Best friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This story start from when Haley and Louis where little and grows to a amazing friendship maybe more read to find out


9. sunday

Haley's pov

i wake up to smell pancakes yes i love pancakes i roll my face meets louis's so he's not making pancakes i lean in and kiss him then i climb out of bed trying not to wake louis i open the door quite and step in the hallway trying to shut the quitely but the floor is then louis head pops out the door right when i was about to shut it " haey babe " he pushes the door out the pushes back to the wall and kiss for and min and pull out when we here a knock on the door we walk down " I have it "Louis a yelled I went with him he opened the door to see his pack and Kammie and Peyton outside " hey lads and loves " I loves when he say love omg " Haley there u r went to ur house and your mom said u weren't there now I see where u were " peyton winked then I just noticed Louis had no shirt no and I was wearing his shirt and sweat pants " I am going to help Lottie " I said " hurry we are going to the mall !!!" Kammie said " ok just let me eat" I replied I walked into the kitchen " yum smells good !!!" I tell Lottie "thanks " she replies and hands me my pancakes "so u and Louis ..........

Louis pov

She walks into the kitchen "we will be in the car " Kammie said checking out my abs Peyton had to pull her out the door "so why is Haley still here and wearing ur stuf ??" Asked zayn I had to reassure them " she is fighting with her mom and didn't want to be home " It is still true true when I was done with that Haley walked out it fell quite she pulled her hair up and walked up stairs" just go wait in the car " I tell them I follow her up stairs and into my room she was standing at the window I walk over put my arm around her and kiss her cheek she turns a round and kisses me on the lips and when say opened her eyes I saw love and forgiveness and I f I never did any thing wrong she would forgive me

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