New Lives- A Dramione Story

Hermione becomes Head Girl...but who is Head Boy?
After years of bullying and plain old being mean, can she ever forgive the infamous Draco Malfoy?

I do not own any of these characters, they belong to J.K.Rowling and the references to their selected things, Woo!


1. Your Head Boy?

“Bye Mum!” The girl shouted as she ran onto the train, her long, brown hair that curled at the end was flying, she was bumping into everyone, she couldn’t find her friends at first. Going from compartment to the next she found them near the back. She walked in and put her bag on the space above the seats, sighing with relief as she sat down, in a matter of seconds the train set off and she was bombarded with questions.
“Are you head girl?”
“How are you?”
“Are you still single?”
the last one was rather a shock, it was Ron. After what happened in the tunnels after the war they decided not to get together and remained friends, even though Hermione knew he still liked her.
“Yes, okay and yes, Ron” she smiled, “I’m sorry I couldn’t send a letter, I was packing and I only got the letter yesterday.” She pulled out a letter from her robes, and read it out loud to her friends.

Dear Miss.Granger

I hope that you will be attending Hogwarts for your last year to complete your N.E.W.T test, and I can assure you that you will get amazing marks. To try to persuade you more about coming back is that I wish to give you the honour of becoming Head Girl for your final year, if you except please wright back immediately and come to the Heads Compartment as soon as possible whist on the Hogwarts Express, to which I will tell you of your duties as Head Girl and announce the Head Boy.

Yours Sincerely,

Professor. Mcgonagall

She smiled and placed the note back in her pocket. “Wish me luck,” she said as she walked out of the compartment.

Draco P.O.V

I sat reading a muggle book, it was quite interesting, I wondered why I hadn’t started reading them before the war, I noted how much I had changed since the war. I had got much fitter, I smiled, but mostly I had changed in the way I saw muggle-borns and muggles entirely, although my father hadn’t seen it the way I had, my mother had changed too, she looked much more happier and sometimes complemented me when I did things around the house, I had stopped using house elves, and only asked them occasionally to get me something, and I would always say it politely. I felt happier with myself, I got back to reading, wondering how Hazel would react to Augustus putting a cigarette in his mouth. Just then Hermione walked through the door and stood, mouth ajar at me. I looked up at her and closed the book, I smiled faintly after a few moments of silence and staring.
“Mind closing the door, bit of as draft you see,” I said, looking at the door awkwardly, eager to read my book.
“You...You are Head Boy?” She asked, stuttering.
“Nice to meet you too,”
“I have to share a dorm…with Malfoy?” She said loudly.
“Well you won’t if I die of cold,” He said, glancing at the door.
She slammed the door shut and sat with her head in her hands.
“Have you read this book?” I asked.
She looked up and shook her head, to distracted to hate me.
“You should read’s really good,” I said, glancing up at her face, I smiled faintly. She looked at me and I went back to my book.
“Seen ad though we are going to be sharing a dorm for another year I say we should at least become…friends,” she said.
“At least?” I asked smirking.
She scowled.
I laughed, slowly she laughed too, I loved her smile.

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