The winter had fallen, creating the sound of winds, forming the cloud of rings. Everything was becoming beautiful. Olaf, our little snowman. He had everything he wanted, a luxury swimming pool and a sun-hat. He promised that he wouldn’t met with a sun-hat on his head… don’t ask. He rolled around using his three-snow body. I know, sounds strange, why would a snowman use a three-snow body? Look, he isn’t the strongest but he is the funniest. I’ve known him for too long, now. He has even managed to form a storm around me. His melting routine doesn’t seem to occur, and his bravery is perfecting better than mine. I ran away, away from my sister, away from my frost-breath.




- Chapter 2 –

The Lost Sister

Olaf held his head high, looking out at the skies. He envisioned the world being covered in ice, just like before… Elsa looked at him displeased with his memories interrupting his comedian-like self. She wondered when her sister would return, when she’d follow orders, again. Elsa brushed off the snow from her long blonde hair.

“Elsa! – My Queen, there has been a tragedy… a fallen event…” a guard cried out.

Elsa stomped her left foot down, staring at the guard with an angry expression on her face.

“Well?!” She demanded.

“…your sister, she’s been found on the roads…”

“B-bring her to me, I’ll talk to her… and you, get out of my sight!” Elsa spoke with a serious voice.

“At once, my Queen! I’m sorry… I’m s-so sorry!” The guard cried.

[The body of Elsa’s sister laid on a wheelbarrow. The guards under Elsa’s management delivered the body to her at once.]

Elsa looked down at the figure laying under hay. She roared out, screaming at the guards in anger.

“No! You’ve found the wrong one! That is not her! – Get out of my sight!”

“…Queen, Elsa – it is her…” Olaf looked up at Elsa in sadness.

“Olaf… y-you can’t be serious! – She didn’t wear that dress…”

“Elsa… her pale skin, her skirt – it’s from you… a gift, remember?”

A doctor stepped forward, there to aid Elsa’s sister, he told the news of how she was in this condition.

“She’s suffered from the cold… her skin has gone all flaky, and her breathing air ways have less oxygen flowing through…”

“Stop it! – Stop making me feel like the bad one! – I’m not evil… I’m her sister, a caring, nurturing, sister!” Elsa screamed.

“Conceal don’t feel…” Elsa cried to herself.


Olaf handed Elsa his scarf, allowing her to be comforted by a fine-silk material. The snow slowly began to fall, spreading throughout the kingdom. Elsa’s sister laid there with her head forced to face the skies above. The guards lifted the wheel-barrow and began to push it backwards. Taking it away, Elsa watched her sister be wheeled off into the fog of winter.

“Olaf! – This isn’t happening…” Elsa looked down in sorrow.

“P-princess… it has begun, a new season always happens…”

“Don’t call me that, Olaf! – I’m not that anymore… I should’ve accepted my older self, she is still young…”

“She’s in good hands, Elsa. She just needs your hope, your love, your support…”

“She really did build you… she built you with warm-“

“Hearted, gifted, loving snow?” Olaf finished her sentence.

“Yes… - so why isn’t she- coming back? I expect to see her in spring…”

“A time where I must melt? – No, you have me under a cloud…”

Elsa let her cruel side get the better of her, telling Olaf life threatening news.

“Olaf… m-my sister may live… b-but with you, when I die… if I die! – you’ll be left to melt…”

“…I know… b-but life goes on, even without me…” Olaf wiped Elsa’s tears.

“She was my – one and only, little sister…” Elsa cried into Olaf’s scarf.

The guards proposed a new threat found in the mountains…

“Queen! – There is more danger afoot! – Past the mountains, over the horizon… a beast awaits our fate…”

“Send all enforcements, give the beast the taste of its own medicine…” – “I’ll – encase it in ice, allow it to stay alive…” Elsa whispered.

“At once, my Queen! – Men! To the mountains!” They marched outwards.

Olaf comforted Elsa, as they both walked inside the castle. Watching the guards, the army of fighters head off into the fog of winter.

[Inside the castle, Olaf and Elsa shared a heart to heart.]

“How am I going to explain this… this news… to my sister?”

“You can do it, you always had the power to conceal… b-but you gave up on that…” Olaf smiled. “You still managed to use your powers for good… leaving the evil person inside of you, leaving it to melt away…”

“Maybe, Olaf. What if I can’t hold onto that power? – There comes a time, when a Queen must let it go…”

“Letting it go? You would end up feeling regret…” Olaf whispered.

“I built you with the power of good, we both did… b-but you wouldn’t have lived to see the sunset without us…”

“I know… I’m very thankful, I am! – You just need to look deep inside that heart of yours…”

“It’s encased in ice, I will not look deep into it. It keeps the blood steady, allowing me to see the good in everyone…”

“You’ve frozen your love. That’s why you don’t feel anything for your sister…” Olaf sighed.

“No- I feel something… I feel-“ Elsa burped.

Olaf looked out the window, staring at the snow falling onto the ground. Elsa watched from behind Olaf, looking into the skies, watching the snow fall too. She gently pat Olaf’s head, giving him support for who he is and what he is to her.

“I like warm hugs…” Olaf whispered to himself.

Elsa overheard Olaf’s words.

“Me too. I like warm hugs, too…” Elsa whispered to herself.

Olaf spotted the yellow snow on the windowsill.

“Hey! – Yellow snow! Yellow snow! Ah!” Olaf shouted at the snow.

“There-there, it’s just snow…” Elsa confided in Olaf’s fear.

“Thanks- b-but I’ve had a thought… if you died…” Olaf sobbed. “You wouldn’t be alone… remember what I said? – Some people are worth melting for…”

Elsa smiled with happiness, hugging Olaf like it was her last day to live. Olaf enjoyed the warm hugs given to him. As Olaf hugged Elsa, their longest hug yet. They let go of each other, Elsa sneezed from the cold. Olaf hopped back a step, realising that his nose was missing…

“…m-my nose! W-where is my nose?! I know I had it a second… it was right here!” Olaf pointed where his nose was.

Elsa giggled, handing Olaf his nose back.

“Our warm hug must’ve absorbed your nose…” Elsa laughed.

“Thank-you, thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! I love you nose! – I love you, Elsa!” Olaf jumped with joy.

[Back at the mountains, many guards had fallen… Kristoff happened to show up.]

“Retreat! – Retreat!” Kristoff shouted.

Many guards managed to escape, many were also taken by the beast. Several rolled down steep slants of snow, falling into the sharp rocks below. Many plunged into the snowy surface below, leaving a different cooled snow to settle on the ground. Yellow snow was no longer the scariest kind, Olaf was soon to find this out.

Screams of the guards being thrown against the icy walls, horrified Kristoff and the remaining guards that escaped. The beast roared through the ice, screaming into the icy caverns below. Its roar was so loud, it shook the icy kingdom where Olaf and Elsa remained seated in, and the walls fell apart. Some of the ground cracked down the middle, resulting in a violent earthquake.

“Come on, we need to get out of here!” Kristoff slid down the snow.

The beast remained to rest in peace. After its awakening from the guards, it slept for a few more hours.

Kristoff landed in the soft puffy snow piles, whilst the guards followed not long after. Marshmallow was also awoken by the roars of the beast. Marshmallow picked up one of the guards, and held him close to his chest.

“Kristoff… Elsa’s sister has taken the fall…” a guard cried to himself. (He was practicing on what to say to Kristoff.)

Kristoff overheard, ignoring the guard, walking back to the kingdom alone. As the guards rested with Marshmallow for assistance.


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