The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


11. Siege



Chapter 11



The morning arrived with the sound of fabric billowing in the wind. I yawned scratching lazily at one of my eyes. At the end of my bed lay my armor and I put it on fumbling with the straps. After a while I was ready and made my way outside to find the men getting ready to ride. Jack walked over. And tapped me on the shoulder.

“Good to see you’re up it’s time to go.” He smiled before leading me down to the head of the column and we mounted our horses. I wasn’t yet fully awake and had to correct myself as we rode so that I didn’t fall but soon the sky darkened and rain started to fall. In the distance there was a sporadic thunder, too rhythmic to be thunder. Soon the terrain became tough, deep tracks and the horses started to sink into the thick mud. We came into a clearing where men lay about covered in mud many men were laid out in rows badly wounded. Their blood mixing with the dirt. When we came to a stop. I turned to jack “What happened”

“I don’t know but we’re going to find out” he replied worry showing on his face. We rode through into another field which faced the eastern wall of the city. Across the width of the field there were three large brass cylinders with team of men frantically cleaning and pouring water on them. A man walked over. He was dressed in dirty clothes and wore the flag of the engineers. I’m commander Kipling and am in charge of the siege equipment.” He spoke in a deep voice.

“What happened to all of those men?” Jack asked pointing to the rows of men.

“we set up to stack the wall but they expected our arrival and have fortified the walls and built wooden fortresses along the wall. Our unit of soldiers protecting us tried to take the barbican so that when you assault the heavily fortified wall you wouldn’t be caught from behind by soldiers there. As soon as they came close they were mowed down by a hail of arrows, fifty men died. As revenge we turned two of the biggest guns on it. After a few shots they turned it to rubble. The enemy fled long beforehand mind you.” We walked over to the back of the field.

“The breach’ll be ready for you to go in tonight, then as I gather everyone else will follow in tomorrow.” There was a shout and Kipling covered his ears, I just managed to do the same when all of the cannons fired at once, the result was defaning as twenty gun stones were propelled towards the city. There was a pause before the first stones started to hit. They smaller rocks crumbled a few parts of the wall whereas the larger stones caused the ramparts to give way and fall to the ground, all around me men threw buckets of cold water over the cannon as my ears rang. We walked back over to where the men had dismounted and were sat about talking.

“What now?” jack asked turning to me

“Get comfortable, it’s going to be a fair wait.”





We lay flat in the long grass watching the well lit breach for sign of men, I scanned the battlements looking for the telltale sign of bodkins resting on bowstrings, Nothing. I indicated forward and at once the field behind me came alive with dark armored figures creeping towards the breach. When we got close I strapped my shield to my back to protect me from archers directly overhead and drew my sword. We moved silently but quickly over the rubble and down into the lover town. We crept into the streets but it was quiet, too quiet. As more and more of us crowded into the city I saw dark figures approaching from the alleys. I shouted a word of warning but was too late as men ran into the square leaping onto us cutting through us. I ran forward and parried a blow directed for my head. I need him hard before smashing him in the face breaking his nose. Men were on the rooftops firing arrows down onto us and men fell to my left and right. I saw Jack pined in a corner by two guys and charged in sending one sprawling. Jack jumped forward impaling the other on his sword before nodding to me.

“We need to retreat; we’re just getting slaughtered in the street!”

He agnowlaged before shouting and ordering men back out of the city. Those who had still not entered the breach turned and fled for the camp and the rest ran back towards the fields. As we ran I heard the sound of cheering and laughter from the enemy. Jack stormed over.

“The bastards are laughing at us, lets go back we need to kill them all.” He snarled.

“Aye but they will underestimate us now and we can use that to our advantage. They’ll be expecting another attack tonight and by not attacking they’ll be tired tomorrow, that’s when we’ll attack.” I replied.


The night passed quickly and soon we gave the order to form up. I went round telling the men that once inside expect attack and attack them first. When the men had formed up we started to run weapon blazing.

