Best friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This story start from when Haley and Louis where little and grows to a amazing friendship maybe more read to find out


8. the party part 2

haley pov

"babe lets go dance" we walk out on the dance floor we danced then he told me " lets go back to my place my mom and dads out of town " still everything's blurry I can't see his face he grabs my hand and brings me to his car like a real man he opens the door for me we drive to his don't see his house I am focused on trying to see who he is but I still can't see who it is he opened the door then shut it and pushed me into the door and started kissing me on th lips then my neck then he carried me up stairs still kissing me and into his room and shut the door


all i remember was me and him in his room he was amazing but the down side is I really wanted Louis to be my first time to be with Louis but I guess it's time to put a face on the .... Turn Louis I slept with Louis I go close to Louis and kissed his pump pink lips and messed up his hair I checked my phone my mom was blowing up my phone whatever " Haley " I hear Louis say " yeah " I replied " come here " Louis said i move to him he grabs me and pulls me to him and kisses me forcefully I kiss back "will u be my girl" Louis asked " yes" I replied being cool outside but dying in side he get pulls on some pants before he puts on a shirt he passes a pair of pj pant to me " babe we have to keep this from them " " ok I guess "replied and hands me a shirt still not wearing a shirt I get up and move to him I kiss him he kisses back we move to the bed I sit on his lap still kissing then there is a knock on the door and a yells " Lou hey open the door " it's Harry we stop I give him one last kiss and run to the closet grab a blanket " WHAT....." "Shh" I tell him " what r u doing " moving to ur couch make up a story I run down stairs and lay on the couch and pretend to sleep he open the and says s"shh hayway Is asleep " "lad why is she here ??" Liam asked "I know they d..." Harry started so I pretended to wake up "hey lads"" hey !!" They said In unison" " I better be heading home !!" I walked home in heel louis's pj carrying my dress i open the door to my house and walked up stairs ignoring questions from my mom take off my heel and grab my phone and get on my phone and look at instgram and twitter for 2 hour then i got a text from louis saying "meet me at 6" its like 3 right now so i grab a towel and get in the shower in washed my hair and body then shaved my legs i got out and brushed my hair and a pair of shorts and a tee and my pale green cons. and put my hair in a pony tail and put my makeup on and by the time i was done it was 6 i grabed my phone then walked over to louis house knocked on his door and when he opened the door i pushed him in and closed the door and we kissed hungrily finally we parted " we'll hello there !!" I stated " hey love " Louis replied I love that he say love "Lou who are u talking to !!" Calls Lottie "she is here "yeah she just showed up " I replied " Haley " he calls up there "cool " she comes down wearing a flower dress and some. Black heel " u look great " I tell her "thanks so do u !!" She replied "thanks " I say and turn to Louis " can I stay with u guys tonight ???" I say and wink at him " sure hayway !!" He winks back " why are u guys winking !!" Asked Lottie" were not' i lied" oh ok" lol i cant believe she bought that " let's get some pizza " I yell " I'll buy " Lottie yell " no me " Louis yelled " ok " Lottie replied so we got some pizza and watched Frozen ( I love that movie ) " good night Lou" said Lottie and she went up stairs we heard her door shut I leaned over kissed him it lasted so long then I pull away " come on babe let's go lay down " he said and grabed my hand and we walked up stairs and into his room pulled off his shirt and passed it to me is smelled amazing the only thing better than the smell was his 6 pack and i was still wearing his sweat pants idk how lottie did notice he pulled down his pants and put on his pj pant " u dont have to wear those" i said "lotties here ' he replied " oh yeah forgot " i said thats me for you he laughed " i loove it when u smile" i said " i love it when u smile i go over and kiss him then we layed down and covered up and turned on the tv soon i fell asleep


sorry its so short tell me what u think !!!

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