The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


7. run


Chapter 7












The sun rose over the hills the shadows receding like miniature evil spirits running from its gaze. Wet dew sat on the blades of grass and tiny song birds filled the air with their melodies and songs without any troubles or brakes in the peace. The illusion was shattered with a deafening scream followed by a moan and another. I sat up and saw Vanessa writhing about on the floor screaming her eyes closed. I ran over to her and shook her awake. Her eyes widened and she started crying. I gave her a hug and comforted her knowing that she’d been dreaming about Sir Thomas and what he’d tried to do to her. She’d woken us all up and so it was best to make the most of the early start. Geoffrey took the knife and walked over to the fish traps while Chris restarted the fire. I sat with Vanessa as the fire was started and Geoffrey walked over with four expertly gutted fish. We set up a few sticks over the fire and lay a few leaves down. When the weaves started to smoke we placed the fish on top and places more leaves on top of that. After a while Chris lifted the top layer of leaves off the fire and lifted the sticks on which the cooked fish lay. He peeled the skin and chopped off the head. A couple of minutes later he handed each of us a couple of leaves

containing hot cooked fish. I picked a large hot piece and put it I my mouth chewing slowly savoring the juices. It was the best fish id ever eaten.

“Who taught you to cook like that?” Chris asked after finishing a large bite.

“My father when I was a boy” Geoffrey replied looking at the floor solemnly.

“Before the kings soldiers killed him in front of my own eyes”

We sat in silence as we finished the fish. Eventually Chris was the first to speak.

“Where will we go? Sir Thomas’s men will be after us and there’ll be a price on our heads, we killed a member of the kings’ council!”

There was an outbreak but eventually I ended it.

“The stone fortress, that’s where we are heading, we’ll join the rebellion.”

“Why?” Chris asked

“We have no reason to overthrow the king”

“The king’s soldiers are killing and murdering innocent people and raping women, this has to stop!”

They sat and eventually agreed

“We’ll go north then”

“Let’s get a boat from the town of Galenka it’s only a couple of miles from the city of Karenna we can stay there for the night.” Geoffrey agreed

“No, the soldier’s will expect us to try to get on a rebel warship there. They’ll be waiting for us on the road to it.” Vanessa spoke softly.  We destroyed the remnants of the fire before giving the horses some water and setting of for Karenna. Because the main road would be full of bandits and soldiers we decided to take the highland route. The riding was very tough but eventually we followed a stone and dirt path leading onto a ridge overlooking the coast. When we got to the top we dismounted before walking over to get a better view point. Down below us we could see a great port on fire and could just make out the trebuchets. And the other side I could see a small town. We waited until it was dark before dismounting and creeping into the town. There were several drunken shouts from the tavern. We used the cover of darkness until I could see a small cottage next to the docks. We crept inside to find an old fisherman sitting down enjoying a bowl of steaming soup. When he saw us he grabbed a knife and stepped forward.

Chris and Geoffrey drew their swords and pointed them at him to defend Vanessa and if necessary.  He dropped the knife and sat down. He was us an old man and looked scared for his life. I told them to sheath their swords and I went and sat down in one of the hard wooden chairs opposite him. The man looked up at me.

“I’m sorry we are trespassing into your home but we’re not thieves and all we want is a place to stay and a boat to the Stone fortress.”

“I can’t, my accounts are low and the bank wants to take my boat.” He grumbled clearly scared.

“We’ll pay”

I reached into the bag and pulled out the coin purse and dumped it on the table. He grabbed it and opened it.  Looks of amazement crossed his face as he counted the money.

“We sail at last light” he said before setting of eagerly into another room before returning with bowls and spoons containing hot soup. Once we had eaten he provided us with blankets and we found a place to sleep on the cold hard flags of the kitchen stones. I was dreaming about the breach of Harrell when I was woken by shuffling behind me I rolled over to see Vanessa lying next to me her beautiful blue eyes locked onto mine and her blond hair swept over her fore head. She leaned in and kissed me passionately on the lips and then putting her arm round me holding me tight. I could feel her warm breath on my neck and she smelled sweet like honey.

“I never got to properly thank you for saving me” her sweet voice filled my ears and I held her back. We lay together on the floor and eventually drifting off to sleep next to each other.


