Best friends ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

This story start from when Haley and Louis where little and grows to a amazing friendship maybe more read to find out


3. high school

9th grade haleys pov                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Its the first day of high and i picked out the best outfit ever but i have to hurry louis with be here to pick me up ( so heres the outfit ) a crop top with a pineapple on it shorts with black leggles and combat boots and and put my black red  tip dyed hair i pull them all on looking good i curl my hair and put on bule beanie just in time i see lou pull up in the driv way i just wish i could kiss him all the time like the first time in the 6th grade ok out of dream land i grabed my bag and my phone ran down stairs to the door and opened it " hey lou " " hello love " he replied ( i love that you called me  love !!) " come in i have to make some coffee and get an orange before the first the day of high school " i said with mile wide smlie " your really happy about this " he said " yeah i am "' well this should make u more happy" i replied pulling out a coffee from starbucks " i love you i love you so much thank u !!!!" and when i told him i ment it I really ment it I really really ment it I ran into the kitchen and grabed a orange I ran back and kissed Louis on the lips jk I wish I can't do that again I ran back grabed his arm and ran to his car it's a sports car cherry red love it ❤️💋💋 and see Peyton Harry Kammie Niall Liam Zayn "heys" in my America accent I was born in America and moved here when I was 3 " miss all American " Harry shouts at least i am not alone kammie Peyton are American too I get in the car and Liam says "we go first today " we have singing contest in the morning on the way to school they 

" were going to sing a original song called story of my life " stated harry and started "written in these walls are the storys that i cant explain i leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days" i listen bobing my head till louis starts to sing "and ill be gone gone tonight " his voice his big pink plump lips moveing AAHHHH '' the fire beneath my feet is burning bright the way ive been holding on so tight with nothing in between " i was lost in his voice it replayed in my mind " did u like it " louis asked me " yeah it was amazing!!!"" I wrote it" he said [ idk if thtas true ] it was are turn we sang about the boy by litte mix i sang and i sang all of perries part and when it came to perries high note i hit it perfectly when i was done we were at school " who do u think won ?" said zayn " u guys did"i replied because its so true come on lets go get are class list or whatever ' they all laugh we wlak in and i was scared louis grabed my hand " i see ur scared " he says his hand is so smooth and his eyes r so blue then i see luke down i can say hes hot too " hey luke " i yell "hey miss all amercia ' omg now i miss hayway they call memiss all amercia  that because i am so america and whatever idk louiss hand get gets a better arangement we walk into the office and say name they gives us i slip and we head to class 


skip classes


we meet at lou`s car i still don`t know why we start school on a thrusday kammie comes running to me and say be ready by 7:00 pm tommrow we r giong to party ohh nno!!!

















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