Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


8. Learning

Isabella's POV:

As she had asked the girl came into her tent to teach her how to make the king happy. Before they started Isabella asked the girl "What's your name?" the girl then said "Doreah, let's start then shall we?".


She layed Isabella on the bed and sat on Isabella's lower belly Isabella looked away , Doreah saw that and putted Isabella's face to face hers and she said "No Isabella, you must look into his eyes, love come through the eyes. It is said that Reginae of Greece could finish a man but nothing but her eyes" while she said that she intertwined her fingers with Isabella's "King's traveled from all across the world for a night with Reginae, Masters would sell their castles, every man would kill their families for just a few minutes with her..." she leaned closer to Isabella while putting their intertwined hands at the level of Isabella's head and said "They say a thousand men proposed to her but, she denied them all" Isabella grinned and said "Well she sounds like an interesting woman.. i don't think Bash will like it with me on top" Doreah then said "You will make him like it, men want what they never had and the Viresian men take take slaves like a hound takes a bitch...are you a slave Isabella?" Isabella shook her head no and Doreah sat back up on Isabella's lower belly and then she putted Isabella's hands on her hips and said grinding on her "Then don't make love like a slave". Isabella pinned Doreah to the bed and then Doreah said "Very good Isabella, out there he is the king but in this tent he belongs to you" Isabella started leaning to Doreah but then she shook her head and said "I don't think this is the Viresian way..." the Doreah sat up and said "If he wanted the Viresian way then why did he marry you?" .


Later that night, Isabella was on the bed and when she saw Bash, he went behind her taking off his pants. She looked at him and she said "No" he tried to lay her on her front but she said "No" he tried again and she said in Viresian "Tonight i would like to look upon your face" she layed him down on the bed and she did as Doreah had thought her, Bash started touching Isabella's body he then sat up while she was doing that and they then kissed.


Olivia's POV:

As they girls got in their individual  rooms they all met at Zoe's to try some new dresses when Zoe looked at herself in the mirror she said "If Alex could see me now he'd marry me in a second i look of age now, we all do". Valerie then said "You know what i'd like to do? explore, we haven't been here since we where children surely the castle has changed, who's with me?" the two other girls followed her and Olivia said "Go i'll join you girls later, there's something a need to see". 


Olivia went up the stair case and she had a flash back of when she and Julien where younger they were running up the stairs and then Olivia had said "Julien is a girls name if you add ne to it" the children had both laughed and they had gone up the stairs. Olivia smiled and went up the stairs and saw a room, she went in it and saw Julien cleaning a sword he noticed her and said surprised "Olivia" and she said " i didn't know you.." he came closer to her and said "What are you doing up here?" and she said "I was exploring.. these where my old rooms don't you remember?" he then said "Not any more, no one comes up here anymore..." and she said "Except you" he smiled and she said looking at the table "What's that?" she went to the table and saw swords and silver and she said 'Is it all yours?". Julien went next to the table and said "I make knives and swords at least i'm trying to learn" and she said "To be a blade smith? is that a requirement for future kings now?" Julien laughed and said "When you say it like that, it sound stupid" and she then said quickly "No,no i think it's great! did you make all these?" he then said "I can't help but think, that every man even a royal should have a skill" and Olivia said "But you're going to be a great ruler someday, that's not enough?"


He looked at her and said "I hope to be but, i meant a real skill one that i didn't inherit, one that wasn't given to me and that can't be taken away. My brother i mean my half-brother Fredrick he has so many, he wants to learn something he does it, he wants to go somewhere he goes all with my fathers blessing. They don't worry about him dying, and they also let him go where he wants..." and Olivia said softly "Because he can never be king" Julien nodded and she said "I can milk a cow an cut wood for a fire... the nuns thought me" he smiled and said "Impressive, and i suppose if there is ever an up-rising i could work as a blacksmith" and she said "But i could save you, we could go to Saija and rule there" he looked at her and said "That's a very kind offer but i hope i'll never have to take your option" she looked at her feet and then he left to his room.


Olivia was picking some rocks with a dog she had gotten and she had named it Lady. Lady had just ran in the woods and Olivia started to follow, she then heard someone call her but she didn't care she just wanted to get her dog back "Lady come back here! Lady.." she called out going to the woods. Just before she went into the woods Fredrick stopped her and brought her a few feet away from the woods and said to her "Olivia, young girls especially royals, queens even do not leave the castle alone" she looked at the woods and said "but my dog..." and he said "Let him go" Olivia looked at him and said "It's not a boy and her name name is Lady"  he looked at her and said "Do not go into the woods, do you hear me?!" he stared at her blue/green eyes and she stared into his light blue eyes and she said difiantly  "Why not? what's in those woods?! besides my dog that i might have caught if you hadn't stopped me" Fredrick then said "She'll find her way back, there's food and warmth a the castle who wouldn't want to be here?" she looked down and he said "Perhaps you, you'd rather be at the convent eating porridge and playing in mud" she then said "I quite like the way mud feels under bare foot" and then he said "Maybe you'll be sent back to the convent for misbehaving" she said looking at him "You're cheeky" and he said "And your not just upset because your dog wanted to play in the woods, what is it?" she fake smiled and said "You should ask your brother" and he said "Ask him what?". 

She looked at him and said "Ask him why he's such a moody arrogant ass" Fredrick couldn't help but smile and he said "Were half-brothers by the way, we have nothing in common but our father but i'll mention your discontent to Julien" she just said "Don't bother" and as she started walking away he said "And i'll find your dog" she looked at him and left for the castle. 


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