The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


10. Training

Chapter 10














The sound of a cannon firing peirced the quet morning air followed by the sound of marching feet and hooves on cobbles. The loud sound filled the small room in which i slept. I woke to the sound of footsteps outside. The bed was warm and i wished not to exit it but i knew that today was big and i had men to lead. The covers felt heavy but i lifted the blankets from my legs and sat up sretching. I yawned feeling the tiredness hit me. I stumbled over to the closit and got dressed taking care when putting on the new set of plate armour.I clipped the cape to it and attached the sword to the scabbard. I felt happy as i strided out of the door and down into the stairs. The steps were small and i nealy fell down a couple of them but eventually i arrived at the door. Out in the square men were moving round next to a couple of hundred horses. at the back of the courtyard sat a couple of heavy looking carts with cannons on them. Sir Steven was stood on the steps a few meters away. next to him was Jack in full armour ready to ride.

"First Cavalry......Mount!" Jack shoted and almost at once all of the men in the square hoisted themselves onto their horses and started to disperse out of the castle and into the town of new fall. Once they had gone Jack mounted and rode to the gate. He turned and smiled at his father before disappearing out of the gate. Sir Steven turned and walked over to meet me.

"They are riding to establish the plan with the council. They will elect a new king and we will assault Port Royal. The rest of the men ride at lunch."


The rest of the day went smoothly with men walking round sorting out food, armor and weapons. Carts passed through frequently as items were brought up from the basement of the keep. As Lunch came I made my way through the stone corridors and out into the yard. Men stood there preparing their mounts. A black stallion was brought to me covered in plate armor with a jupon of sir Stevens’ colors covering it. I raised my foot to the stirrup and swung up into the saddle. The saddle was an officer and was very comfortable. I turned to see Chris rode over.

“I’m leading the front of the scouting men, we’ll be in front of you then the bulk of the garrison. See you at port royal my friend” he shook my hand before riding to the gates.

“Scouts, prepare to ride”

There was a shuffle followed by the sound of hooves as thirty men rode out behind Chris and onto the road leading for the town gates. Vanessa came out and ran over to me. Se was dressed I riding clothes and looked ready for a long ride.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing Port Royal for the first time!” she buzzed excitably

“I’m sorry, you cannot come with us because its too dangerous.”

Her face fell and she looked at the floor.

“Please I don’t want to be away from you” she begged her hope being crushed.

She kissed me softly before hugging me and trudging inside solemnly.

 Sir Steven walked out into the square and mounted his stallion. Once he was mounted he nodded to me.

“Garrison we ride for Port Royal!” I shouted galloping out of the gate. There was a cheer as we rode slowly out of the town. People stood on either side of the rode cheering as we ran past. Some women handed the men flowers or kissed them and threw them down in the road. They knew that even if the men lived they would not see them for months or even years. Eventually the convoy reached the town gates. Once the cobbled streets of the town became a dirt track the speed increased dramatically. We rode at speed and the thundering of hooves on the track was deafening. The ride took hours but just as the light was fading we came to the city of Barat thirty miles from Port Royal. From our position on the hill I could see what looked like hundreds of thousands of little patches of white fabric. As we approached I could see that they were tents. Each one labeled with their knights colours. We rode over to the area covered in tents with sir Stevens’ colors on them. Jack stood by one of the biggest smiling Happily. The men dismounted and set to work retrieving tent materials and wooden poles. I went to the cart but Jack stopped me.

“The officers tents have already been set up. Over here” we walked over to the top of the hill overlooking the high stonewalls of the northern gate. Jack indicted to one of the tents and I went inside and dropped off my bag. The tent was nice with expensive cloth drapes hanging. There was a bed and a table. I walked back outside and removed my sword from my saddle and clipped it to my waist.

Once I had finished a boy took the horse and Jack indicated towards the largest of any of the tents in the camp. It was the largest tent by far with a flag of two gold lions embezzled on it. Jack saw me gazing at it.

“The purple background means that it is the king and the decorations are the knights badge. That means that the new king is Sir John of Alderon. He is the greatest speaker of them all. If anyone is capable of leading 75000 men against an army twice their size it’s him”

We met sir Steven outside the tent before walking in and dropping to our knees. In front of us sat a well-built man with an elegant distinctive face.

