The winter had fallen, creating the sound of winds, forming the cloud of rings. Everything was becoming beautiful. Olaf, our little snowman. He had everything he wanted, a luxury swimming pool and a sun-hat. He promised that he wouldn’t met with a sun-hat on his head… don’t ask. He rolled around using his three-snow body. I know, sounds strange, why would a snowman use a three-snow body? Look, he isn’t the strongest but he is the funniest. I’ve known him for too long, now. He has even managed to form a storm around me. His melting routine doesn’t seem to occur, and his bravery is perfecting better than mine. I ran away, away from my sister, away from my frost-breath.




- Chapter 3 –

The Dragon’s awakening

Olaf was sitting down on his snowball shaped bottom. His other layers were relaxing near a lake of ice. Elsa didn’t take much notice, she was guiltier than ever. Hard to believe that her innocence has made her guilty, but it has. She feels responsible for hurting her sister. She could’ve helped her, she could’ve stood up for what was right and what was wrong. Being a Queen isn’t easy, she said to herself. It’s just unacceptable, hard to put up with. Being a Princess is easier, it takes no skill, no guidelines. She didn’t have a mother, or a father. This would make her life worth living, she wouldn’t be forced into marriage, and she wouldn’t be forced into adulthood. The strange part was, her other-side – her alpha side got the control over her. It made her become nice and mean at the same time. Cold-hearten, and sometimes violent against others. She didn’t have much to say, she just wanted everything to be perfect.

“Olaf… Anna, she’s coming back, isn’t she?”

Olaf nodded, looking down at the icy lake.

“So you have nothing else to say, huh?” Elsa grunted.

“…Princess – Queen! The lake is talking…”

Elsa ignored him. “Shut up! Get up, and stop bathing in the ice…”

Olaf giggled. “How is that possible?”

You know less than you did back then. Anna is special to me. Kristoff can fry in the mountains of ice. I’d let him fry up there, but the sun doesn’t share the summer you wished for…”

“Lay off already! She’ll be back… I promise you, Princess.”

Elsa snapped. “Get up! – G-get up now!”

Elsa dragged Olaf by his carrot shaped nose. Holding tight with her grip becoming stronger by the second. Olaf squealed, moaning for his nose to be safe. Elsa smiled, her white teeth shined through he blossom-like lips.

“You really have no idea…” Olaf smirked.

“I told you, and I’ll tell you again… leave me alone!” Elsa shouted.

“Yeah-yeah, when the beast manages to bite… manages to crunch, you’ll see what I meant…”

“Marshmallow, he’ll protect me. The ice kingdom is in safe hands…”

Elsa looked her hands, watching the ice go over them. Her fury was making her magical powers reveal once more.

His a jerk, he doesn’t know me. Elsa tried to forget about Olaf’s safety, she wanted Anna. Her sister in her arms once more. She praised the sun, when it would shine. She praised the skies above, begging for forgiveness on her behalf. Anna didn’t come back. She cried. She won’t come back… Olaf snickered. His old-self was getting the better of him. His mind was full of slush, imaginary dust. His body formed snowballs, building up to his head. He stared at Elsa in delight, hoping she’d see his true feelings.

Olaf… you can’t be with me. Elsa sighed. Olaf didn’t understand why, he just wanted to make her happy.

I gave you the cloud, the cloud that flurries over your life. It holds your life in a circle, making it last forever. We aren’t the same… Elsa sighed again.

“You never know, Princess… you never know…” Olaf groaned.

“I don’t need you, right now. You don’t n-need me… either.”

“Anna is out there, she probably has something better for you. A whole new imaginary world you two can share…”

Olaf watched Elsa leave the kingdom, as she headed out into the falling snow. Her hair shined with glittery dust. Her face dissolved into the fog covering the kingdom. Olaf looked down in misery, thinking to himself why do I have feelings for her?

It was sad but true, Olaf wanted to be with Elsa for life. The shocking truth was lurking around the corner. He’d be alive, but she wouldn’t. Eventually… she’d have to say goodbye to him. Her powers would weaken as she would age. And soon… no-more Olaf. No-more happiness, no-more songs… just tragic reminders of why Olaf should’ve stayed the way he was.

