Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


3. Leaving

Isabella's POV:

A few minutes later, Isabella sat on her bed and started sobbing and then Aylee came in and said "What's wrong?" Isabella then whipped her tears and said "Could you get my bath ready?" an hour later Isabella had just gotten out of the bath. Aylee handed her a towel and said to the princess "What happened back there? do you want to talk about it?" Isabella then said "You wanna know what's wrong?!" Aylee nodded and Isabella said  sarcastically while wrapping herself up in the towel " I'll have to marry a savage who has no manners! These people wear animal skins as clothes and the ride on horse back all day! Isn't that great!". 

Aylee just answered "Is that what was upsetting you earlier?" Isabella putted her night gown on and said "Yes and i find it all very stupid, i mean why can't i chose my own suitor?!".  Aylee smiled and Isabella said "Aylee do i have a woman's body?" Aylee just said "Physically yes, but for now just go to sleep, love" Isabella nodded and looked at her mother's ring on her finger and said to herself "I miss you mom".  


The next morning, when she woke up Aylee looked at the covers the inevitable happened Isabella had her blood. Isabella started freaking out and Aylee hugged her saying "It's gonna be alright.." Isabella then said sobbing "It's not okay, i will have to leave and marry the savage and i will never see you again!".


Later that day the king had heard the news and said to his daughter "You will leave for Viresas today, so go pack your things"  as Isabella was leaving for the docks with Aylee and there things she heard a familiar voice say "Isabella!" she turned around to see that it was her two brothers running to her and she said "Will you come with us to Viresas little brother?" Julien looked at his sister and said "I would love to but, unfortunately i must stay here as i am the prince" she then looked at Fredrick and said "Will you come with us ?" Fredrick smiled at her and said "I could but i don't want to" Isabella said to them "Thanks for the support you little shits" Julien laughed and hugged his sister and so did Fredrick and the king appeared and said "You don't want to miss your boat, oh and Aylee will come with you" she just said "Right" and she then got on board with Aylee and her baggage .

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