Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


12. Revalation

Isabella's POV:

As the herd of Viresians were traveling again, Isabella was ridding on her horse while  talked to Dan who was also ridding on his horse as they both followed the herd that was led by king Bash. Isabella had finally decided to dress like the Viresas people : her top was black and it stopped under her boob,her skirt was black and went to her ankles with a slit on the side, her top was also attached to a piece of animal skin going from under her boob to the start of her skirt.


Isabella asked Dan "Do the Viresians buy their slaves?" Dan then answered by saying "The Viresians don't believe in money, most of their slaves were given to them as gifts". She then asked "By who?" and he replied "If you rule a city and saw a herd of Viresian people approaching you have two choices you either pay tribute or fight them. It's an easy choice for most, of course sometimes it's not enough, sometimes the king will feel insulted by the numbers of slaves that were given to him. He might think the men too weak or the woman too ugly..." Isabella then said getting the sudden urge to puke"Can you tell the herd to stop" Dan looked at her and said "For how long?" and she said "For as long as i command it" Dan smiled and said "You are talking like a real queen" he then said some words in Viresian and the herd stopped. Isabella got off her horse and went into the forest, when she thought she was far enough she leaned against a tree and took deep breaths trying to keep it in but she couldn't and then she puked.


Dan's POV:

It had been a few minutes now and he decided to go see if she was okay. He rode to where Isabella had went and when he saw her vomit, he rushed to her and said softly to her "Are you alright Isabella?" she washed her mouth and said looking at him "I'm fine, i just ate bad food that's all" he then took her back to her horse, her ladies helped her back on her horse and he got back on his and then the herd continued to travel.


No one's POV:

In the tower someone was being tortured and the guard said stopping "I'm not done with you Alex, i just have to go take a piss" and then he went away leaving Alex alone on the stretcher. A girl came and untied Alex and said "Go! Run" and then Alex got up and the girl ran away and he said "Who are you?and why did you free me?!" Alex didn't say anything else and he just ran out of the tower. 


Olivia's POV:

That morning, as Zoe was sleeping she putted the covers on Zoe's body and then Valerie and Elisabeth came in. Olivia went over to them and Elisabeth said "You let Zoe sleep in your bed?" Olivia then said with guilt "We were talking about what happened to Alex, she fell asleep crying... i feel for her and for Alex". They didn't want to wake up Zoe so they went in the other room in Olivia's apartment and they closed the door, when they were in the other room Olivia said "The king and queen say that Alex's attack on me was a part of a Naburcian plot, but he told Zoe that it was someone here in the castle, highly placed at court. All i know is that it had to be someone who is against the Iskira/Saija alliance, against my engagement with prince Julien". The other two ladies ate some fruits, while Olivia said "Naburcia wants my country and my crown, i need the alliance with Iskira to protect my country from Naburcia and i need time before there's any chance of Julien marrying me. I won't have time until i figure out who's against me".



Diane's POV:

Later that day, Olivia, Julien,Phillip,Fredrick, Charles and herself were all in the court room (Charles is Diane's and Phillip's seven year old son, he had light brown hair and blue eyes). She said to Phillip "Let's agree it's a brilliant match, Madeleine's family come from Iskira so there's no questions about their loyalty and they're very wealthy" Phillip then said "But they're not royals, so they want power" she looked at him and said "They'll pay for it" and the Phillip said "It's only right to take someone's money if they are loyal to you" she nodded and looked at Charles she said to her son "And Madeleine's got a lion"  and then Charles said with a smile "Do i get a lion too?" and she said "Only when you marry her". Phillip sighed and said "Julien to show our respect you will accompany your little brother to the landing" Julien nodded and then Charles said  "Can Fred come as well?!" she then said sternly "Charlie! you know that Fredrick is not really your brother he's just your father's son, his presence there would be disrespectful". Julien and Fredrick looked at each other, Fredrick then whispered to Julien "The fuck?!" Julien held in his laugh. and then Olivia said "Perhaps i could go with Julien and Charles, i came here too when i was a child maybe i could reassure her?" Phillip then said "It several hours away.." and then Olivia said "We'll take food and treats, i don't mind really". Diane then said "On second thought why don't we great the girl here?" Phillip sighed and said to the guards "Prepare a carriage for Olivia queen of Saija".   


Julien's POV:

They had been in the carriage for four hours and Olivia was already asleep her face on the window, Julien couldn't help but look at her thinking of what would happen if he did marry her and then Charles said "She smells like gumdrops,  birthday cake, pine cones and apples and lavender... and unicorns" Julien sighed and said "I know" and he then looked out of the window. When they got there he helped Olivia out of the carriage they had left Charles in the carriage, Olivia was dressed in a black dress with gold on it and he was wearing dark brown boots and pants with a black jacket with gold on it. As they were walking and waiting for Madeleine to arrived they saw boats come to shore and Julien said "They're too many boats" he then looked at the big ship and saw the flag he then said "That's not an Iskirian flag... it's a Naburcian flag!" Olivia looked and said "Is that a war ship?!" and he said "Yes".