He is Immortal… the dragon roared, breathing silent words into Krisoff’s ears. He blocked it out. Your snow buddy, he lurks in the shadows. He isn’t a real living thing… he is a niceness buried in the ground… snow formed his life, and your Princess gave him that life…

Kristoff couldn’t get the words out of his head. They were flooding in just like the ocean crackling through the ice. The grounds would quake beneath, breaking into separate ice platforms. The dragon had everything a creature needed to survive. Dominance, fear, bravery and most importantly… Immortal. He couldn’t die like everyone else, he would live to speak his words of immortality.

He is the holder of the kingdom, a cloud stands in his way of being mortal…

The dragon’s wise words were incredibly shocking. This creature sleeping in the ice, buried deep-within a mountain of snow. It knew facts about the living. It knew secrets, hidden thoughts by the survivors. It roared out an army, it erased several men from seeing their families.

A carrot-like nose, a sick smile… his breath is cold and so much… vile…

Kristoff screamed into the skies, he roared around him. Begging for the voices to leave his head. He was becoming insane, losing himself to what the creature wanted. Revenge and a slight tint of royal kicking.

Leaving the ice… breaking the curves… taking the ones you love. Would it be easier if I snapped back into place? It would make this puzzle so much more possible… it would hold the two loved ones closer together… sadly, they are snapping apart every second that passes by.

Kristoff slammed his fist into the ice, breaking a small ice sculpture. The figure had a strange resemblance, it looked like Anna?

You… came back for me? Kristoff jumped back in fear, not expecting to find her frozen in ice. You came back for your loved one… the dragon interrupted his thoughts. Anna’s figure melted away, melting in Krisoff’s hands. It was a sad tale to tell Elsa, but he knew that the real Anna would never give-up so easily. Her beauty was a hurdle… it stopped you from seizing the moments… stopped you from holding your precious jewels… Kristoff looked down in sadness.

# Back at the Kingdom #

Olaf, you don’t want to send a party to search for Elsa? Olaf nodded, he sat comfortably on the throne that belonged to Elsa. The guards obeyed him, ruling him as the third in command. Olaf would always be known to take the thrones of the two girls, to make sure that the kingdom is in safe-hands? – His two stick-like hands were barely human, it wouldn’t be powerful enough to hold the thrones in place.

Elsa will return, Anna will soon follow… Olaf whispered to himself. The guards agreed to stay, listening to the next order with encouraging words to be said in the future. Some of the guards pulled back, one of them went out to look for the Queen of the kingdom. He feared the worst, and imagined that Elsa wouldn’t return in one piece.

# Elsa’s travel to Anna #

She has left… she won’t return to me, Kristoff won’t find me out here…  Elsa cried to herself, trying to stay strong, she wished she had brought her horse with her. Any horse would do, she’d be able to tackle the cold better, and feel the warmth from an animal. She called out for Anna, no words were spoken back. Kristoff managed to bump into Elsa, he was heading back with half a sculpture of Anna.

Anna?! ANNA! – Elsa screamed with happiness. She’s not Anna… It isn’t Anna. This is just a sculpture I found… Elsa raised her eyebrow, looking at Kristoff displeased. She wanted Anna in her arms, she wanted to rejoice with her sister. I haven’t found her… I’m still searching for her… Elsa’s memory returned to her. She remembered that Anna was wheeled away, still alive according to Olaf. Never mind, return to the kingdom, Kristoff. I want you to stay with Olaf… Elsa demanded.

Kristoff listened, as he headed back to the kingdom feeling upset with what he had found from the mountains.

# Kristoff and Olaf’s return #

So… she wheeled you back too, huh? Kristoff sighed, not realizing that Olaf was being kind. He was granting a secret to him, allowing him to find the real Anna. Yeah... you would say that, I actually walked, but thanks… Kristoff shrugged it off. Olaf smirked, as she tried to dig deeper, trying to make his words sound more like a solution to a puzzle. She’s resting away… who knows, she might return. Kristoff listened to Olaf, but didn’t take much notice of what he had to say to him. He didn’t care about his conversation, and just wanted to hit the sack. Fall asleep, and think of Anna for tomorrow.

The Queen left me in charge, so why are you back? Olaf asked with a kind-voice. I’m back because Elsa told me to come back. Olaf snickered, he let him off. He didn’t care about the presence of his friends. He just wanted to try out an angrier side to him. Olaf was growing up, he was experimenting with his emotions. Trying to experiment on his happy words, making them sound kinder and more soothing to the human ears. He just wanted to try something new, to become something more.

Anna returned, her eyes frozen. She stared at Olaf, stared at Kristoff. Holding a half-frozen Elsa in her arms.

It was a shock, but it happened…

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