The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


2. The dragons


Chapter 2


I woke with the sun and I sat up and rubbed my sore back.

It had rained in the night and my cloak was damp from where I had lay in water. Bill sat up and shook Nathaniel and Chris awake.

“So, what do you want for breakfast?” Bill asked

“Could we buy some oranges, I haven’t had one in ages?” Chris asked

“Yeah” Nathaniel agreed

We’ll just rob the dragons I heard they have an orange tree out back of one of the houses.

“Ok then let’s go” Bill said enthusiastically

We all got up and walked out of the built up area of the town until we got to the eastern part of the town.

We walked quickly across the bridge and cut into a side street, watching cautiously for any sign of ambush.

Up ahead I could see a trader with a box of oranges refusing to hand over money. The supposed leader of the pack was small with combed black hair swept over his forehead.

Eventually he grabbed the seller and threw him to the ground before finishing him with a right hook to the face.

While the seller was on the ground the leader bent over and stole the man’s coin purse. The group laughed and started to head our way.

Bill made us wait behind the wall and wait for his signal before diving over the wall and knocking the leader to the ground.

The other members of the group grabbed Bill and held him firm against the wall as the leader stood up to face him.

“What are you doing here Bill?” said one of the others punching Bill hard in the stomach. The group laughed.

“Why does it matter to you Stefan?” Bill said before

Freeing one of his arms and returning the punch to the guys face.

He fell backwards and spat blood onto the floor.

“You’ll pay for that” the leader shouted and pulled a knife from his belt holding it to Bill’s throat.

“No Findlay” Bill cried

We jumped over the wall and ran at them shouting. I saw Nathaniel run at full pelt into Findlay sending the blade spinning to the ground.

I ran into a tall blond guy and as he swung at me, I ducked and kneed him in the gut. As he doubled over I saw a blade glinting in his belt. I grabbed it and raised it above my head preparing to bring it down and end his life, but I couldn’t do it.

 Seeing my hesitation Findlay came charging in and smashed me into the wall. As I fell he finished me off with two hard punches to the head and a kick in the gut. As I slumped against the wall I watched the action unfold. Nathaniel had some guy in a headlock and Theo was lying on the floor a few meters away.

As Bill jumped on Findlay down to the floor and laying into him with punches I could see the armored city watch running up to us and grabbing us. One dragged Theo away and hit Bill over the head with a club.  One came over to me and smashed me in the head. Everything went black.




When I woke I was sitting with my hands bound by shackles and sat down on a straw mattress in a dark room. A minute later the door was unlocked and a tough looking man with a scar down his face walked in carrying a tray of food. My limbs ached and my head was splitting with a red-hot white pain tearing me to pieces.

He looked at me with a look of contempt before slamming the tray down onto the wooden table and returning promptly to the door.

“Eat” the man growled before walking out and locking the door.

I lay back pain throbbing throughout my body tearing away at my conciseness burning my mind. I rolled to improve my position but the pain found me a scorching agony. My body ached and screamed for mercy.

I tried to get up but my legs gave way and I retched and the room started spinning. My head felt like a sharp piece of metal had just been forced through it. The dizziness returned and I grasped the bed for support. Once the spinning had subsided I attempted to crawl over to the table and hoisted myself into the chair.

The plate consisted of a tough looking bread roll, some water and a bowl of rice. I tried to chew on the bread but it was rock solid. The rice was dry and tasted of nothing and the water had a tangy taste. One I had forced down enough to try to regain my strength I swayed over to my bed and collapsed panting my head bursting. I felt like I was falling back into an abyss, I closed my eyes wishing for the pain to subside and just as I gave up it found me placing me into a deep sleep.







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