Castle On the Hill

An ominous castle overlooking a glistening lake - abandoned nearly a century ago. The halls echo with the drip of an old loose pipe, and creak with shambled floors.

An old wives tale goes that the place is haunted now, adorned with the spirit of a widow who committed suicide in the clock tower. But something new is wandering the halls of Hanover Manor; something much younger.

Hayden Price is a seventeen year old girl with too much time on her hands. So much time, in fact, that her number one hobby is lingering the halls of the abandoned mansion on the hill in her quiet southern home. And when the occasional wanderer finds their way into the castle, she is quick to make sure that they are escorted out, with no plans to return.


1. Hayden Price

I'd basically grown up on my own. My parents? They suck. My dad left when I was only six and my moms a Class A alcoholic. Like the AA meetings twice a week type. Yeah, she's trying I guess - but in the end we both know it isn't worth it. Three times I tried to kill myself, death is better than this hell on earth I'd assumed, that was until I discovered Hanover.

It'd always been there of course, I knew about it my whole life. That creepy old castle in the distance that my mother used to tell me not to go near. Well one day, I went near it. And it was the best decision of my life.

My name is Hayden Price, I live in South Carolina and I am the definition of a loner. I spend my time in a crappy old abandoned castle from long long ago and freak people out when they come near it. It's not hard, really, you'd get scared if you were in a dark castle alone and a seventeen year old girl was effectively screwing with your mind.

I've gotten all types; idiot kids who hike up the hill to see "ghosts", young couples looking for an "exotic" place to have sex, even the dumb jocks and cheerleaders from my high school attempting to throw parties up here. But I will say this, when it comes to shutting down parties I'm better than a state trooper.

They never see me, of course, but you'd be surprised how squeamish people are. Drip a little fake blood from the ceiling or make a few abnormal noises and they run screaming with their tails between their legs. I haven't gotten many recently, so I've taken to writing, ghost stories. Once I wrote a romantic novel, but I threw up towards the end and never finished. Romance: not my strong suite. I heard a woman committed suicide here... But I think that's pretty cool. And I'll spend my days exploring, who knows? Maybe I'll find something.

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