Faith (Twilight Sparkle MLP fanfiction)

**MINOR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR TYPOS**Twilight Sparkle is a loyal christian. However, when she discovers that Rainbow Dash is an Athiest, Twilight worries about their friendship. *NOTE* To all Christians, this is meant neither to discredit you or exploit you, it is meant to show the moral of accepting others and showing that some, not ALL people don't realise this straight away. *NOTE*


4. Wisdom from Fluttershy

With her purple mane flying out behind her, Twilight galloped animatedly up to the pretty cottage on the hill in which her friend, Fluttershy lived. As she neared the cottage, animals played around her feet and across the path, trying to obtain her attention. However, Twilight had a job to do and she had to do it soon, as it was turning 2:50 pm already. She knocked the cottage door briskly and waited for Fluttershy to open it. A loud and deafening crash came from inside the house, it sounded like metal and glass falling onto fine china. 

"Fluttershy? You okay in there?"

"Oh yes, I'm fine Twilight! Just one second, I'll be right there!". Twilight stayed outside the door as Fluttershy made her way to the door clumsily. Finally, the cottage door opened. Fluttershy stepped out and closed the door hastily, concealing the contents of her house.

"Hi Twilight" Fluttershy said in her timid, quiet voice.

"Hey, Fluttershy! So, I know this sounds crazy," Twilight said, tossing her mane, "but I'm holding a a little intervention for Rainbow Dash! Care to come?"

"Oh sure," Fluttershy replied, "but what is the intervention for? What's wrong with Rainbow?"

"She's an athiest Pony!" Twilight began sadly, "and we need to help restore her faith". Twilight beamed, waiting expectedly for Fluttershy's answer.

"Oh, well Twilight, I'm not a Christian pony either! I don't really have a religion, sorry". Twilight's jaw dropped dramatically. 

"You...You're an athiest Pony too?"

"Well, not exactly," Fluttershy answered, "I'm something called an "agnostic" Pony".

"What's an agnostic Pony?" Twilight questioned.

"It's a pony who is still spiritual, but they just don't think that the Pony God is the same one in the bible. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I suppose..." Twilight said, a little taken aback. What was this, the third surprise of the day? First Rainbow, then Pinkie, then Fluttershy!

"But Rainbow doesn't believe that there is a Pony God at all! She has no faith! It must be terrible!" Twilight said angrily, as if talking to athiesm itself.

"Of course she does, Twilight! Rainbow has faith in things besides Pony God. She has faith in you, me, Apple Jack, Pinkie and Rarity! Rainbow has faith in her friends, as we should have faith in her!" Fluttershy exclaimed. Twilight suddenly had an epiphany.

"I could still go to the intervention, if you'd like" Fluttershy said politely. Twilight looked up at her friend and said

"Thank you Fluttershy, but the intervention isn't going to be about Rainbow Dash!".

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