The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


1. Welcome





  Chapter 1









 Screams erupted as blood spurted out across the dust of the arena floor. This was a tournament fight between a knight and a barbarian. Swirls of deepest blue and flashes of pink as the barbarian flung himself at the knight. He had worked himself into such a fury, and ran at the knight screaming. There was a metallic clang as two swords struck each other with devastating ferocity and power. The Barbarian slashed and stabbed not caring at all for accuracy. The knight however dressed in gold decorated armor, was one of the king’s guards and had trained in precision. The fight came to an abrupt halt after the Barbarian made a mistake, which cost him his life; the knight swung his mighty sword and cut the Barbarians head from his shoulders with one clean movement. The crowd cheered as the knight held the severed head up as if it were a trophy.  I woke with a jolt as I heard heavy footsteps coming down into the hull of the ship. I jumped up and shook Chris awake, he leapt backwards and grabbed a knife but I pinned him down and covered his mouth. We had hidden under in a stack of barrels, and boxes containing spices, silks and raisins. The footsteps became louder and louder until they stopped a few inches away from my head. The big man’s breathing was coarse and harsh. He paused for a minute before grabbing a barrel and walked back up out of the hull and out of sight.

We scrambled out from under the stack and crept up the steps onto the deck where there were merchants busy buying goods from the eastern kingdom.  I could see the vapor from my breath swirling in the cold night air. We crept round until the one of the gangways was a few meters away. 

“Thieves, beggars!” a merchant pointed at us crouching behind a post. Several big sailors ran towards us brandishing fierce looking swords.

“Quick!” I screamed at Chris

“Into the water”

We ran forwards and leapt overboard, falling down before breaking the ice cold water with a crack. I just managed to close my mouth as I hit the water. The cold water forced the air from my lungs and as I surfaced I heard shouts revealing our position in the water.

Chris surfaced next to me and I grabbed him and forced him towards the other bank of the river. The water was cold but after a few strokes we had reached the other bank. We dragged ourselves out of the water and onto a wooden jetty.

There were shouts from across the river and I could see men running across a bridge a hundred meters away.

We got up and ran down through the cobble streets avoiding sellers of fruit and the outer stalls of the market.

It was hard to run in wet clothes and I could see the men catching.

We ran through the streets by the river and then darted up an alley and vaulting over a stack of boxes.

“Seize them,” shouted a gruff voice to my rear, and I looked to see that one of the sailors had gone to fetch the city watch and they were only a few meters away.

“Quick, into the market. They’ll never catch us in those crowds.”

We sprinted into the crowds and tried to blend in but I turned to see the men were surrounding the market square and searching every avenue of stalls.

“We should hide in one of the stalls,” Chris suggested

“No they’ll find us” I paused for a minute before quickly running to one of the closed taverns.

I kicked the door open before running inside and bolting the door.

We ran through the bar and out the back entrance, which was an alleyway and turned right to head into the center of the city.

We cut down an alley where we saw a load of teenagers lurking about and living in a pile of netting and old empty barrels.

One of them came up to us

“You the guys who came over on one of the trade ships?”

“Yeah “I replied

“Good work on getting the city watch after your heads” he muttered

“Once they’ve got you they give you a choice; death or serve in the military.”

“Anyway” muttered the lad “you must be looking for a place to dry out and sleep?”

“Yeah” I yawned sleepily

“Well you can stay with us for a day or two but in return you have to fight for us”

“I’m Bill, This is Nathaniel and the little guy over there is Theo but we call him Theo. Any questions?”

“No” we responded confidently

“And your names are?”

“He’s Chris and I’m Robert” I replied.

“Ok let’s get you a cloak and some food”

We walked out of the alley way and into the center of town darting down small side streets if the city watch came near.

We split up into teams and I was with Nathaniel. He was quiet but I could see that he knew his stuff. We walked slowly into the west market and meandered through stalls before we stopped opposite a rich looking man looking at silk tunics.

“You make a distraction,” he said before running off

I sprinted forward sending a man crashing into a table covered in fruit.

While the crowd watched amazed I saw Nathaniel crouch down next to the rich man and cut his coin purse with a small knife.

Once he had transferred the coins to his pocket he gave me the thumbs up.

I gave the stall keeper a hard shove sending him flying into a pile of boxes before I took off after Antony.

We met up by the original alley and looked at what we had got.

“30 guineas not bad for a first time” Geoffrey said as he walked over holding a dark brown cloak in his hands.

“Here this is yours” he threw the cloak at me.

“Try it on”

I slipped it over my shoulders and pulled the hood over my face hiding my eyes.

“Perfect. Now if the city watch look for you can pull that up.”

We sat down and I watched the carts passing by. It was late evening and the merchants were heading down to the docks to wait for the cargo ships that would dock soon. The first merchants there could buy all of the finest things and he would make a heavy profit the next day.

Soon Chris and Theo returned with a box of bread rolls and a few slices of what looked like smoked ham.

I sat staring at the fibers of the cloak. It was well made and expensive but stolen no doubt. A couple of minutes later Theo handed me a bread roll filled with the meat.

We sat down and I took a bite out of my roll. The bread was still warm and the smoked ham was a little salty but delicious anyway. Once I had finished Theo turned to Bill

“Do you guys know anything about the rebellion?” Nathaniel whispered.

“What rebellion”

“The mad king banished a group of knights for speaking back to the king when he wanted to invade the southlands many decades ago. They have moved to the stone fortress and started raising an army to overthrow the king.”

“Tell them about East bank dragons” he said showing me a mouthful of chewed up ham

“Who?” Chris responded inquisitively

“They are our rival gang that controls the other side of the bank. Their leader is Findlay,” replied Antony

“Get some sleep we’ll talk tomorrow” Bill snapped

I lay flat on the cold stone cobbles and wrapped my cloak around me for warmth. I stared out of the alley and watched as the merchants assistants were setting up their tall for the next day. I was thinking about the dream as I drifted into sleep.




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