The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


3. The trial

Chapter 3



I opened my eyes to the sound of a bell ringing. The door to my cell was opened and in came two men. One put shackles on me while the other patted me down for any sort of weapon. Once they had finished the dragged put and me outside me in a room with closed iron doors the other side. There were two benches on either side of the room. On one side sat Geoffrey, Nathaniel and Theo. On the other sat Findlay, Stefan and the blond one.

We sat avoiding each other’s glances until the door opened again and in walked Chris. He sat down next to me and we sat in silence until we were told to stand up. The heavy iron doors were unlocked and we walked through to a heavily guarded wooden panned room. We stood on a balcony facing another balcony. On the other there was three tiers and at each sat a man.

“Trial number 189” the man at the top shouted. I presumed he was a judge.

“You are being held here today for the list of crimes that each of you have committed. These follow, theft, trespassing onto a cargo ship and fighting in the streets of this town. Is there anything you wish to say?

Good then, I sentence you to 25 years service to our military and a suspended 5 year imprisonment. Or you can choose death. So what’s it to be?”

Stephan ran forward barging one of the guard out of the way and running for the doors.  On the other balcony a crossbow man aimed and fired. There was a hiss and a low thud.

Stefan turned and I saw an inch of steel sticking out of his chest. He fell to his knees and coughed up a load of blood onto the floor. A guard walked over, drew his sword and struck it straight into Stefan’s neck killing him.

“Well serve in the military” Geoffrey shouted.

The judge nodded and guards ran forward forcing us out of the door at the other end of the room. These doors led out into a courtyard where we were loaded into the back of a cart accompanied by two armed guards. Once we had sat down we were all chained together and the end men were chained to the cart. At once the gates were opened and we rolled out. We followed the streets out of the city and onto a dirt track leading past the gates and out into the country side.

After a couple of hours we were unlocked one at a time and allowed to take a piss by the side of the road.

After a couple more hours we saw a lone castle sitting with its back to a forest.

When we got close I could see a bell being rung above the gates and almost instantly a couple of archers appeared above the gate arrows on their bow strings.

The cart driver raised a red flag with a white sword on it and the gates began to open.

Once we came into the main courtyard the cart stopped and we were unlocked one by one and were told to stand in a line behind two other lines of new recruits that had signed up from the Westland 40 miles west of Doroman, which was the capital of Middlem. I had visited Middlem as a child and it was the smallest country in the seven kingdoms but it was a big producer of silk and the famous silk marked has been bustling with traders sampling the finest silks in the world. Once everyone had been put into the line, man with hairy arms and scars down his face walked opposite us.

“Welcome to Belhaven training camp. My name is commander Pentan and I am in charge of this castle. Here we take you lazy, ungrateful enemies of our country and turn you into the proud men which defend it. You Chris be given a tour of the castle and shown your living quarters. Any questions? Good”

We were led off round the castle and were shown men fighting with spears, unarmed combat practice and the dining hall. We were then taken inside the main castle to our quarters which consisted of a long room with 30 beds ad net to each bed was a table and a couple of drawers. On each bed lay a leather tunic and woolen trousers with hardwearing boots. We were told to put on our new clothes and report for dinner in twenty minutes.

There was a rush for the best beds and I managed to grab a bed next to Geoffrey and Chris. Once I had swapped my old clothes for the new tunic, trousers and leather boots I walked over to join the queue for food. Chris walked up behind me and so did Geoffrey and Theo. We walked into the dining hall and grabbed a tray of food. We then walked over to where Nathaniel and the blond guy were talking.

“Egan, Chris this is David he was only in the dragons because he is Findlay’s cousin.” Nathaniel said as we sat down.

We continued to chat as we started to eat. The food consisted of a bowl of beef stew and a breads roll and a small amount of ale. The bread was tough but tasty and the stew was warm and delicious. Once I had eaten my fill and downed my ale which was bitter and weak I walked back into my bed. I was tired and so I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.




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