Faith (Twilight Sparkle MLP fanfiction)

**MINOR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR TYPOS**Twilight Sparkle is a loyal christian. However, when she discovers that Rainbow Dash is an Athiest, Twilight worries about their friendship. *NOTE* To all Christians, this is meant neither to discredit you or exploit you, it is meant to show the moral of accepting others and showing that some, not ALL people don't realise this straight away. *NOTE*


3. Apple Jack gets invited

Dashing through the large crystal door, Twilight Sparkle sped into her home. Spike went up to her again, as he did the last time she had entered suddenly.

"Nice to see you again, Twilight! Do you want your journal now?"

"Not now, Spike. I'm gonna need you to fix up a projector in one of the empty rooms" Twilight replied calmly.

"Oh, okay! What for?"

"Spike, I'm going to show Rainbow what a good friend I am by holding an intervention!". Before saying the last two words, Twilight Stood up on her table and projected her voice, in order to make the importance of these words very clear.

"Uh, okay then, which room?"

"Any empty room, and also pull some chairs into there as well. About five will do" Twilight said whilst summoning over some plain paper. She began to draw elaborate scenes with pencils and pens, most were crude but obvious depictions of moments from the bible. Spike peered at them the best he could, and asked

"What's that?"

"You know what they are, Spike! They're scenes form the old testament! I'm going to need to use these in the intervention. We'll have Rainbow Dash's faith restored in no time!". Spike was slightly confused, but continued teetering atop the ladder on which he stood in order to fix the projector to the ceiling. Twilight continued to slave away at the pictures, when suddenly a hollow knock came from the castle's front door. Twilight flicked her horn towards it hastily and it immediately few open. Rarity was at the doorstep, magically levitating a dark blue dress with silver stars that winked flatteringly in the sun. Twilight looked over at the open doorway and began to trot over to her friend, who was waiting patiently there. 

"Thanks, Rarity. I've been having trouble fitting into most of my dresses after I became an Alicorn. Anyway, I have to tell you; I'm holding an intervention for Rainbow Dash" Twilight said excitedly.

"Oh, and why are you doing that?" Asked Rarity, stepping into the castle. Twilight allowed her friend in and replied

"Well, as it turns out, Rainbow is actually an athiest pony". Rarity raised an eyebrow at this and said

"And you plan to convert her? But Twilight, don't you think you ought to let Rainbow go about her life as she wishes? I mean, pony Jesus died so she and you and I could all have free will, so why not let her have it?'

"It's not free will when you have no faith! Just imagine, having nothing to look forward to, nothing to happily believe in!" Twilight exclaimed. Rarity began to reply

"I just don't think you should-"

"I would be no friend to Rainbow if I didn't try to help her. Just be here before 3:00 for the intervention, okay? Bye!" Twilight intercepted, hurrying Rarity out the door. She closed it with a slight slam and trotted back to her slides.


Later that day, Twilight was done with her slides and decided to gather up Apple Jack and Fluttershy and make sure that they were coming to the intervention. She put on her scarf once more and told Spike where she was going. Once she was out, she scouted out the quickest route to Sweet Apple Acres and started to make her way. She new that no surprises would come from Apple Jack, as her entire family was extremely religious and she was always seen there with her family every single sunday, usually earliest as possible. Once Twilight arrived at the Apple family farm, Apple Jack was bucking a particularly stubborn tree. Being winter, although not yet snowing, Apple Jack and her family had to buck down every apple in the wood so that they would have enough over the winter. Apple Jack was just getting ready for an extra heavy kick when she noticed Twilight and dashed over to greet her happily.

"Hey there, Twilight!" Apple Jack said in her soothing southern accent, "What brings you here, then?". Twilight beamed and said

"I'd like to invite you to Rainbow Dash's intervention!" with a swish of her purple tail. She continued to contently beam, whilst Apple Jack replied

"Rainbow's having an intervention? Why?". Twilight explained

"I found out just today that Rainbow is an athiest pony, so I'm going to hold an intervention to restore her faith!". Apple Jack looked a little stunned at first. She gave a furtive expression before saying

"You wanna convert her? Twilight, I'm not so sure about that, what if Rainbow just doesn't want to believe? Maybe she's happy like this?"

"How could anyone be happy without any faith?" Twilight exclaimed in disbelief, "She must be so confused! If you are the good friend I know you are, you'll come to the intervention and help our friend, Rainbow Dash!". Apple Jack felt too intimidated to contradict her friend, and so nodded and agreed to be there by 3:00. Twilight said to Apple Jack before leaving

"I'm going to get Fluttershy, you finish up your work!", and briskly turned around and started to make her way to the cottage that belonged to Fluttershy, the introverted pegasus pony.

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