haired friend and said sadly "You heard him" Valerie then said "Olivia you're a queen there must be some other way!" Olivia then said "If there was another way don't you think i would have taken it by now?! I have to marry Ethan not matter who he is, no matter my feelings! Because i am a queen and therefor i have no other option!".


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