Faith (Twilight Sparkle MLP fanfiction)

**MINOR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR TYPOS**Twilight Sparkle is a loyal christian. However, when she discovers that Rainbow Dash is an Athiest, Twilight worries about their friendship. *NOTE* To all Christians, this is meant neither to discredit you or exploit you, it is meant to show the moral of accepting others and showing that some, not ALL people don't realise this straight away. *NOTE*


1. Church

In Ponyville, there's no church for miles. This means that every sunday, Twilight Sparkle must trot along a narrow, cobblestone path to attend service. When she lived in Canterlot, there was a small, dignified cathedral just behind the castle, so she went there after a library session every sunday, before she was transferred to Ponyville not a year before. As Princess, she was obliged to arrive at the church early and have a private pray, alone. However, on her journey today, a rainbow blurr rocketed out from the dingy sky above. 

"'Sup, Twilight?" said a breathy, familiar voice. Twilight replied to her friend calmly,

"Nothing, Dash. Just off to church. You might as well follow me, since it looks like you got lost on the way". To this, Rainbow Dash, who was Twilight's friend, laughed uproariously. Almost choking on her words, she said

"You go to church? Seriously? Wow, you are such an egghead!". Twilight gasped at Rainbow's reply. Furious, she growled

"Rainbow! How dare you talk about church like that? Why, don't you go?". Rainbow shook her head, her laughter quickly dying. A dreadful thought plunged into Twilight Sparkle's mind. 

"Dash, you do go to church, right? You're a right-thinking catholic pony like me, right?". Dash landed on the path, having been hovering about previously. She shook her head, smiling painfully. Twilight's heart sank. How could her friend not be a christian? How could her friend have a different opinion to her's? Twilight turned around without a word and galloped off. Rainbow Dash was left speechless and alone.


Later that day, after the service, Twilight walked back to town happily, trotting cheerfully over to her home. She very much missed her library, but she could definitely get used to a castle. As she approached the door, Rarity passed and greeted her friend.

"Nice to see you at the service today, Twilight! How was it?". Twilight turned to face her friend and shrugged. Rarity rose an eyebrow.

"What's wrong?" she said, disheartened. Twilight sighed depressingly and began,

"Rainbow doesn't go to church. I used to think she just went to one in Cloudsdale, but now I realise that she is...". Twilight just couldn't say it. Instead, she turned and left Rarity there, waiting for her friend to finish. The saddened Twilight walked into her home, dragging her hooves. Spike dashed up to her happily. 

"Twilight! You're back! I made you a new journal!". Twilight gave a half-hearted smile, and gestured for Spike to leave her. The confused and tired pony took a seat on her throne, but it wasn't the same anymore. She felt like she was letting someone down, sitting there like that. Suddenly, an idea sprang into her head.

"Wait a minute, no wonder I feel so guilty!" Twilight cried out, startling her sidekick, Spike, who was reaching for a badly bound leather journal.

"I must be the good friend I am and help Rainbow Dash! All I need to do is convert her and save her, that's what a true friend would do!". Twilight magicked on her scarf, it being winter and so both damp and cold, and dashed outside. She threw open her purple-feathered wings and flew over to sugar-cube corner. Speeding down, she landed heavily on the shop front and burst through. Rainbow was usually at the Cake's around this time. However, only Pinkie Pie was there today.

"Heya, Twilight! What brings you here, then?" Pinkie giggled cheerfully. Twilight asked hastily

"Pinkie, do you know where Dash is?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, you won't believe this, but Rainbow actually isn't a christian!". Pinkie hesitated before saying

"Umm, neither am I. It's not all that weird, is it?". Twilight was astonished. She just stood there in awe.

"You mean, you are both non-converted?". Pinkie stopped again, unusual for herself.

"Well, I suppose, if you mean that we aren't christian, then yeah" She said casually. Twilight stared in horror. She knew what she had to do.

"Pinkie, why don't you come help me look for Dash, you said you know where she is, right?"


"Well, why don't you show me?"

"Oh, okay!".


They had walked all over Ponyville, but couldn't find Rainbow Dash anywhere. Pinkie had said that their feathered pony-friend had gone to the town centre, but as they looked, they found no-one. Twilight did not give up.

"I will find Rainbow Dash!" she said determinedly.

"Well, now you don't have to!" said pinkie, pointing a pink hoof at a neutral looking Rainbow Dash.

"Rainbow!" Twilight cried out loudly, rushing over to her friend. Rainbow jolted at the shout.

"Rainbow, you need to listen to me!" Twilight said, a little out of breath.

"What is it?" asked Rainbow, looking a little furtive. Twilight caught her breath and said

"I want to talk to you, just for a little, about Pony Jesus".

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