We woke to the old man walking onto the kitchen flags and lighting the fire. He placed a pot over the fire and filed it with water. He then walked into the other room to wake Chris and Geoffrey. I sat up nursing a sore arm where Vanessa had slept on it during the night. She sat up and smiled at me. A warm sensation occurred somewhere inside of me when I smiled back and she stood up. Darkness was still hung over the town and so we decided to use it as an advantage creeping through the shadows. The odd person stepped out of their door but mostly it was silent and we quickly reached the docks. The old fisherman located his boat and leapt aboard lifting up the mast and placing the oars. In the surface of the water. Vanessa and Chris climbed into the boat as Geoffrey and I undid the mooring line and pushed of leaping onto the Boat quickly. The old man began to row the boat out of the harbor and into the unprotected ocean. The water was still as twilight descended to the town. We were out of sight but were still cautious. Thousand so tiny birds flew out into the ocean to catch their morning fish. As we went further out the sea became rougher great hills of water were thrown and the little boat was battered from side to side. Chris threw his head overboard and threw up last night’s soup. Vanessa grabbed my hand and held it tight as the boat lurched from side to side. Dark clouds formed overhead as rain drops fell so heavy I could hardly open my eyes. The floor of the boat was slick with rain; Vanessa lost her footing and wet sliding down into the bottom of the boat. I tried to help her but I too fell and found myself on the floor.

“Grab something” she shouted grabbing hold of the mooring line and tying it round her waist. I pushed my arm through a load of nets and clung on. When a huge wave hit the boat turned over throwing us all into the freezing cold water. Vanessa was held under by the mooring line and I swan under and freed her. We climbed onto the boat as Chris and Geoffrey did the same. The old man was nowhere to be seen and Chris dived in after him.

There was a sound of breaking waves and then a shout and a robe was thrown at me from somewhere high up in the mist.



I grabbed the thick coil of rope and pulled the capsized boat towards whatever it was attached to. The line was heavy and it put strain on my hands. A great hull of wood covered on square holes came out of the mist. In each hole sat a black circle pointing out. The great ship sat firmly in the water great masts of oak shot up into the sky white sails hanging from them. Another rope as lowered and one by one we climbed onto the ship. I was last and when I got there I found men running round carrying things back and forth.

“Thank you” Vanessa shivered.

The man who threw the rope ran and came back with some dry clothes. I unclipped my drenched sheath from my waist and pulled the wet mail over my head. I then replaced the wet clothes with the dry ones and my clothes were picked up and carried into the quarters down below. I went after them but the man stopped me.

“They’ll just put them by the spare beds.” He said indicating us into the back of the ship. We walked into an expensive looking compartment full of maps, swords and mini wooden ships. He sat down at the desk and indicated us to otherwise. A boy walked n holing a bottle.  And the man nodded.

“My name is captain Phillips and this is my ship” he said before the boy walked round holding what looked like crystal glasses filled with amber colored liquid inside. I knew it would be strong for in it there were oily swirls drifting round. I took a sip and the liquid burned my throat making me cough.  The captain laughed hard downing his in one.

“That’s fine rum from the isle of skylirke six hundred miles to the south.” He laughed

“I can see you are worried so ill put it to you straight, this is the flag ship of the rebellion, the golden flag. We are sailing for the stone fortress.”

“Would it be okay if you took us with you?”  Chris asked preparing himself for a denial.

“Why do to want to go to the heart of a rebellion?” the captain inquired quietly.

“We were hoping to join” Chris replied equally as curious 

The captain’s tone remained the same and he stood up and walked to the door indicating us to follow. The ship lurched from side to side as it sailed and he led us down into the hull. We walked down into the bottom of the ship where we found a small room at the back full of four hammocks. The captain nodded at each of us. “We arrive at the stone fortress at twelve o’clock tomorrow. He then walked up the stairs and disappeared from view. I walked up to my hammock to find my clothes laid out drying.

I yawned and climbed into my hammock, it swung and was difficult to get my balance but eventually I made it and sleep came naturally.


During the night the ship lurched violently and I fell out of my hammock a few times. It was hard but I eventually made it back to sleep. When I woke it was to the sound of running boots. I jumped down from the swinging hammock and donned my boots.  I sleepily swayed up and onto the deck. Men were bringing down the sailed and trying to slow the ship down. The sky was clear blue and cloudless and I could see a great wall of stone covered in cannons and another tier abode that. Along the top of the wall were watchtowers o thick stone and men walked along checking down onto our ship.

We sailed round into the harbor and docked on one of the wooden jetties. Soldiers ran out and stood either side of the jetty as a gangway was raised between the ship and the jetty. Geoffrey, Vanessa, Chris and I walked off the boat to be surrounded by guards.  A man in a gold cloak walked forward and told hi guards to seize us. I was thrown to the floor and chains put on my hands and feet. When they had chained all of us we were told to march slowly forward and that we would be put before a judge later.

“Unhand them sir Ralf, they are my guests and I ensured that their request was put forward to the council.” Captain Phillips shouted stepping onto the jetty behind us.

“The council hasn’t time to hear pleads for help, they are leading a rebellion against a corrupt king. But be it on your head”

He nodded and the chains removed and our weapons returned. We then marched through the outer wall and into the fortress. As we walked captain Phillips described the base.

