Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


10. Death

Zoe's POV:

The next day she was sat on her sofa and Elisabeth sat beside her and said "How could this happen? Where were the guards? Why couldn't they stop him?"  Valerie then said walking around the room "I hope Olivia did if the guards didn't! They'll question her virtue, if she's not a virgin she can never be the queen of Iskira and our chances will be over" Zoe shed a few tears and said "You don't know what happened any of you" they then heard Olivia say "Then tell me!" Olivia got in the room and Zoe said "I talked to him" Olivia looked at the floor and Zoe said "Alex is a good man"  Olivia looked at her friend and said "What did he say? What possible excused did he tell you?!" Zoe stared at Olivia and said "He said he was forced! He didn't say by who, he couldn't he was so afraid... but he said that very powerful people are behind this an he had no choice!" Valerie then said "What people?" Zoe looked at her and said "People here in the castle he didn't say anymore" Vlerie then said "Do you believe him Olivia?".


Olivia's POV:

She got closer to her friends and said "He looked surprised when i fought back and when i woke up" Olivia thought and said to herself "The wine" she then said to her friends "I was told not to drink the wine, i was warned" Zoe then said "By who?" and then Olivia said "it doesn't matter now, i believe you and Alex" Zoe then said "Please help him".


Later that day, she went before the king and queen and she said "I thank you for your protection last night but i need to speak with Alex" Diane then said "Speak with your assailant?! why?" Olivia looked at her feet and said "Because he is the love of my dear friend" Diane then said "Be careful child, if any one knew that you were asking this..." Phillip then said cutting her "Diane, she needs to know" Olivia raised an eyebrow and said "Know what?" Diane then said "Gossip poisons too, it can poison a young queen's reputation, she could lose her heir's right to the throne,  an entire kingdom..." Phillip then said "You may have behaved foolishly but you are not responsible for your peoples actions" she then said to the king and queen "Alex McCall is my subject, i am his queen and i demand to speak with him!" Phillip looked at her and said "The boy played a part in a Naburcian plot to ruin the alliance between your country and Iskira".


Olivia looked at him and said "A Naburcian plot, are you sure?" Diane then said "You must that if he had been successful in his assault you'd be unfit to marry the prince..." Olivia nodded and Diane continued by saying "Or to marry any royal, my dear that was not an act of passion it was treason!" the king sighed and said "And it will not be tolerated, Alex has been executed this morning" Olivia looked at him and said "What?!".  She went back to Zoe's room where Valerie, Elisabeth and Zoe were and she told them "There was nothing i could do, i'm so sorry Zoe"  Zoe started crying and she said "He wasn't a traitor! and e wasn't a rapist" Olivia then said to her "He was involved in a Naburcian plot" Zoe stood up and said angrily "You're the reason he's dead! Any one that's close to you lives in constant danger, we are disposable all of us!" Olivia then said "No your not... i need you, your my friends!" Zoe then said pointing to the two girls behind her "Elisabeth is my friend, Valerie is my friend but you are my queen and we are your subjects! We are here to serve you, what ever that means! What ever it costs us!" Olivia then said with teary eyes "I will protect you.." Zoe then said madly "You can't even protect your self" Olivia then said on the verge of crying "I'll do better..." Zoe then sat down on the sofa crying and then Valerie and Elisabeth cuddled with her while whispering comforting words in her ears.


Seeing as she was unwanted there she got out of the room, going to her room she saw Fredrick going up the stairs with her dog "Lady!" she said going to pet her dog she looked at Fredrick and said "You found her!" she then petted Lady.  She then started crying a bit and then she whipped then away saying "Sorry, it's been so hard.." and then he said looking at her "I know" and she said "It's so much harder then i thought it would be" he then said to her "You're not alone"  and she said standing up "I have my friends..." and he said with a small smile  "I am not talking about your friends...i meant i only want you to be well your grace" he bowed down and  she said "Thank you Fredrick , truly" she then went back to her room with her dog.


Diane then came to him and she said "Where did you find the dog?" and he said looking at the ground "In the woods..." and she said "Take care, or you will bleed for a girl you can never have" he nodded and left to his room.

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