Games of the heart

This is the third book of The Sun and the Moon series i hope you guys like it :)


30. Answers

No one's POV

As Olivia had gone to meet the prostitute or also known as Fredrick's mom, Zoe rushed out of the kitchen and when she meet up with Julien and Fredrick she said in a hurry "Anthony wasn't in his room so i asked a servant who said that he saw him leave with Ethan to go hunting in the woods". The two brothers looked at each other and Fredrick said confused "Hunting?now?" Julien then said panicking "Ethan must want to kill Anthony before we get to him". The two boys then left Zoe, took their weapons and horses  and then rode into the woods to find Ethan and Anthony. 


Elisabeth's POV

As she was looking around the banquet hall with her eyes. She saw a familiar looking boy with dark brown hair wearing a mask suddenly went in front of her, bowed and said with a smirk "Is there anything my lady needs...for example more sparkles for your mask? " she then touched her mask that she had on and said surprisingly "Cedric is that you?" the boy took off his mask revealing his blue eyes. She then brought him to a quieter place in the hall where no one could see them, the girl with dark brown eyes and blonde hair then said "Why are you here?" he went to kiss her but she pushed him away gently and she then said "Cedric, i told you this before. You are a kitchen boy and i was sent here to take care of queen Olivia but mainly because my family wants me to bring home a title, lands and to marry someone who is better than me".


Cedric ignored her comment and said "Do you know why we wear these masks on this day?" Elisabeth then said "I don't know but i'm sure you're going to tell me,isn't that right?" the boy smiled and said "You are correct about me telling you" he then looked at the mask in his hands and said "We wear these masks so that on this day, no one is better than anyone else. So that we are all the same for a day, servants and nobles alike" Elisabeth smiled and said "Cedric put your mask on" he did so and when he was done tying it around his head he said to her "Why did you want me too..." he was then interrupted by her kissing him softly on the lips. After a few minuted he pulled away and said "Why did you do that?" she smiled softly and then said playfully "We're all the same today, remember?" she then kissed him again.


Olivia's POV

"Did you lie to me Taylor?" the young queen had asked, the prostitute then said getting defensive "Lies?! Why would i lie to you?!" Taylor then looked at the guards that were watching them and then Olivia noticed a big pink mark on her cheek and then said "You would lie to make him stop hitting you?" Taylor then said anxiously "I got that from a...a very aggressive customer in town".


Olivia thought and said to her "When i signed my name to your statement, earlier today you said that you saw him clearly, that means that you saw his face, his clothes and the lion medallion he was wearing soo tell me... what color was it?" seeing as Taylor struggled to find to color Olivia said "Here i'll make it easy for you, was it a gold lion or a white lion?" Taylor then said quickly stuttering "i remember, it was a gold lion". The 14 year old queen sighed and said "Naburcia's crest is a gold lion and Simon's is a white lion" Taylor began to shake and said begging to Olivia "Please let me go, i'm frightened". Olivia then said her voice full of authority "The king will have your head for this but, he might show you mercy if you tell me who made you lie" Taylor cried silently and said while sobbing "He..he said that he would kill me..."  the younger girl putted her hand on the prostitutes shoulder and said "He will do it if he is who i think he is, would you recognize this man if you saw him again?" Taylor whipped the tears away and nodded her head yes, in that moment, Olivia yelled to the guards to bring herself and Taylor back to the castle. 


Ethan's POV

As he and Anthony where walking in the forest alone, he said to him while he continued to walk "Did you make sure that the prostitute wouldn't talk about this to anyone" Anthony then said "I payed her four gold coins and i also told her that if she talked you would visit her again". Ethan smiled, walked a meter away from him and then turned to face Anthony and said "You served me well Anthony, i will always remember you and i'll make sure that your family remembers as well..." Anthony stopped in his tracks and said suspicion in his voice "My family?! What do you mean my lord i don't understand?" Ethan laughed slightly and said as if it was obvious "I mean Anthony, my friend we both know that you can't continue to serve me if you're dead and by the's not my lord anymore it's your majesty". After he had said that, he pulled out an arrow and armed his bow and then said while aiming at his servant "Thanks too you i'll be a king" he was about to shoot Anthony but was interrupted by a voice yelling "NOOOO" he turned to aim at the person and saw that it was prince Julien and his brother Fredrick.  