“Rise my dear friends for the hour is upon us and we have not the time for these formalities.” He stood up and walked over to sir Steven.

“My brother of the sword, will you fight alongside me again?” He said placing his hand on Sir Stevens’ head.

“Sire, my men and I fight for your name and kingdom.

“Then I bid you farewell and tomorrow when we ride for Port Royal may god look down on you with love. “

We bowed before exiting the tent quickly and making or way through the grassy fields towards our tents.

“Get some rest for tomorrow the fight that everyone’s been waiting for will be here.” Sir Steven said as we reached the tents Chris, Denis and Bill sat around a fire talking eating bowls of stew. When we sat down they poured us bowls and gave us a warm bread roll to go with it. The soup was very hot and burned my mouth, as I tasted it. The meat was tender and it melted in my mouth. The warm soup was welcome after the long day. And I found myself laughing with Jack as the group of us talked until the light went. After a while I got up and went into my tent. I thought about Vanessa and how she would be waiting for me to return after Port Royal. I drifted into sleep dreaming about her.




The morning was damp and cool. An easterly wind swept through the camp. The tranquilly was shattered by the thundering of hooves. I donned my armor and stepped out into the morning air. Jack also appeared from the doors to his tent. Breakfast was an apple and some cheese. It was strong and crumbly and I enjoyed it. After Sir Steven approached us.

“The plan is that we will attack the west side of the city with the kings men and the artillery.  The plan is that with us attacking from four different sides of the city then the soldiers inside the city will be divided. Robert will lead the men into the city.”

“Very well I will inform the men” I replied before setting off down the hill down to the field of tents where the soldiers of sir Steven slept. The tents were arranged in lines with metal cases in the middle of the rows containing fires. Men sat around these heating soup or drinking. I was a jovial atmosphere and I enjoyed it. Soldiers turned to face me as I reached the center of the maze.

“Solders of Sir Steven, Today we take port royal!” I bellowed at the top of my voice. There was an audible cheer as the men heard me.

“We will assault the western wall with the Kings garrison and the royal artillery. I want all of you ready to ride within two hours.  The silence was broken by the shuffling of men and tents coming down. The morning passed quickly and the convoy set off for port royal at noon. The air was thick with dust and dirt thrown up into the air by the quantity of thundering hooves. In the distance I could hear a sporadic booming and smoke drifted high in the air. The light was starting to fade as we reached the camp. The air was thick with the smell of cooking as soups and stews brewed over open fires. En sat around drinking ale, as the water was thick with sewage. Men sat laughing and some sharpened weapons. We rode to the officers are where the atmosphere was more pleasant. Men sat about sipping wine from expensive glasses and squires polished plate armor. I dismounted and made my way over to where sir Steven was sat. He smiled and got up downing his wine in one.

“Lets go find our tents for the night, shall we?”

We walked over to the tents with Sir Stevens colors emblazoned on them. The biggest was his followed by a couple of slightly smaller ones.

“Meet me in my tent for seven, we will have dinner together.” Sir Steven smiled before disappearing behind the cloth flap. I returned to mine and took off my dirty armor. On my bed was lain out some expensive silk dining clothes and I felt the smooth fabric of the tunic. The quality was awesome and was made by the famous tailors of skylirke. I put it on and washed my fee with water before making my way to Sir Stevens tent. Outside stood two men with the king’s colors on their surcoats. I ducked inside to find the King, Sir Steven and Jack sitting at a table. I bowed to the king and taking my place at the table. We waited for the rest to arrive and during the next couple of minutes a group of important earls and dukes joined us.


“Now that we are all here it would be wise for us to confer as to the plan for the assault of this great city.” The king spoke facing me.

“I have been formed that you are to lead the first attack on the city walls where you will take the lower towns and open the main gates” he spoke his voice full of hope as he realized that all his plans rested with me opening the gates so that the army can march in with minimal casualties.

“Yes your highness that is correct.” I replied.

We spent a few minutes discussing different aspects of the attack before the food was brought out on silver trays. The food smelt delicious and I felt my empty stomach growl as I anticipated the well needed food. As a plate of carved beef was placed down accompanied with different vegetables we all tucked in savoring every morsel. The time passed quickly with different conversations coming up as we sipped at expensive port. The meal ended and we left to our tents and turned in for the night.



















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