The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


4. welcome to hell





A bell was rung at around six o’clock to signal that we were to get up. We were told to stand in a line and were assigned a chore that would be ours that morning. Chris and I got delivering chicken feed to the local farms and had to report to the grain store at seven o’clock.

When we arrived an old wiry man, known as the store master he indicated into the store and we followed. He pointed to a stack of four sacks of grain and told us to put the sacks in to the south farms barn.  We put the heavy sacks onto a cart and were driven out of the gate and down to the south farm.

When we were there we were approached by a stern looking farmer.

“Are you here about the thieves?” he asked in a pleading voice.

“Umm no we’re just here to deliver your monthly grain allowance.” I replied

The guards who had accompanied us to reduce the risk of the grain being stolen jumped off the cart and walked over.  “What thieves” one of them asked.

“I’ve written to you lot at the castle asking for help. They come from Asten the town 30 miles south of here apparently the gangs have taken over and are demanding ransoms from all the villages in return for not pillaging them. The local villagers are stealing my horses and grain to pay them.” The farmer explained

“We’ll report this back at base and well come back to tomorrow to talk.” The other guard said.

We stacked the grain in the shed and returned to the castle for breakfast. One of the guards ran off to report the account that the farmer had reported.

Once we had closed the grain store we walked upstairs to meet Geoffrey for breakfast.

The food was bacon and black pudding with a glass of milk. Once we had finished we had to stand in the training courtyard in our lines. Commander Pentan walked into the center accompanied by two other guys. “Today we are beginning the first part of your training. Sword training. The man in charge of today’s training is Sir Thomas of the west lands”

Sir Thomas walked forward

“Gentlemen I am in charge of teaching you basic sword skills and for this we Chris be splitting into two groups.”

He walked down and slit us into two groups. I was in a group with Geoffrey and Nathaniel. We were sent up to a board containing 30 swords and leather sheaths. We were told to pick a sword and sheath and attach it to ourselves. I picked a medium sized iron sword with a dark leather sheath and strapped it to my waist. Once everyone had got one there were a few straw dummies brought out and we had to line up and one by one practice stabbing, slashing and kicking the dummies. This went on for a few hours and eventually Sir Thomas told us to go over to a chest by the wall and get a wooden sword and a shield and get a partner. I was with Nathaniel and almost at one Sir Thomas shouted fight. Nathaniel ran at me and as he swung his sword I just lifted the shield in time to deflect his blow with a thud. It was then my turn and I attacked with a few jabs in quick succession knocking him off balance. He then hit me with his shield sending my sword to the ground I then used my shield to smack the sword from his hand. I then smashed him in the stomach with the shield. Sir Thomas walked over to congratulate me and I stopped to look at him but before he got the chance Nathaniel drew his iron sword and smashed it into my shield knocking me to the floor.

“Rule one, never lose focus” Sir Thomas said before walking off to inspect the others. A couple of minutes later the bell for Lunch was rung and we all piled into the dining hall to get today’s lunch. It was a bowl of chicken and salted pork pottage. All washed down with a glass of fresh milk.

After lunch we went outside to resume training but as we were forming up a squire was walking round handing out chain mail armor and a red and black surcoat with the white sword on it. Then another squire walked round handing out helmets and shields. Once we were ready commander Pentan walked over in his plate armor.

“I know you have only had the very smallest amount of training but we have been ordered to launch an attack on the town of Asten and destroy the influence of the gangs who control it. You Chris go and find a horse and then you Chris join the entire guard outside the gates and we Chris ride for Astengroff.

Good luck.”

We marched out carrying our weapons to find 30 horses being held by squires. I had only ridden a couple of times as a boy and was uneasy when a squire entrusted some reigns to me. I strapped my shield to the saddle and made sure my sword sheath and helmet were secured before lifting a foot into the stirrup and hoisting myself onto the horse. It swayed under my weight. Once everyone had mounted we trotted out of the castle and joined the back of the garrison, which was close to 600 men. Once commander Pentan gave the signal everyone started to move.

Riding was uncomfortable but manageable and a few hours of cantering down dirt roads the garrison stopped a couple of miles short of Asten near a village called Blatherwyke and dismounted. After a couple of hours later there were a few hundred tents littering the farms of south Blatherwyke. There were a few fires and the sound of singing and laughter as ale was brought round. I was in a tent next to Chris and Geoffrey and we sat around a fire, talking about the time of the great magical war. `

“I heard that there was a great battle between the armies o the three kingdoms of me and the two kingdoms of magic.” Chris said happy to have knowledge that I didn’t.

“What magical creatures fought against man?” Theo asked.

“There were the Elves from fragor and the dwarf warriors from dramrock, and the giants from Blacksky.” Geoffrey answered.

“Don’t forget the warlocks of the isle of shadows. The ones who could kill tens of men with fire.” David said.

“The warlocks were all butchered and their bodies burnt. They are long gone.” Geoffrey replied

Sir Clarence walked round telling everyone to get some sleep and to extinguish the fire. Geoffrey tipped a bucket of water over the fire and we disappeared into our tents and fell asleep for the night.












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