The winter had fallen, creating the sound of winds, forming the cloud of rings. Everything was becoming beautiful. Olaf, our little snowman. He had everything he wanted, a luxury swimming pool and a sun-hat. He promised that he wouldn’t met with a sun-hat on his head… don’t ask. He rolled around using his three-snow body. I know, sounds strange, why would a snowman use a three-snow body? Look, he isn’t the strongest but he is the funniest. I’ve known him for too long, now. He has even managed to form a storm around me. His melting routine doesn’t seem to occur, and his bravery is perfecting better than mine. I ran away, away from my sister, away from my frost-breath.




- Chapter 4 –

Anna’s Cold Return

“Anna, oh sweet, Anna.” Elsa cried.

Do you know many times I’ve told myself that you’d return? Anna jolted her head a little. Elsa hugged her sister with all her strength. Hoping to keep Anna warm, making sure she wouldn’t freeze-over again. The dragon, the beast. Elsa, it’s out there! Anna gasped for air. Elsa pushed Anna’s forehead gently, making sure her head was warm in her arms. O-Olaf promised me that you’d be okay… Anna blinked, as she hesitated to agree with her sister’s words. You have no idea, Elsa. The dragon was out there, wanting revenge… Elsa pulled Anna closer to her chest, making sure she was comfortable. Olaf entered their little circle, and spoke to Elsa with plead.

“Elsa, Princess, Queen… Anna’s arrived. That’s good, yes?” Olaf smiled.

“Don’t go there, Olaf. She’s in good hands, now. I don’t need you to make things worse…”

Olaf sneezed out snowflakes. “Aha, of course. – Anna’s in safe hands… my stick hands, they wouldn’t really give her hope…”

“Lay off! – I won’t say it, again. You need to stay away from me, just for today…” Elsa grunted.

Olaf nodded, covering his carrot nose, as if Elsa was going to rip it off him.

Anna tried to stand on her two feet, Elsa supported her. They both smiled at each-other feeling happy with their kindness. Olaf hopped off, leaving the two sisters to have their special moment together. Elsa was pleased that Anna had returned, not as she imagined, though. Anna was happy to see Elsa, but wanted to see Olaf more. She had unfinished business with the little snowman.

“Kristoff! – Where’s Kristoff?!” Anna spoke out randomly.

“…Never mind, him. You are lucky to be alive, Anna. Stay with us…”

“Olaf, I need Olaf. You can rule the kingdom… just please, let me speak to Olaf… alone.”

Elsa hesitated, wanting to look after her sister. Instead, she obeyed, and followed Anna up to Olaf’s location. As Anna walked in, Elsa walked away, watching over her sister from a distance.

I-I hope he’s okay… ready to talk, I feel lonely…

“Carrot-nose. Warm hugs… I need a warm-hug… I feel… lonely…” Olaf sobbed. In the corner of a room, a small torch projecting light on the walls.

“Y-You shouldn’t be… moping around.” Anna whispered.

“Warm hugs… I need a warm-hug. Why won’t someone give me a warm-hug?”

Anna surprised Olaf with a surprise hug. She considered it to be a warm-hug, but her hands were frozen cold. Olaf smiled nonetheless.

“Yay! – Anna. You really know how to warm up a snowman…”

“…you have nothing to be upset about, Olaf. You have a cloud watching over you. A magical cloud, it brings you no harm…”

“Oh, but it does… it-it gives me so much pain…” Olaf muttered.

“What are you talking about? Do you not like the cloud?” Anna held Olaf’s left stick hand.

“…It’s not the same. I loved winter, but I love summer… it’s not the same, without this cloud. I’d be happier.”

“You’d melt… as mean as it sounds, you’d melt…” Anna whispered in a soft tone.

“No-No, I wouldn’t met. You like to lie to me…” Olaf sobbed.

“Stay in here, Olaf. Be with your cloud, make yourself a snowman again…” Anna smiled.

“I know. Elsa told me. She said, I’d have to put myself together… then I’d be happy.”

Elsa stormed into the room, looking angry. She was really unimpressed by Olaf’s sobbing. She threw out demands to her sister and Olaf.

“The beast! – The beast! – I don’t believe it… but I want you, Olaf. You-you, c-can clean out the old rooms…” Elsa demanded.

“Sis, good to see you again.” Anna jumped with joy.

“No. No. It’s wrong of me to give you a command, you need to heal…” Elsa whispered.

“A command? You don’t rule m-me sis…” Anna looked disappointed.

I rule her, I rule this kingdom. I don’t need her telling me what I can rule, and what I can’t rule.

“Fine. You’ve left me with one option for you. Dungeon!” Elsa crossed her arms.

Several guards trespassed on Olaf’s secret room and destroyed Olaf’s photos, trampling on his snow-buddies that Elsa built for him. They grabbed Anna with roughness used. She was like a ragdoll, they dragged her out of the room and threw her in a frozen-cold dungeon.

Olaf, I need to tell him that he should be facing dungeon too…

Olaf was happy, thinking about summer, again. He wanted to see Anna, though. He wanted to meet her once more, their little conversation was cut down to a minimum thanks to Elsa and her stampede of guards.

Anna trapped on the cell bars, wishing to speak to Elsa. She had only spent five minutes inside and she wasn’t impressed with the design or the appearance of the dungeon. The magical glittery ice did not impress her, it didn’t fascinate her in the slightest. She was too stubborn, and wanted to be rescued by her charming prince.

Elsa got the Queen’s tile, why didn’t I get the Queen’s title? – I’m just a little Princess. Elsa thinks she can boss me around.

Elsa entered the dungeon, she wanted to speak to Anna. At first, she wanted to apologize for being so rough with her sister. Then something crossed her mind. She now wanted details on Anna’s old locations, she wanted to know where Anna went to search for the beast. She wanted more information on how she became a frozen Popsicle.

“Oh, look who it is… I was just talking about you, Queen…” Anna giggled.

“Aha, you think it’s funny that you’re locked down here as a punishment?” Elsa stomped.

“Very. I’ve never known you to be so… powerful, strong, annoying and stupid…”

“I’ll show you stupid!” Elsa shouted, her voice rattled the icicles above.

Elsa threw her magical powers on the frozen cell bars, holding her sister in imprisoned. Her magic that she threw grew into think shards of ice. Eventually, the ice that she had made grew to stigmas, and some growing into giant spiky icicles uprooting from the ground.

“You’ll remain here, in my dungeon. I want no words from you, I’m keeping you safe… you’ll thank me in the long run…”

Elsa smiled. Leaving Anna to scream at her sister, Anna was begging to be let out. Elsa ignored her screams, and left her in prison.

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