This time I hoped to catch them by surprise and take the city wall. We ran up to the breach and inside to the square. Bodies lay about the ground covered with thick blood. We didn’t stop and ran down the alleys. Up ahead I saw a group of men heading this way. The two men on my right sprinted ahead and brutally killed them. Once broke through into the center of the town we encountered the force getting ready to defend the breach. And there faces were startled as hundreds of rebel soldiers sprinted out of the alleys and onto them. The sheer force of our attack had bunched a hole in their unit and we were fighting from two sides. Their numbers were dropping and ours increasing as men joined the fight. Within minutes our numbers were so great that we surrounded them completely. Within minutes and they were all dead and the men coming through the breach were sweeping through the lower town looking for enemies. The upper town and castle loomed above us but we ignored the enemies watching us from up above and I ran to the gatehouse for the main gate and climbed to the top. At the battlements I found a pot of boiling oil and the flagpole. It took me a minute to figure out how to change the flags but soon I replaced the kingdoms flag with the rebellions flag. Within moments there was the slow sound of marching men as the army came into view. The kings cavalry came first then the siege engines with a huge wooden hut covered in dry leather skins containing a huge wooden log with a iron bear head on the head. The log was suspended by chains and I assumed that it would be used to smash the iron gates of the castle. Sir Steven and his men were next and he gave a pleased smile in my direction. He had put his reputation on the line for me and I had not failed him.


The siege engine made its way to the gate and within minutes had smashed its way and we fought all the way to the throne room. Sir Steven was skilled and fought with speed that you would not think possible. We fought side by side in the halls until we faced the king’s son sat on the gold throne applauding.

“Oh well done, you took the city” he sneered “But I’m afraid your two late, my father took the armies and sailed across the sea. I know you wanted to bring him down but I suppose this will have to do”

He grabbed his sword and ran straight at me his face twisted with rage. But before he got close Sir Steven stepped in and with one swing sent the sword spinning to the ground before reversing the sweep and cutting deep into the prince’s knee. He howled with pain and fell backwards bleeding heavily, his face twisted into a cruel rage. I ran forward and pressed the tip of my sword to the soft flesh of his neck and motioned him be silent. The doors burst inward and in charged Jack and a load of men

. The prince whipped his hands round knocking the sword to the side and grabbing the short knife on my belt and hurled it straight towards it. I was paralyzed watching it spin over and over before burying itself to the hilt in his chest. The paralysis broke as he fell to the floor. Sir Steven ran to his son as the Prince grabbed the sword. Without thinking I stepped forward driving the sword deep into his abdomen. He tried to scream but I withdrew the blade and swung it with all my might at his neck. There was a sickening slicing sound followed by cracking bone and his head fell from his shoulders his blood spraying over the walls. I ran over to sir Steven his son lying in his arms. Tears were falling down his face to splash on the ground. He let out a loud sob and I checked for a pulse or any sign he could be rescued; nothing. The king came through the doors surrounded with guards. He glanced from the dead prince to Jacks body and wandered over to him. He placed his hand on Sir Stevens shoulder before turning and walking over to me.

“Thank you for making this attack possible. But where’s the king?” he spoke softly.

“He sailed across the sea to Astofrem, He’ll take out his enemies’ one at a time” I said

“We’ll have to set sail and join forces with the eastern kingdom if we are to have a chance of destroying them once and for all.”

“That is a question for another day” he said before walking over and sitting on the throne

“The city has been liberated as has the land. The great nation is great again. There are still plenty of foes out there but for the first time we are united under one flag.” He shouted

A round of applause erupted from the gathering knights as a messenger came sprinting in. he ran up to the steps to the throne and fell to his knees breathing heavily.

“Message from the king of Zephyram” he gasped

“He requests urgent assistance and aid, the joint armies of Astofrem have pushed north and the magical powers have increased to the north. The king fears that they will not be able to hold for long.” The man pleaded.

The king looked round the throne room and to sir Steven who had let nuns of the infirmary take Jacks body away, and had red rings round his eyes and his face cracked and weathered. He looked tired and aged as if he had fallen ill and each breath he took brought him closer to his sons’ fate.

The king finally faced the messenger.

“And we shall answer his call”

There were different reactions through the room until the king silenced them.

“The men will be allowed one week to rest and then we set sail. I dismiss you all. My squires will assign you and your men rooms and then we shall recover before journeying to our allies. I turned and walked out of the room and down to one of Sir Stevens squires taking a role call.

I wondered over and asked him which officers were unaccounted for.

“Just two sir; Geoffrey debatheon and Christopher arkane.” The lad said before continuing to call out names. I stumbled anger rising in my throat, heat rising in my cheeks. I had been so obsessed with my new status I had forgotten about the three people who meant the most to me; Chris, Geoffrey and ……… Vanessa.






































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