The knights rebellion

A Groupp of friends get enlisted into the military after committing a crime. They escape and run away to join the rebellion. a story of love and friendship as they help the rebellion free the country from the dictatorship rule from the mad king


9. Rebellion

Chapter 9












The ship lurched violently and i fell out of the hammock landing heavily on the floor.There were shouts upstairs and not wanting to wake Vanessa i donned my armour and cape before picking up the sword and whetstone and stepping quickly into the hull of the ship.The steps up to the deck were drenched with spray and the cold morning air made me shiver. on the deck i walked over to the edge where i could see Bill and Chris suck in a debate with Denis. They smiled as i walked over and inquired what i had done over the past few days. i told them taking my time when explaining the details Sir Steven had told me the night before. When i had finished the laughed and we walked down to the hull to grab some breakfast it was thick viscous porridge with black pudding. i was hard to swallow but i was cold and the warm food was welcome. when we had finished i went round with them checking that the men had all their kit ready for the march to Sir Stevens Castle in northern Newfall in the south lands. The ship arrived at the fishing town in the early hours of the morning and i remained on the ship below deck organising the unloading. Vanessa and the squireds took the horses off first followed by the men and then the supplies which were loaded onto wagons and formed up behing the convoy. I stepped of the gang way and onto the jetty leading into the town. the air was considerally warmer here and i looked forward to spending time here. A grey charger was handed to me and i realised because i was an officer i would ride at the front with Sir Steven and his guards. I joined the front which the officers section consisted of Sir Steven, his two guards, Denis, Bill ,Chris and myself. Behind us would march the men and then the people like Vanessa would ride on the carts. The pace was slow but it was lunchtime when we crossed the border into the south lands. The convoy arrived at castle Beck when the light had first started to fade. The heavy iron doors opened as we passed through nto the lower area of the area. it was basically a heavily fortified town with a castle at the top tier.Above the gate flew a flag of black and red and as Sir John passed under the arch there was a cheer from the crouds the other side.They had not seen the lord that protected them for months and now he had returned home. As well their sons would be returning back from the front to strenghthen. They did not know about the big attack they thought the war was coming to a close. The armies were returning back to their respective knights and waiting for the orders to push forward and force the kings men Back to Port Royal. The convoy moved through the town as people watched out of their windows bowing at Sir Steven.  We came to a halt in the entrance of the castle and the portcullis slowly raised so that we could fit under. The courtyard that followed was full of armour plated men with black plate armour and black helmets with their faces covered. they were covered in a red cape simmilar to mine and a man walked down the stone steps to greet sir steven. Once Sir Steven had dismounted the men dropped to their knees and placed their swords in front of them.

"Some believe that Sir Steven should sit on the throne" Denis said quetly.

the atmosphere was incredible the entire castle was silent as Sir Steven and the man shook hands before telling the men to rise.

"We will celebrate your arrival" the man shouted before returning into the castle. we dismounted and boys took the reigns of the horses. men looked at me with disbelief. i wore the gernerals uniform but i was new to them and i could see that they were not happy about my rank. The doors of the castle were thick and heavy and the floor inside thick stone. Torches provided enough light so that the corridor was illumited. we walked down the hall and into a great hall with pillars and flames. at one end sat two huge wooden seats looking down into the room. to their sides there were s few smaller seats and the rest of the hall was filled with tables. Sir Steven sat at one of the tables drinking ale with the man who had greeted us earlier. Sir Steven beckoned us over and we sat down next to him. tankards of ail were brough over and the servant returnd through two double dors to the side.

"This is my son Jack" Sir Steven said once we had all sat downsir steven warned us about the big attack. He told us that it would come within two days.

"The rest of the men will arrive tommorrow morining then out total will be seven hundred well trained fighters and thirty standard men at arms.

 Robert here will command half and you the other." Sir Steven said turning to his son.

"Robert i am also giving you three hundred more troops. These wil be under youre responsibility and if they die i hold you reponsible" He said his expresion was steely.

"Yes sir"

"Jonson" hollered Sir Steven and the boy came running through the doors to recieve his command.

"Show Robert to his chambers and then go and get hiw woman whoo will be in the stables, Blond hair youll know her when you see her."

The boy waited for me to fet up and we alked up three flights of poorly lit stairs to a heavy oak door. The boy took a key from his belt and handed it to me.

"This is your area sir it consists of two rooms; a bedroom and a closet." he said before bounding off down the stairs.

Curiosity took over and i was urged to have a look. 

The rooms were dark but warm and i looked forwared to knowing that whatever happened to me, when we left Vanessa would be safe here. In the closet against the wall sat a rack for armour and a load of fresh cloakes to attack to it. Against the walls were shelves containing fine clothes and dresses. I walked through the gap in the stone wall into the bedroom. In the center of the room sat a large bed covered in fur blankets and fine bed linen. I lay back letting my tired body relax into the cloth. i was tired and fought to keep my eyes open. The dor was opened and Vanessa was shown in. i saw her eyes widen in amazement at the quaters. she turned and locked the door before helping me to remove my armour. when we were undressed Vanessa extinguished the candles and we went to sleep.




There was a sharp knock on the door.It was still dark and the features of the room were just visable. I climbed sleepily out of bed and stumbled to the door. The bolt was stiff but i retracted it and opened the door. the light of the stairs forced me to squint but as they adjusted i saw a tall thin wiry man with a wispy moustache and beard.

"Sir Steven has called a meeting of his generals sir he wishes for your audience in the great hall now" The main said in a gruff voice before turning, and walking down to the next quarters a few flights of steps below. I turned and walked back into the dark closet and fumbled round untill i found a cloak and a tunic. once i had got dressed i made my way down into the hall of the castle. The stairs were dark and i struggled my way down to the bottom where i found sir Steven, Jack and two other men. when i had sat down i was introduced.

"This is robert he is in charge of the ninth." he said at last before introducing the other men.

"this is general  Maitson and General Perril."

they eyed me up with clear concern that i was new and they obviously thought that i didnt belong there.

"The order has come through for all men to advance to Port royal." spoke Sir Steven looking concerned.

"This is good we can push our men alongside sir curtis and sir clarence and attack port royal from the south while the majority of the army attacks from the north. Soon the king will be dead" Perril said enthusiasticaly.

"There is no more Sir Clarece he was slaughtered by a mass of soldiers heading for the port of Camad our spies say that the king and his guard have fled and will be in the castle in Astofrem with the king of there living safely. The order is to attack port royal and kill the kings son and destroy the royal garrison there. Then we will sail to Astofrem and deal with the Kings there once and for all."

The room was silent and eventually  Maitson spoke

"Shall we ride tommorrow?"

"Yes, I bid you good night" Sir Steven stood up and walked off into the black. I was next to leave getting up and wandering up the dim stairs back to my quarters. I undressed quickly and slid in beside the sleeping vanessa. I lay thinking about how long i would have to be apart from her when we sailed to Astofrem. we could be there for months. i lay back thoughts swirling and clouding my head. Eventually i closed my eyes and dreamt about the Barbarian fight.





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