Faith (Twilight Sparkle MLP fanfiction)

**MINOR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR TYPOS**Twilight Sparkle is a loyal christian. However, when she discovers that Rainbow Dash is an Athiest, Twilight worries about their friendship. *NOTE* To all Christians, this is meant neither to discredit you or exploit you, it is meant to show the moral of accepting others and showing that some, not ALL people don't realise this straight away. *NOTE*


5. Intervention

The day was beginning to get colder as time went by. It was 2:58 and Twilight Sparkle was racing home. She knew that her friends would be there by now, and she still had to get Rainbow Dash. She sped into Sugar Cube corner, her mane flying behind her once more. She spoke fast to Pinkie Pie.

"Pinkie, where's Rainbow?"

"She's gone to your place, Twilight. She said she wanted to talk to you". Twilight need to get back to the castle, and quick. She didn't want to disappoint her friends.

"Hey Pinkie, wanna come with me?" Twilight asked hastily. Pinkie jumped with joy and nodded animatedly.

"Follow me then, and remember to run".


In 2 minutes flat, they arrived. Rarity, Apple Jack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were waiting outside the door patiently. When Twilight and Pinkie arrived, Rainbow zoomed up to her friend and started to talk at high speed.

"Twilight, look, I'm sorry for leaving you hanging this morning and I am really sorry for not explaining anything and just flying away like that!". Twilight shook her head and simply said

"It's okay, Dash. Just come inside". Rainbow hung her head dreadfully, the rest of the group following her in. Twilight showed them into the intervention room and sat them down. Rainbow Dash was placed at the front. Spike was standing in a dark corner, reading his comics. Twilight magically turned the projector on and placed in the first slide. It read: Intervention. Twilight began to speak.

"Today, I am holding a very important intervention". Rainbow slouched in her seat. "But I am not doing it about Rainbow," Twilight continued. Rainbow Dash looked up, confused. " I am doing it about me. Because today, I have learned a really important lesson. I learned it from my good friend, Fluttershy. I have learned that faith and religion should never be a reason for you to stop being friends with somepony else, and just because that somepony has a different opinion to yours. The truth is, maybe you're right or maybe you're wrong about something, but either way, you shouldn't stop being friends". The next slide appeared. It was of two ponies skipping under the sun in harmony, one with a christian cross cutie mark and the other with a dharma wheel cutie mark. 

"I think that I should strive to keep my faith, not only in Pony God, but in my friends, strong and everlasting". The next slide was one of presumably Twilight herself with her hoof around a cartoon Rainbow's shoulder. Twilight put up the final slide.

"And finally, I believe that, whether there is an afterlife or not, we will be friends to the end, whatever religion we support". The final slide was a map of Equestria, treated with a shining sun and smiling faces. 


The End

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