He then yelled "Guards!" and Olivia then said "What are they doing here?" and he said "I don't know" she looked at him and said "Have they come for me?!" Julien saw a guard and said "Take Olivia out of here!" he then looked at Olivia and said "Can you ride?" she then said "Yes"  the guards got their bows and arrows out ready to shoot the Naburcian peoples getting out of the boat and Julien said to Olivia "You need to leave now with my brother!" they then heard a familiar voice yell "NO! Wait!Don't shoot!"  Julien then said facing Fredrick that was on his horse "There's a Naburcian war ship!" Fredrick then said "They come in peace, Madeleine's ship was sinking and the Naburcian came to help them". Olivia looked at him and said "Who do you know this?" and he answered "because they sent a guard before they landed to tell us" Julien then said "What if he's lying?!" Fredrick said "Then they'll have his head".  


Olivia's POV: 

When Madeleine arrived they stood on one side and Charles and the others stayed on the other side. Madeleine bowed and came to the middle waiting for him to go in the middle, Charles didn't want to go so Julien stood behind his little brother and whispered in his ear "Go and present your self" he shook his head no and Olivia bowed and went in the middle to greet Madeleine and she said "Hello Madeleine, i am Olivia i know you've had a very long trip but you're safe now and you're very welcomed here" she handed her hand to Madeleine and brought her closer to Charles, she stood behind  Madeleine and as she said "Go on now" she stared straight into Julien's dark brown eyes. Madeleine came closer to Charles and she bowed and then Charles picked a yellow flower and gave it to her the children both smiled shyly and when Olivia looked at Julien she saw him looking and smiling at her and she then smiled back.


Diane's POV:

Later that night, there was a feast in the court room to celebrate the engagement of Charles and Madeleine. Every one was having a good time except for the queen and then Aylee joined her and said "I have thought the Naburcian guests would have been your favorite" and then Diane said "Because they have Olivia, if only they hated her country and not ours, they want every thing"  Aylee then said "If only your plan had worked they would have her country" and the Diane said "If only it had worked, Julien would have broken the alliance" she thought and said to her friend "How do i tell Julien that you predicted his death?That his union with Olivia will be the cause of his death" Aylee then said "You do know that Julien does not believe in prophesies, he'd ignore it" Diane looked at her and said "I respect your prophesies and our friendship so let's keep our little secret".


Olivia's POV:

As she was talking to the Naburcian envoy she said to him "You say you didn't come with the Naburcian war ship, that you live in Iskira" he looked at her and said "I have an apartment at court and please call me Simon, so we can be friendly and frank with each other, how is you engagement going?" she looked at him and said "Quite well, we're very happy" he the asked "Then why haven't you set a date? Charles and Madeleine are only seven but they'll be wed on their 14th birthday" she looked at the ground and he said "I know that you're of age, you should be married" she looked at him and said "Are you proposing?or are you trying to scare me?".


Julien saw this and came a bit closer, Simon then said to her "Soon you'll be packing  your things to go back to your home land" and then she said defiantly "I'm not going any where our alliance is strong" he then said "Didn't the nuns raise a brave girl, how was the porridge? we thought it needed a bit of ... seasoning to make our intentions clear" Olivia then remembered the day when Helen had died eating the porridge. Olivia looked at him and said with teary eyes, she was about to say something but Julien came close to her and said "There you are darling, you're missing the game" he went closer to her and said "Fredrick's had seven cups of wine, every time he burps or hiccups we must have one our selves..." he then turned to Simon and said "Ah Simon, you're back at court" and Simon said "And i'm very pleased to be here" Julien then turned back to Olivia and said flirtatiously "I have another game in mind for you" he took her by the hand and led her away from Simon. 


Julien's POV:

He pinned Olivia to the wall softly, and she said putting her hands on his chest "What are you doing?!"he putted her hands in his and said "Don't move,don't push me away, you're shaking ou can't show them you're scared" she looked at him and said scared "He threatened me here at court, he wanted me too know that he tried to poison me at the convent" he then said whispering in to her  " He has heard thing about my reluctance to marry you" and she said "So they're aware that i don't have your country's protection here" he came closer to her and said "They do" and she said even more scarred "Their a lot of Naburcian people here and a hundred more at the coast..." he then said "i'm at your side, we'll prove to them our union is strong" and she said sadly "But it isn't" and he said "Well they'll think it is before they leave back to Naburcia" he then looked at the crowd of people and a lot of them were staring at them.


He backed off of Olivia offering her his hand and he said "Can you do this?" and she said taking his hand in hers "Absolutely but can you?"  he nodded and they started walking towards the celebration, they saw the people start to  whisper about them.


Diane's POV:

Aylee had talked to a guard and then told Diane "Alex escaped" Diane looked at her friend and said "That's impossible, he's dead" Aylee then said "They took the wrong boy, Alex was being tortured and he escaped". Diane then said "Wait let me get this straight, they beheaded the wrong boy and they let Alex go?"   "Actually, he escaped all by him self"Aylee specified Diane looked at her friend and said "He knows what we've done, we must find him and kill him before he tells Olivia".


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