The switch

When Kate and Harry were little kids, they switched bodies for a day. Now Katie and Harry are 21 and the are married and parents of the twins Avia and Ariel. When Harry has to chose between his family and fame what will he chose? Will he cheat on Katie for management? All this and more in "The switch"


1. Blast from the past pt.1

Katie's POV:(in this she is 6)

"Hi Hazza!" I shouted in Harry's direction as he walked by.

"Hey Kat!" he yelled back before being swarmed by a group of girls.

I wish that we were able to talk. Ever since we got in first grade we can't talk because so many girls like him.

I wonder what it would be like to be him for just one day...

Harry's POV: (he is also 6 but is one day older than Katie.)

I watched Katie walk away slowly as she saw all of the girls come in my direction.

I wish that we could talk more. Ever since first grade started we can barely talk.

I wonder what it would be like to be her for just one day...

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