Julien's POV

After Ethan was staring at he two boys Julien and Fredrick took cover and the young prince yelled "Run Anthony!" as Anthony started running Ethan turned back to face his servant and shot an arrow in his back, he was about to shoot him again but Fredrick drew his sword and as Ethan was about to shoot him, Fredrick disarmed Ethan from his bow and pointed his sword straight at Ethan's heart.


Julien ran to his brother and said urgently "Don't kill him, we need his confession" he then ran to Anthony to see if he was okay and Fredrick then said his eyes getting red "I'm trying really hard not too". The prince then ran too Anthony and said "Are you alright?We can get the arrow out when we get to the castle" Anthony looked at Fredrick and Ethan who were staring intently at each other while they both had their swords pointed at each other, Anthony then said "I'm more scarred for him" and when Julien looked at the two boys, they had started fighting and Ethan hit Fredrick's side with his sword which resulted in Fredrick falling to the ground.


Fredrick's POV

As he clutched his side that was now starting to bleed, he was reaching for his sword but Ethan kicked the sword away and stepped on his hand. Ethan laughed evilly and looked into his now red eyes saying "Well i've always wanted to kill a vampire and now, there's my chance" as he was about to stab him in the heart with his sword but then Julien jumped in front of his brother to protect him and deflected Ethan's attack with his sword. As they fought, Ethan said aggressively "You can't take a life,you can't take her away from me, you're not capable of doing her your just the boy that couldn't send her country a few troops". Somehow Julien was able to disarm him and then kicked Ethan's sword out of his reach and pointed his sword to his opponents heart. 


Ethan looked at the sword that was pointed at his heart and said "If you kill me, you'll have war but if you let me go with Olivia you'll have peace" Ethan then tried to stab Julien with a small knife he had in his pocket but the young prince was faster and stabbed Ethan before he could stab him, he then pushed him to the ground and went to his older brother and handed his hand and said "Can you ride? We have to get back before they execute Simon". Fredrick gladly took his little brother's now shaking hand and said trying to calm him down "Killing is not supposed to be easy, if your hands weren't shaking you'd be like him" the two brothers then went back to the castle with Anthony and Ethan's dead body.


No one's POV

When they arrived at the castle, Julien went in the room with Anthony by his side and said loudly for every one from the court to hear "Here's the traitor" the guards then brought Ethan's lifeless body and then Fredrick said while still clutching his side "We've got witnesses" and then Olivia came in with Taylor and said "Two of them" the king and queen just looked shocked and Simon looked  relieved to not dying.


Olivia's POV

Later that night, as she was in her room with Valerie, Elisabeth and Zoe and then Valerie said "So every thing ends well, your treaty with Marine has been put to a stop and your marriage treaty with Iskira continues... i like you and Julien together it so cute" the girls all laughed and then they heard a knock on the door. They all looked at the door and saw Julien standing there blushing and he said politely "Am i interrupting?" the girls all looked at each other and then Elisabeth whispered to the girls "He definitely heard that...." the girls all tried not too laugh and Zoe said to Julien with a smile "Not at all" Olivia then got up and went in the hall way with Julien.


When they got there she then said to him while walking "You killed a man to protect me, i'm not really sure what to say to that". They then stopped walking and she turned to face him and the dark haired prince said "Thank you perhaps?" she then said seriously "Thank you doesn't cover for it and you were right, your heart was right and i suppose you always were" he then looked at her and said confusion clear in his voice "What do you mean?" she then said "Even during that picnic we had when we were so desperate to lose ourselves, you understood why i couldn't go all the way" he then said "You know what my heart tells me now?" she shook her head no and he said while holding her hand "It tells me that i should forget about politics and be with you no matter what... you're a true queen, that any king would kill for".

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