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This story start from when Haley and Louis where little and grows to a amazing friendship maybe more read to find out


1. younger years

4 year old Haley's pov.

" wake up my baby " my mommy whispered in my ear I open my eye and yawn " mommy made a new and she has a son Louis he is 4 too they moved in next door !!" She said getting my play pants and shirt out of the drawer I get out of bed run to the Lou grab my brush and run back to mum and hand her the brush and she helps me get dressed I look in the mirror " hello friend " I say to my self I look at my light brown Shimming in waves down to my lower back I stare up into my by big light brown eyes shinning I am wearing my plain blue shirt and blue jeans along with Dora shoes " Haley lets do ur hair " my mommy yells I run into her room and right over to her she has the brush I gave her and brushes out my hair and puts it in a ponytail and again I look in the mirror with my hair in a ponytail my tan skin sticks out I turn around mommy can " Kammie , Peyton , lizzy , Bobby and troye come over too " I cried I have known them forever they r my best friends " no baby , do u want a pop tart ??" " yes yes " I jump up and down over and over she walks out and I run after her

__________________ skip eating ______________

There's a knock on the door I run to it mommy opens it I see A little boy with light brown hair like me he has breathtaking Crystal blue eyes and tan skin like me he is wearing a funning look teeth in smile compared to my big lips just sitting there like a lemon so it's time to make lemonade I do my big Demi smile that hate they come in side I pull on my mums pant leg " can we go out back " " just be careful ok " my mum says " we will mommy !!" I grab the boys arm and run to back door and pull it open to marvelous neon leaves in the colors of red, orange , green fall all around my Circular swimming pool complete pool side chairs sitting in our Patio next to our neon green grass right behind the chairs is my swing set we go and sit in the chairs " wats your name ?" I asked " Louis but u can call me Lou wats yours ??" " Haley " " want to be best friends ???" He asked " sure !" I replied " I have 5 right now Niall Harry Liam zayn and u " " I have 6 right now u Kammie Peyton lizzy bobby troye " I replied with a smirk " ok I think I win ..." " Louis it's time to go !!" His mom called on the porch " bye hway " he called " Haley " I yelled back

Haley's pov in pre-k

My mum put my backpack in her car " do I have to go ??? " I asked about to cry " yes u do baby Louis is in ur class too !!" " yay Louis " I yelled as we pulled up and walked inside we got my room I saw my friends at one table and Louis at a table of boys I kiss my mum goodbye " love u mommy !!" " love u too " replied mum I put my backpack on my hook and walked to my friends " hi " I said to them all next to is Kammie a very fair girl with beautiful green eyes and and long locks of spiraling bright red curls next to Kammie is Peyton a very pulchritudinous mixed girl with mesmerizing toastly colored Afro like hair and deep cocoa colored eyes next to her is lizzy is also a very pale with golden color hair and ash colored eyes next to her bobby a slim fair skinned boy with Shaggy champagne hair and caramel colored eyes last but not least troye a malnourished boy with sapphire eyes and chestnut hair " I'll be back " I said and walked to Louis " hi Lou " I said " hey hway" he said " Lou it's .....) a dull skinned boy with sandy colored hair ( I know when he was little his hair was brown ) and inviting cerulean eyes and crooked smile and a Irish accent interrupted me " my name is Niall " he said " I am zayn " the boy with jet black hair in and dark tan skin with dark auburn colored eyes said almost running over that kid Niall sentence next a cream boy ravishing green eyes dark brown curly Afro - like hair kind of like Peyton but hers is longer " I am Harry " he said with a cheesy smile then A shy suntan boy said " I Liam " he has shaggy light umber colored hair with cinnamon colored eyes " hi I am Haley and best friends with Louis " " was that ur mum at the door " asked who I believe was zayn " yeah " I replied " she was very..." My friend came over interrupting Harry " who r they Haley ??" Asked lizzy " i am one of hways new best friends and these are some of mine and now hways best friends Niall Liam zayn Harry and I Louis !!" " these r some of my best friends Kammie Peyton lizzy bobby troye !!!" They all said hi but we're cut off bye the teacher " sit down please !!"

Haley's pov in 4th

I yell as I run out the for recess with Kammie " kam do u see pey " I try to yell over the other screaming kids " no just go to meeting spot !!" She yells back and grabs my hand and we go to the spot that only my group plays a big oak tree with bright green youthful leafs that turn a neon bright red in the fall as we walk over to the only place that has no grass I see that Niall Harry Liam zayn and louis so I say " hello lads " then I felt something hit me side then a fell to the ground it turns out that troye came sprinting full speed and looked back to see if liz and pey was still behind him and ran into me I stand up " I'm ok " I yell shaking the dirt off and look up to see the boys and troye , kam , pey , and lizzy laughing next thing I know bobby comes falling out of the tree he is just laying there with his arm bleeding I run to tell a teacher!!!

Haley in the 6th grade

I get a text from Louis to sneak out and meet him at the park " I can't my mom will hear me !!!" I texted back " just jump out the window !!" He texted back " wat???" " just trust me !!" And I did so I opened the window and I sat my feet on the window seal and jumped I was caught by that those sparking blue eyes " I thought we were meeting at the park ?" I said " yeah put u were scared !!" He replied still holding me he had a maroon blanket on his shoulder " can u carry all the way there !!" I said pouting " sure " he said smirking

-----------------------skip walking ----------------------------------

We get there and Louis sits me down the lays down the blanket and me and Lou lays down he raps his arm around my back and I lay me head on his chest we I start to talk " can u believe lizzy died her hair red !!" I say " I can't believe u kissed bobby !!!" I can't believe he I still mad first of all we were dating and second of he is moving away and so I Lizzy I sit up and he does to I lean in a kiss him and he kisses back it's magic I pull back " there not mad now Lou " it almost 6:00 in the morning I got to get home " I say walking away " wait " Louis yells jumping up " he runs over and says " hayway nice pj pants " he says kissing my cheek I turn back and go back to my house I have to get the spare key to open the door I just wish the tree was bigger I open the door and go up to my room and lay in my room looking through the window into Lou's he is closeing the blinds smiling and I am to I as I close my eyes and go to bed

Haley's pov 8th grade

Ahhh my first fleid trip since 6th grade I am in choir with all my friends yeah Kammie over course u have to love tag bubbly red head ok ok continuing pey Harry Liam zayn Niall and Louis Tomlinson my best friend yeah lizzy and booby moved away I made some new friends to Luke , Michael Calum and Ashton ( srry kind of in a rush writing this part don't have to describe them ) they are all in choir too I am just putting my stuff in my locker that's right I am in 8th grade and I get a locker bam !!! When Lou came up to my locker and covered my eyes and said " whooo is it " I knew it was him because I saw him coming " is it Rubinstein ??" I ask " no ... But this will help u " he said whispering in my ear my heart started thumping ok ok I have had a crush on him seen what happened at the park He spun me around on covering my eyes I thought he was going to kiss but then he smirked no not smirk nothing good happens when he does the smirk he bent down a put my over his back I starting pounding on his back but it was no use I saw we were outside so I grabed his spender and I grabed it and pulled it and let go he let out screams sat me on the ground pushed my back but my foot got caught with his and he fell on me " hahahahaha " his laugh is so cute he looked in my eyes and I was looking in his eyes he was leaning and I was leaning in to but shit Harry had to kick Louis in the side with a football

( ok this is not a part of the story I know this is a piece of shit chapter but u know I will start the senior year of high school next chapter ) bye little carrots

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