“It was built as the last resort should the magical forces win the war. The outer walls can withstand cannon and magical attacks for months. It is impossible to scale the outer defenses as the outer walls are in the sea and the inner walls are seven meters thick. The main keep can hold out on its own for years at a time.” We walked through the base down small streets. Small children stared at us and guards would stare in our direction. We were surrounded by the guards until we reached the keep. They walked away wand we were led by Captain Phillips and Sir Ralf until we reached the main square. There were great statues of great knights and on their bases were gold plates with some weird language inscribed on them.  We walked through the courtyard of the keep and up some stairs to the throne room where at the end sat three chairs of gold. On each sat a man in a long fur gown, rings on their fingers and short wispy beards.

We went up to the base of the steps and went to our knees. One of the men spoke his voice echoing round the room.

“And what brings you here?” he asked

“We were hoping to help you with the rebellion; we are enemies of the crown.” Chris and Geoffrey replied

There was round o laughter from behind us. Sir Ralf was laughing so hard he dropped his helmet to the floor.

“What makes you think you are worthy of fighting for us?” He boomed

“After all you are just a few badly trained soldiers and a pretty face with a nice body” he laughed grinning at Vanessa. She scowled back. Sir Ralf was about to continue his onslaught but the doors opened and in walked a knight in black amour and a red cloak. He had two guards accompanying him also in the same attire. The two guards stopped next to us and dropped to one knee. The knight bowed before addressing the council.

“My men have just taken the castle of Starkholne but a few of my men died. I have come to take some recruits from the watch and train them to be part of my advance force with which I ride.”

“With all due respect Sir Steven, your troops may be the best fighters we’ve got. But our forces are stretched thin with the big attack coming. We can give you forty men at arms but that is all we can spare.” One of the men answered.

Sir Steven saw us kneeling there and saw our swords and mail.

“They look like they can handle themselves, I’m taking them as well” he walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

“Can you fight lad? He asked

“Yes, sir, I commanded a garrison” I lied

“Good lets go then” he said enthusiastically nodding to his guards who stood up and walked behind us. Vanessa clung to time as Sir Ralf gave her a wry smile.

“You won’t need that young whore as a soldier” he said making a lunge and grabbing her arm. Sir Steven seeing this grabbed sir Ralf and delivered two hard punches to the face. Sir Ralf stumbled backwards stunned by the ferocity of the punches. Sir Steven held him by the throat against the pillar.

“He’s my man now and the girl is with him, he fights for me and I him, got it?”

Sir Ralf managed to nod before being dropped to the floor wheezing. We marched out behind Sir Steven out into the courtyard and right into the training compound. There were forty men lined up in groups of ten. The men fell in and a leader walked up.

“Sir, have you will need to select a leader for each group of soldiers and a leader to take control of the other leaders.”

Sir Steven nodded before pulling Geoffrey and Chris in front of a group of men and the guy in front o the other. He then pointed at me.

“This is your leader and you will take your orders from him when he gets them from me.  We stay here for two days and then we sail. I will arrange accommodation in one of the taverns for myself, what’s your name?” he asked pointing at me.

“Robert, Sir”

“For Robert and I, The rest of you will be staying in the quarters at the keep” He indicated for his guards, me and Vanessa to follow. We walked out of the main square and down into a street with two buildings, one had the swan inn and the other the red mist. We were about to walk into the swan when there was a scream in the other. Then more piercing screams. The two guards stepped forward and opened the door stepping inside hands on swords. There was a sound of a fight before a man was dragged out blood dripping from a broken nose and a cut lip.

“The whorehouse didn’t make the usual income so this sick piece of meat was beating the girls.” One shouted his voice sounded weird behind the visor. Sir Steven pushed Vanessa inside and closed the door. He nodded to the soldiers who reacted smoothly. One forced him to his knees while the other drew a knife and cut his throat a fine spray of dust splattered against the wall before it dribbled down to mix with the dirt. I walked into the tavern with Sir Steven as the guards got rid of the corpse. Inside was a quiet bar with a few men sitting at a bar downing tankards of a.

One of the women behind the bar was pouring a tankard of ail for one of the men. When we walked into the bar she nodded at Sir Steven and walked through the hole in the wood and up some stairs behind. She then indicated us to follow. We followed her up the stairs and onto a long wooden paneled room. At the end were three bedrooms. She gave Sir Steven three keys before returning downstairs.

“This ones yours” he said indicating to one of the doors

“Unfortunately you’ll have to share” he nodded at Vanessa

We walked into the room and Vanessa bolted the door behind me. I turned to face her but she grabbed me and we fell onto the bed. Her lips kissed me softly and with love before she undid her top and pulled it over her head exposing her body. She then went to undo her trousers but I stopped her and held her there.

“No. why are you doing this?” I asked

She leant forward kissing me pulling my hands off her trousers and onto her breasts. She moaned as a touched them softly squeezing them softly. She undid her trousers and slid them down until she was fully naked. I was in awe of her body and of how beautiful she was. She pulled my armor off and the tunic. we climbed into bed and spent the night together.





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